6 September 2007

New York attack – What if!

The ground and streets of New York City seems to be Al Qaeda’s first major theatre of war in their 4th generation guerilla war against (as the Islamic World calls it), the Great Satan - America - on her own soil. You do not need an army of a thousand men when fighting a guerilla war against a country like America within her own land, all you need is one suicidal Islamic psychopath with a specially adapted nuclear or chemical device strapped to his back of which Al Qaeda have the capability and untold willing Moslem recruits wanting to carry out such an attack, and a handful of specially selected and highly trained operatives who are already positioned waiting in the shadows for their orders from the helm to attack. One Moslem psychopath or a small cell of them has the ability to inflict terror, mass murder and carnage upon the masses of New York City residents which is ultimately their murderous Islamic ambition.

What greater victory for Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda than to completely desecrate and destroy the ground where the gateway to, and beacon of, the Free world sits – New York - The Entrance to America the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century

Destroy the gateway and then march upon the land, similar to the invasions of Normandy and the like in the Second World War. They already have their firm foothold over London which is a stepping stone and staging post close enough to reach New York so it is all just a matter of countdown now until the conflict goes to the next level, especially with Presidential elections next year.

After years of planning and two attempts the World Trade Centre was finally and successfully toppled, made into a pile of dust and ash with over 3000 innocent people murdered by Osama Bin Laden and his suicidal psychopathic Al Qaeda terrorists for the whole world to witness live on our TV screens. These towers of success and prosperity in the Western Free World stood out across the skyline when approaching New York City which was an affront and aroused the envy, jealousy and anger of Bin Laden and the Islamic World because of the success they represented which the Moslem world could never attain because of their warmongering unenlightened Islamic minds living in a civilized progressive world.

Who would have ever imagined this event taking place before 9/11? But it did before our very eyes.

Just because we cannot see it or believe it, does not mean that it is not there, or not happening under the surface of our reality, it is just we have not looked, or it is well hidden, until the day it is too late like on 9/11 and the world in which we live then changes for ever. One more step on the path towards utter darkness and War!

This was the next stage in Osama Bin Laden’s Jihad, his open declaration of War against the Earths only Super Power ‘America’ for the entire population of Earth to witness, a humiliating humbling slap in the face by a supposedly backward cave dwelling Saudi living in the mountains of Afghanistan with his cave dwelling followers.

After this event the supposedly backward cave dwelling Saudi had finally split the ‘entire modern world’ into two camps within the Islamic mind, he had reinvigorated an age old Islamic war against the infidel’s direct from the pages of the Koran, and set in motion an irreversible course of War for the whole of humanity to face.
The Koran teaches that the world is split into two, The Dar al-Harb (The House of War), land that is non-Moslem and to be conquered by the Islamic World as Mohamed commanded, and the Dar al-Islam (The House of Islam), land that is already ruled by Islam where Allah’s soldiers for the Jihad reside. Osama Bin Laden has started his reign of terror upon the Earth just like Hitler did except he is in another league from Hitler but with the same boss (the devil), in a lot more powerful a position with 100’s of millions of suicidal devil worshipping Moslems in every Nation on Earth who believe there is no greater honor than to die killing you and me for their religion and who are standing 100% behind Bin Laden and his actions because it is their Islamic religious duty to support a Moslem brother in the path of Jihad against the infidel’s.

After 9/11 and to this day, the worlds only Super Power ‘America’ was aroused and awoken to fight this War upon our Earth against the global military wing of Islam under the banner ‘War on Terror’ for the very survival and future existence of its people, our friends, allies and distant relatives living across the pond, and for the entire civilized world because if America falls into the hands of defeat then who could stand and protect our freedoms and democracy in the civilized Judeo/Christian world from the rampaging hordes from hell in the embodiment of Islam upon planet Earth?

In our technologically and scientifically advanced 21st Century reality there is now enough nuclear bombs positioned around the World to wipe whole Nations and peoples from the face of the Earth and even ultimately wipe mankind from the Earth. This is the nature of modern War considering the weapons and technology that mankind now posses. No longer are we riding around on horses with swords and shields in the 7 Century where Osama Bin Laden’s psychotic Islamic mind sits within the pages of his death cult manual – The Koran - while he sits reading it deep underground in a cave somewhere with his band of psychotic followers just like Mohamed did in his day. No we are now living in the 21st Century with the advancement of ‘science and technology’ where one bomb can do more damage and kill more people than an entire army – that is a FACT.

