16 September 2007

British Injustice

Take a look at this man below, he is an ex-service man who proudly served his country and was working in the British education system as a school teacher.

He could be any ones husband, father, brother or son don't you agree?

I hope that you agree with me that he is not a 1970's Jew hating neo-nazi skin head, this man and the beliefs he holds is like any other sane British citizen throughout the United Kingdom, the only difference is that this man has the balls to stand up for his country and his personal convictions in the face of National enforced intolerance.

He was suspended from his position as a teacher because he cared enough about his country and the future for his children and stood as a BNP candidate in his local elections.

I know that supporting the BNP is a National and International taboo and is personal suicide like Mark Walker has found out, this is an injustice against a fellow British Patriot who cares enough about his country and what is happening to it, to stand up and be counted no matter what the cost.

He is concerned about the Islamification of his British homeland of which he and his forefathers fought and died for, and the Islamic threat to our future that we all now face if we are not Moslem, he is concerned about the swamping of our country of immigrants from Europe who are taking a large proportion of British people's jobs and crippling our welfare system of which the hardworking British taxpayer pays their hard earned taxes into, he is concerned about the housing shortage throughout Great Britain brought on by hundreds of thousands of foreigners coming into our country and demanding to be housed at the expense of you and me and to the lose of our vulnerable fellow British citizens who need housing, he is concerned about there being no money left in the tax payers pot for our most vulnerable elderly folk because of the demand on our welfare system by our new guests and he is concerned about the lawlessness that is now rampant upon our streets.

If you disagree with any of this mans concerns then please leave a remark in my comments section.

There comes a time when the British people have to say 'enough is enough' for the sake of their homeland and their children's futures.

This man has personally said 'enough is enough' so decided to stand with his fellow British kinsfolk and has now lost his job in the process. This is not un-common because in some work places it is a rule that if you vote for the British National Party then you will be sacked.

How can that be fair in a supposed 21st Century Democracy?

People will call me a neo-nazi now too because I have written a supportive article on my blog for a British National Party member, if I was a neo-nazi then there is no way I would put my life on the line for Jewish people or the State of Israel - ISM un-masked.

We are living in a different era, with a different environment with every country grappling with its own problems with the most pressing of those problems being Islam's war against us. England is my country and I will defend it with every last drop of my blood along with every other British Patriot whose homeland this is.

We are at War so people of all sides must lose their prejudices and stand with those who have the balls to stand and be counted in this new world we are now living for the sake of our civilization and children's futures.

This mans situation is a British disgrace and shows the Institutional enforced intolerance the British people face.

Look at this scary sight of one of our alien guest's that once confronted our innocent vulnerable children in a Church of England school.

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This Moslem woman worked as a primary school teacher and used to teach our children while wearing the full face veil, she was eventually suspended because she would not remove it after complaints that children could not hear what she was saying, she of course sued the local authority like all Moslem's do when tackled on issues that are not conducive to our civilized Western society and was awarded 1,100 for victimisation.

Take a look at both pictures and you tell me who you would prefer to have as a primary school teacher teaching your children?

This is the lunacy of modern Britain where we the British are persecuted by everyone, is it any wonder that the people on the ground are now joining together because the Establishment wont protect us, as I have personally experienced and as Mark Walker has personal experienced.

Who is going to protect mine, yours and our children's human rights?

At this moment in time the British people have become second class citizens in their own country, with all tax paying resources going to the new immigrants and the Islamic Kingdom, and their human rights coming well above the British people's human rights.

I personally have lost all of my human rights because of the warmongering Islamic Kingdom in Great Britain and I am discovering the new human rights for the innocent people of Great Britain whose country this is, the country our forefathers put their lives on the line protecting through 2 world wars for us their children.

You really think the people of Great Britain are going to just sit back and allow themselves, their children and their country to be trampled on and forced into the gutter?

Think again.


Anonymous said...

This account about Mr. Mark Walker and his suspension from his teaching job because he is a member of the BNP was most illuminating. As indeed was the account about the Burkha teacher who was awarded a cash prize for a case of apparel "discrimination."

