30 October 2007

More 'Proof' of the lunacy in the Asylum

The new European Human rights laws that have been enforced upon the innocent people of Great Britain against our will are putting innocent British subjects in extreme danger and harms way, and we have judge's who are personally sanctioning that harm against innocent British people.

This most recent case of lunacy proves that Judge Sir Henry Hodge is not fit for office and should be removed for the safety and security of us innocent British subjects and if he is not then it is only a matter of time until one of his loony liberal left wing decisions causes grave harm to someone and un-imaginable hurt and pain to an innocent British family (if it hasn't already).

Why are we putting up with this rubbish?

We have Loony Liberal Left Wing leaders governing the reigns of power over the United Kingdom which is putting all of us in extreme danger, and destroying our children's future's, is it any wonder that this Judge with his loony idea's and decisions is married to a Labour MP considering the state of our Country now due to this Labour government?

What mental illness can make a Judge pass decisions like this Judge has?

Scary thought to think that this man along with several others are in control of the British Legal System.

One day we will wake up and it will all of been a dream but until then we have to live with extreme danger surrounding us on a daily basis because of these modern sociopaths who control many aspects of our daily lives.

Daily Mail: Judge allows Foreign SEX attacker to stay

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Anonymous said...

I would have thought that she could have bought this clowns removal quite cheaply, given he lives in Peckham.
Not like anyone would care.

Robert the Biker

Anonymous said...

If this leftard prat is so keen for this muslim to remain in OUR country,he should put him up in his home, preferably when he has his granddaughters round to stay.