Osama Bin Laden now sits at the helm of his 7th Century suicidal Islamic army with Moslem psychopaths positioned around the World with his 21st Century technology, with them conducting a military campaign against you, me and our children – Would he and his band of merry psychopaths use his 21st Century technology in his 7th Century Jihad? Yes in my mind, but you answer that one for yourself!

Osama Bin Laden emerged from the shadows of our ignorance as a central figure of modern world events when he forced us within the Western World to take wake up and take note of his words on 9/11, and with his actions which he has based upon Islamic teaching he called out with confidence to the entire Islamic world to set their sights upon going to war and defeating America the Great Satan, to unite as a global Islamic army (The Ummah) to fight the modern Jihad (Holy War) as Moslem brothers against the infidels of the Earth under his leadership – The Mahdi.

This is the War of our times and there can only be one winner in war. That might be a bit perplexing upon your mind because you cannot see the truth yet beyond your reality because Eastenders, Coronation Street and the X-Factor are not speaking about it but the truth is the truth whether you can see it or believe it or not. Imagine how perplexed our relatives minds where when leading into, and then through the Second World War. No one believed it, no one wanted it, they then had no choice but to accept it, had to endure it and somehow then come to terms with the horrors they had witnessed that those years of life contained that many they loved never lived through. Different time frame, different war, but the consequences are the still the same – Death, Destruction and Horror on an unimaginable scale.

This modern war is raging upon our Earth today somewhere in the world outside of your front door as you are reading this, but because it is not bothering your false bubble of ‘peace and security’ at the moment you do not care about what is happening out there in the real world. How long before it does reach your front door though is the question because it is coming? What if you was in the WTC on 9/11, in the London underground on 7/7 or the failed London car bombings had of gone off killing your Mother, Daughter or Sister? These are not one off occurrences by lone individuals; these are orchestrated tactical war moves in a guerilla War that is being fought against us by the Islamic Kingdom in our countries – A War to the END now – Please Wake Up and stand with those of us who are sounding the alarm before it is too late for all of us, our children, grandchildren and our homeland.

It has been almost 6 years to the day that 9/11 happened and the whole world changed, waking up to a global war between two civilizations, the Islamic world led by Bin Laden and the civilized world led by America. If you wait 6 years to attack again then you want to make sure that it goes right first time and you make sure that it is worth the wait when you do attack. Nothing less than a crippling devastating attack would be sufficient considering the time waited, and the planning and preparation that would have had to of gone into it.

Are we now waiting and counting down the days and time until the world in which we live changes again forever and the war that is out there in our world goes to the next level.

It is hard for the human mind to imagine and really believe that a nuke or chemical bomb could really be detonated within one of our cities, probably because our minds could not grasp and accept the horrors of such an event, but those people whose job it is to know and understand what is unfolding in this war and what is likely to befall us know that it is not a matter of if such a devastating attack will occur it is a matter of when. So based on that type of knowledge we must accept what is coming and prepare for when it happens and the aftermath.

Nobody would ever in their wildest dreams have of imagined what was to befall Hiroshima and Nagasaki before the event, the bomb was dropped and the whole world changed for ever, with the Second World War brought to an end and the dawn of the Nuclear age.

Before this event the people of that generation would never believe that an event of such devastation on that magnitude could occur, yet it did and they then had to accept this new reality.

Today in our generation we sit facing a global army of Islamic psychopaths who have nuclear and chemical capabilities and whose greatest desire is to kill as many of us as possible in one strike, look at 9/11 with 3,000 dead as a prime example.

Osama Bin Laden has been given an Islamic ruling (Fatwa) stating that he has religious authority to kill 4 million Americans and to use Nuclear weapons in the process. It is a known fact that he has an arsenal of WMD weaponry that he wants to use against us; we are living in the 21st Century after all where this type of technology is sold to the highest bidder on the black market and who are the ones in the business to buy this type of technology, with the money and commodities like Heroin to trade for it? Osama Bin Laden and his modern Islamic army.

Osama Bin Laden does not have these weapons and spend the time and money on these weapons just to look good in the worlds eyes. This man has set out on a suicidal path of war against the non-Islamic world and believes he can win and has the weaponry to use to attain that victory. He is a cave dwelling Saudi living in the mountains somewhere, up against the over whelming military might of the Earths only Super Power, the only way he could ever make it an even fight would be to take a no holds barred approach with these weapons upon American soil, it is the only way to inflict terror upon the infidel and subdue him. Once he does use them, because he will, then the world in which we live will never be the same again, then people will have no choice but to wake up and start listening to what people have been saying about Islam’s global Jihad to conquer the world, similar to when they were forced to wake up to Hitler in the Second World War.