Had Mr. Walker been an intolerant fascist-Leftwinger disseminating his extremist views among his students, he would not only not have been suspended, he would have been praised, honored and advanced to the highest possible academic position.

This is what is happening today in the 'free' West, where the Far Left have taken over nearly every campus, high school and even nurseries.

I have protested to various Israeli universities about the extra-curriculum (and not so extra-curriculum) activities of some of their fanatically Extreme Leftwing professors who, frankly, are far worse, far more intolerant, far more dangerous to our western way of life than any modern BNP person I have read about. The replies from the presidents of these universities was that although they may not agree with the views of these professors, what they say or do (like spread lies & libels while inciting to violence and/or boycotts, etc) outside of the campus this has no bearing on their employment as educators (sic) within their hallowed halls.

But Mr. Walker who, as you assure us, does not hate Jews or blacks or anyone who is a decent citizen of Britain, has been kicked out of his position because of his extra-curriculum activities.

Perhaps the BNP could overcome this by somehow reorganizing itself, compiling & publishing a manifesto and maybe even renaming itself like, for example, the Liberal Patriotic Party - the party for all patriotic Brits whose devotion to Britain, its history and moral and democratic values, are of the uppermost importance to them. Supporters of terrorism & the conquest of Britain by inimical elements and usurpation of all that made Britain great will not be tolerated.

If that is considered 'racism' by
the fascist-Left (who are the real racists today) then they need an intense course of reeducation at the earliest opportunity.
Jewish Lady

Lionheart said...

Thank you for your comment Jewish lady, you have stated the facts of the situation from your own experience, the loony liberal left wing liberals are the ones who are putting us all at risk and they have a free reign to indoctrinate our children to their way of thinking.

This case with Mark Walker is a disgrace but is what is happening in our society now, it is easy for the powers that be to persecute people of the BNP because of their roots, i personally have only ever met ones who are no different from myself - British patriots concerned about their country.

I have many friends of different ethnic backgrounds so if they were this racist hatefilled group that the media portrays them as then i would never write in support of them.

They are the only hope for the innocent people of Great Britain, whether your English, Jewish, African or whatever.

We must all go from the old way of thinking to the new way of thinking and stand together in this new era we are living through.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Lionheart, I've been reading your postings since the BNP first linked to your site a few months ago.

This is one of the most important postings you've made, did you realise that? You've linked the injustice meted out to a very popular and well loved teacher in Co. Durham to the global injustices faced by Christians and Jews worldwide. In one posting you have done much to forge links and build bridges which the likes of Melanie Philips of this world should sit up and pay attention.

It's an alarm call for everyone who faces persecution under the new faith of political correctness. It might be Mark Walker today just because he is a card carrying member of the fiercely anti-Islamic BNP. Tomorrow it could be anyone, even you dear reader, because you challenged the growing influence of Islam and their bed fellows in the British Labour Party.

Lionheart has bared all and risked all - more power to his keyboard for making his readers aware of the new threats to our survival and the strange new allies we may have.

God bless indeed..........

Fæder ure þu þe eart on heofonum

St.Edmund's son

Lionheart said...

Newspapers guide to how 1 million Poles can get free housing and benefits.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but you are deluding yourself if you think Melanie Phillips is going to support the BNP.

She started out as a leftist liberal and despite her writings on the islamic menace retains all the prejudices of the liberal left.

Moreover, I didn't notice Mel voicing concerns about Third World immigration in the seventies and eighties which heralded the rise of militant Islam in these islands. No, I believe she positively welcomed it!

Now, she has seen the light, but only because the Islamists hate the Jews more than they hate infidel natives of these islands.

She should the BNP on their terms not the other way round. It is dishonest and disingenuous to say otherwise!

Anonymous said...

