10 September 2007

The Dragon speaks - New Bin Laden video

The full length video of Osama Bin Laden's message to the people of America, Europe, and the Islamic World.

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The Solution

The World in which we live is at War, and there can only be one winner to arise from the ashes once the dust settles, either we are to be subjugated under Islamic dominance and rule, thus becoming Dhimmi's (second class citizens) or we are to win and wipe the sweat from our brows and the blood from our clothes and work to progress our civilization once again to prevent such horror ever inflicting the people of Earth.

Osama Bin Laden declared an ‘Islamic religious War’ direct from the pages of the Koran, upon America and the Western civilized world many years ago now. With each day passing, humanity walking deeper into the horrors and darkness of what the global war that has been declared against us within our generation contains.

This is a war to the End now because the global Islamic army of Al Qaeda will not give up the fight even till death because they believe falsely that their god Allah has commanded them to fight the infidel to the death – The Islamic Armageddon with Bin Laden sitting on the throne in the staring role as the Mahdi.

There is no stronger motivation upon a human being than the belief that you are carrying out God’s will for your life, there is nothing and no one who can stop you on your path because you stand before God and God alone. The only thing is that the Moslem mind serves a god of hate and repression (the devil) and seek to force that upon others, where those of us with a Christian mind stand before the God of Love and seek to Love and forgive our neighbors so that we can all live in peace and harmony together, how God intended it from the beginning within the Garden of Eden.

Osama Bin Laden is the military leader, the Ultimate commander of a modern global Islamic army who are at War with us living within the civilized Judeo/Christian world. This is the bottom line fact that we must all view the reality we face with, on top of that fact we have 9/11, 7/7, Bali, Spain and the list could go on of Al Qaeda terrorist attacks against civilians to substantiate the fact that Osama Bin Laden and his global army is at War with us!

People out of their ignorance to the truth will say it could never happen or he could never win, he is a cave dwelling Saudi living within the confines of a cave somewhere in Afghanistan. Well that cave dwelling Saudi has declared war upon the Earths only Super Power, has slapped the Super Power in the face upon its own soil by downing the Twin Towers, attacked the heart of America’s military might the Pentagon, has drawn that Super Power into a clash of ‘civilizations’ to the end, in the process has united the whole Moslem world to stand behind him and fight this Islamic inspired war against the non-Islamic world, and through the internet has the whole world watching the words that come out of his mouth. The Islamic World to see what their son is saying in the heat of battle against the infidel’s and the civilized world to see what this psychopath on the same scale as Hitler is saying against us for the whole of humanity to hear.

Quite a feat for a backward cave dwelling Saudi, a little like Mohamed’s feat in his day when the darkness of Islam was birthed into the world for us all to contend with, and a feat that leaves Osama Bin Laden as the most influential and powerful human being alive within a pool of 2 Billion Moslems.

You tell me if the Earth in which we live with the weapons it now contains has a major Emergency on it hands?

The conquest or survival of our civilization, the same as during the Second World War.

This new video was important because it was three years since the leader of the army of Islam in the modern Jihad has released a video message for the World to hear, with the whole World eagerly awaiting a response from this monster. It was also timely being on the eve of 9/11 and during the media hysteria of planned Al Qaeda bombing campaigns being thwarted in Germany and Denmark.

There is talk of this being a pre-recorded video which makes absolutely no odds whatsoever because the words that he speaks and the time in which it was released speaks for itself. Whether he is alive or dead, his fellow companions of the modern Jihad can keep him alive for the next 10 – 15 years with pre-recorded videos to fit in time with their military strategy to defeat our civilization. These are not cowboys in the ok coral; these are military strategists with a ‘war plan’ who are at war with the armies and peoples of the civilized world.

This video at this time has the whole world talking and thinking – Dead or alive it doesn’t matter, he is still speaking to us in the civilized world, and the people of the Islamic world.

In my personal opinion Osama Bin Laden, heir to the throne of the devils religion ‘Islam’ is well and truly alive somewhere in our world today, probably in Saudi Arabia because what greater place for the heir of Islam to die a martyr in the cause of Jihad than in the birth place and home of the religion, the fire of Jihad would never ever be stamped out then, with this modern Anti-Christ’s legacy lasting long into the future.

This modern monsters time with humanity is not done yet so we must all wrestle and contend with what our future now holds.

He has appeared once again into the eyes of humanity as a simple cave dwelling Moslem Saudi which idolizes him on the throne of Islam within the Moslem mind and terrifies the infidel because look at what this simple religious monster who lives in a cage wants to inflict upon our Nations.

Within Islamic teaching it is the soldiers of Jihad’s responsibility to ask the infidel to accept Islam before being butchered and murdered, thus giving, in their mind the un-believer chance to repent and accept the truth of Islam which we know is a lie. Once this religious obligation is out of the way the Moslem can do what he likes in murdering the infidel and cleansing the earth of our blood.