We know of several Al Qaeda cells within Great Britain who have been seeking the technology and capability to detonate dirty bombs upon our streets so this shows the commitment to use these types of weapons against us. All it takes is one man and one bomb to escape the eyes of our intelligence services to cause unimaginable horror upon our streets. As you are reading this there can be no doubt that there are Moslems out there in our country somewhere who are planning and plotting such atrocities, as we see from the facts that have already been uncovered by our security services.

This is not fantasy made up in Hollywood to tickle our taste buds, although we wish it was for the sake of our children, this is factual reality in our world today, Al Qaeda spread throughout the world with Nuclear and Chemical weapons to be used against me and you in their global conquest to defeat our civilization and enforce Islam upon the whole world.

Every Moslem fighting the Jihad against us believes that there is no greater honor than to die in the process of killing the infidel, so these psychopaths have no mental boundaries to what they would inflict upon us, the more people dead and the bigger the carnage and mayhem the better and greater is their reward in ‘false paradise’ (the pit of hell). This is the consequence of the modern war we are now in and a consequence that we must prepare ourselves for. Osama Bin Laden is not getting any younger either so as he sits at the helm of his global suicidal nuclear Islamic army he has no mental boundaries to stop him inflicting horror upon us, all he desires is to destroy America at all costs and believes that it is his divine duty for Allah to accomplish it. This is now this mans one aim in life and he sits on an arsenal of chemical and nuclear weapons in which to achieve it.

My greatest fear is that New York is going to be the first to be hit, level the ground in this first war front and then move on to the next location. Military strategists have plans that they work towards to achieve victory and Osama Bin Laden is no different, so step by step the world in which we live must accept this offensive war against us and in some way defend ourselves against it for the sake of the future.

If there is a nuclear or chemical attack then there is going to be a large dispersal of people similar to what New Orleans experienced. How we recover and what retaliation ensues is anyone’s guess, one thing is certain though is that as you are reading this we are at war and there can only be one winner in war – Them or us, no middle ground and death, devastation and mayhem is a the ultimate living consequence for all of us.

I know from reading several blogs from people living in NY that there is a lot of activity on the ground by the police. If NY is swarming with police and FBI on a security alert then is it not the responsibility of the government to raise the threat level to warn people of the danger we face. I don’t think that at any time that an attack has been successful the threat level has been raised, it is only ever raised after the incident has happened when it is too late.

All those people living in the surrounding areas to anywhere that has an emergency threat level must prepare in their minds for the "What if" scenario, because if something major does happen then there will be a lot of people on the move and needing help. One idea would be to make a list of every house in your neighbourhood that has room to take people in and help them. We are all in this together so must help one another when help is needed otherwise we will never stand up against this onslaught against our way of life.

To those weak liberal left wing minds out their who have a warped world view of the outside world and believe that this threat that we face is not real must take check of the news and what is unfolding around us because at the moment they are just as much the enemy as the Islamists because they stand shoulder to shoulder with them over me and you the infidels. The liberal left wingers are what the Islamic mind view as Dhimmis, subjugated non-Moslems (second class citizens).

Video courtesy of Atlasshrugs

Accept it or reject it, it does not matter, time carries the truth and history bears witness when we look back.

There will be those dimwits that know nothing about anything yet have an opinion on everything and will say your ‘crazy’ to even think that it could happen, and then there will be the intelligent mind that will look at all of the facts and see that it is a very real possibility.

So if it is a very real possibility then what does that mean to you and are you prepared?

Think the worst and then hope for the best – The facts speak for themselves.



Anonymous said...

Lionheart, you’re probably right about New York City being a target once again and you brought up and interesting possible action by the Jihadist. A march by them into our in-land areas the heartland of the country would be a gigantic mistake for them to make. One thing to remember Lionheart, this is America and not England, our people have guns and are more than willing to use them on anyone who threatens us in our own land, so if the terrorist “march” in-land they will be carried out by their feet, if there is anything let of them. I think most countries know that while you can piss around with our spineless leaders you don’t screw around with our people, we bite.

The Green Arrow said...

Well said Highlander. I have met many Americans and when push comes to shove they will push back harder.

Good Luck

A good article Lionheart.

Ronbo said...

Excellent article, Lionheart!

Yes, it does seem only a question of time before NYC gets nuked by Islam....which will serve only to sign its own death warrant, because about 10,000 American nukes will be headed towards the Middle East the very next day.

Anonymous said...

It will only take 10 of those bad boys and three days. Mecca, Medina and Riyad. First day one each. Tehran, Qom one each on the second day. Third day another round.

Lionheart said...

I dont think the American leadership would have the stomach to retaliate to such a degree.

Nuclear conflict is an inevitability.