When the troubles start, I wonder if the Poles, whose fathers faught bravely alongside Britain in WW11, will stay and help defend the British streets?
Or will they jump on the mini-bus behind every Lidl store and head back home.
All in all they are good sorts, though they don't mix that well.
But who would you rather have here?
Romanian Gypsies?
They are on the way, apparently.
Expect to see your parks and car-arks taken over soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lionheart
I applaud what you are doing and I agree that we are under threat of dhimmitude by islam. However, as much as I agree with the BNP I cant bring myself to vote for them. I have an Indian (Sikh) wife and many good West Indian friends and I fear what would happen to them under the rule of the BNP. All the Sikhs and West Indians I know recognise the threat and are willing to make an armed stand if necessary against any attempt at an islamic take over of this country. Until that time comes (and I pray to The Lord that wont be necessary) I cant bring myself to support the BNP.

God bless you and your work!

Lionheart said...

Hi Scottish Knight, thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog.

I completely understsand what you are saying based on the media manipulation of the masses, but what other option is there for our country.

The people of the British National Party are no different from me and you, or your grandfather of grandmother, look at what Labours government has done to our country and there seems to be no letting up with that destruction, the British people need to stand together, shoulder to shoulder with every other peaceful citizen of our land no matter what ethnic background they come from.

If we lose this modern war then everyone loses, bottom line i have no other ancestral homeland to move to because this is my ancestral home, what about you?

I have ethinic friends that are like family to me, and they understand my reasoning because they know there is no way i am a racist, the time has come to make a stand with our people before it is too late.

If the BNP had some secret agenda to murder or deport my friends then i would stand with my friends and fight with them. Maybe it is time for the leaders of the BNP to come out and tell people where they stand.

We have not got long left and we are very limited on options. The people of the BNP that i have met are not extreme right wing neo-nazi scum, they are normal people concerned about the future of their people.

No innocent peaceful person should live in fear within our land, yet this labour government have created the conditions where everyone lives in fear, white, black, brown or yellow and to top that off we have an Islamic Kingdom built upon our land condutcing war against us.

We have to exhaust every route before the inevitable and blood starts to run in the streets.

God bless


Anonymous said...

There is a petition in support of Mark Walker at:-


I have signed it and I urge others to do the same!

Anonymous said...

Solidarity is raising funds for legal action. The following has just been posted on their website (www.solidaritytradeunion.org):-


Many of you will have heard of the Mark Walker case. He is a teacher at the Sunnydale Community College in Shildon, County Durham. He is 36, a former RAF weapons technician, a popular Design and Technology Teacher, a husband and father. He and his family have now been hit by a body-blow!

He has been suspended from his job since March, allegedly due to misusing school computers whilst at work, but our Union believes his real ‘crime’ was standing as a candidate for the British National Party. Mark has fallen foul of political correctness.

Our Trades Union Solidarity welcomes all members whatever their political background and takes a hard line against political discrimination. Freedom of Association and Expression and the right to earn a livelihood, regardless of political affiliation, are things we value. Our Union is vigourously defending Brother Mark.

Beyond all the pickets, petitions and letters condeming this persecution it looks likely that the Union will have to support and fund legal action to protect Mark’s rights.

How can you help?

Well if you believe in Free Speech, Freedom of Association and a mans (or woman’s) democratic right to a livelihood then please send a donation.

We all know that Legal costs can run into many thousands of pounds and there is no guarantee of success but we believe that injustice must be challenged.
Do you wish those opposed to freedom to win without even a fight?
Trade Unions supporting New Labour have already been given the green light to ban membership from individuals belonging to parties they don’t like. This was one of the reasons for the formation of Solidarity; to enable workers to protect their employment rights without fear of discrimination on grounds of political belief.

This time we need to do our utmost to protect Mark.
We urge you to send as much as you can afford. If you are a member of an association ask your local Branch to send a small donation. Consider making a collection and sending it in. Our website will chart the its progress. Please help us to protect you. One day they might come for you. Let us take the battle for freedom and democratic rights to them, first!

Use the PayPal link on the right of this page to contribute by credit or debit card or send your donation by post to: Solidarity Trade Union , PO Box 93, Spennymoor DL16 9AN."

Anonymous said...

LionHeart said...
"If the BNP had some secret agenda to murder or deport my friends then i would stand with my friends and fight with them."

LionHeart, are you an idiot or lier?