President Ahmajinidad presented the message to George Bush as part of the war of rhetoric that is happening in the worlds media, the American traitor Azzam the American has sent an English speaking message out to the people of the civilized world and now Bin Laden has given his reasoning and asked us to embrace Islam.

These are not religious nuts with megaphones down at Hide Park corner, these are leaders of a global Islamic army who are fighting a religious war against us we must understand their religion and then listen to what there words mean.

Humanity now has word from the helm of Islam to digest and contemplate our futures with.

We know that he has weaponry made from 21st technology with which to fight a 21st Century War with, the question is when is he going to use it against us upon our own soil?

He could attack us at any moment and the world in which we live will change once again forever and this modern World War will go to the next level, us in a defensive offensive position and Bin Laden on a continued offensive position.

What real reason does Bin Laden have to justify using WMD against America at this point in time? The Americans and British are leaving Iraq; Afghanistan is not a serious War at the moment so there is no real justification to use a large scale devastating attack against American people upon American soil.

His aim is to subdue you all under Islamic rule not murder you all for the sake of it.

There is nothing at this moment in time that can truly justify in the worlds eyes, Moslem or non-Moslem alike, a WMD attack.

In the Middle East as you are reading this the Islamic State of Iran is seeking to become a Nuclear Nation State with the help of Russia and has declared their desire to wipe Israel and the Jewish race from that part of the World. The leaders of the Islamic Nation of Iran believe that it is their destiny to bring on the Islamic apocalypse and are actively working towards this aim.

Iran is actively at war with us in Iraq and Afghanistan, so has joined the armies of Islam upon the modern battlefields of the World to fight the Infidel’s to the death.

America, Israel and the civilized world cannot allow Iran to go Nuclear because of their apocalyptic aims and what terror that would then mean for the future of mankind, so at some point someone will have to deal with Iran and snip this Nations Nuclear ambitions in the bud before it blossoms into mass destruction for mankind.

President Bush has already openly spoken about Iran so this issue is now openly on the table for the world to see.

We have no alternative but to destroy Iran’s Nuclear capabilities and when that happens your imagination is as good as mine when you sit back and think of the consequences.

We are at War and there can only be one winner at the End.

Osama bin Laden would then have justification in the Worlds eyes to use any force it liked against America and the people of the civilized world.

Osama Bin Laden teaches his recruits “let patience outwear patience” this is one of his beliefs that he lives his life around. Would one more year before a devastating attack be patience outwearing the patience? He waited many years for the 9/11 attack to be successful so we know this is his modus operandi.

Osama Bin Laden is fighting a religious war based upon teachings direct from the pages of the Koran, he has religious authority based on a fatwa that has been issued by very powerful religious scholars giving him permission to use WMD against America and to kill 4 million Americans in the process, and he has also fulfilled another obligation to give the infidel the message of Islam through this video message by calling them to embrace the lie covered up as the truth. So within the Islamic world and Moslem mind he is justified by what ever course of action he takes in his pursuit to subdue our civilization under Islamic dominance and rule – Countdown to the next level is upon us

In this video he talks about American politics because he seeks to turn public opinion his way by influencing how the American people vote, exactly the same as in Spain. Osama Bin Laden cannot destroy and wipe America from the map, but he and his global army can subdue our civilization and its inhabitants under Islamic rule at some point in the future as the Islamic world step by step forces Islam upon us one way or another.

Jihad through the teaching and preaching of the word or by the Sword, this is every Moslems duty for Allah over the non-believer and we have millions of them in our midst, look around you when you next go into town or any major city.

All of the pieces of the puzzle are now in place with this war of our times now unfolding in the world outside of your front door.

All we can do now is sit back and watch world events unfold around us.

Templar Prayer courtesy of Highlander

Prayer of the Knights.

O Lord, For Thy five wounds that we carry on our insignia we pray to Thee. Give us the strength to love All beings of the world That Thy Father has created and, more so, our enemies. Free our soul and heart from sin, from partiality, from egoism and from cowardice so that we can be worthy of Thy sacrifice. Let Thy Spirit fall upon us all, The Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, so that it may render us as convinced and sincere ambassadors of Peace and Love among our brothers and, especially, among all those who do not believe in Thee. Give us Faith to face all the problems of everyday life and to deserve the day to approach Thy presence humbly but without fear.


In service of the King – Jesus – The Lion of the Tribe of Judah



Avi said...

The Time of Reckoning for Bin Laden and his Islami vermin will come.

Always On Watch said...

OBL and his ilk are patient. Most Westerners, on the other other hand, are pursuers of instant gratification.

I know that our Lord will not allow the devil to win. But tribulation? There is and will be plenty of it!