5 September 2007

Destruction of The Temple Mount

I was directed over to Bar Kochba's blog ForZionsake the other day but did not get chance to view it, then I was emailed an article from a friend this morning detailing the Moslem desecration of 'The Temple Mount', I then viewed Bar Kochba's post and saw that it was regarding the same devastation the Moslem world is causing to this most Holy of sites.

When the Jewish authorities try the slightest of digging to protect their people from falling debri and secure the area for many years to come for the Jewish people to be safe when visiting their most Holy of site, the Moslem population in Jerusalem start rioting, seeking to kill people in the name of Allah for tampering with mud and rocks.

Here we see that it is OK for them to dig up 'The Temple Mount' and not a word is said by the Moslem population and as we can see from the peaceful Jewish population they do not start rioting trying to kill people in response to such an atrocious inflammatory act.

The one piece of solace we can all take from this is that the Moslem mind is ready to accept 'The Temple Mount' being dug up because at some stage the 'Dome of the Rock' and Alaksa Mosque will be removed and King Solomon's Temple built in its place.

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Avi said...

Thx for the link. Did you sigh the petition?

Durandal said...

"Between 1999 and 2001, the Muslim Waqf removed and dumped more than 13,000 tons of what it termed rubble from the Mount and its substructure, including archaeological remains from the First and Second Temple periods."

Bastard islamists.

More here :


Time to take back Jerusalem.