2 October 2007

Part 4 - The 'ISM' on Home soil

Video courtesy of Atlas shrugs

Once the 'International Solidarity Movements' Islamic Palestinian indoctrination programme has taken its course on the young students supple mind and the civil disobedience tactics have been learned out in the West Bank, they are then sent back to their respective Countries as leaders to radicalise and recruit more gullible sheep to their extreme anarchy and then act like complete morons within our Western societies.

This is the type of disorder that the 'International Solidarity Movement' revel in, it is in their blood, that is why their blood keeps getting spilt and the reason why they should be prevented from continuing to poison young minds with their propaganda.

You can just imagine their Moslem Palestinian handlers and trainers like Hisham Jan Joun sitting out in Israel rubbing their hands together with a twinkle in their eyes as they watch these, their indoctrinated and trained guerrilla soldiers (useful idiots) demonstrating against 'America' on their behalf, on American soil.

The indoctrination programme of young impressionable students is so successful that they even burn their own National flag - Whats that all about?

A victory for the Islamic world in their war against Israel and the West.

They now have armies of Western students willing to fight their Jihad (Holy War) for them, the Islamists in bed with the loony left wing liberals who live in cloud cukoo land.

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy Hardy, so called "comedian" took on the Israeli Army in his documentary:


Hardy is a self confessed Marxist and also the "comedian" who said that the world would be a better place if all the members of the BNP were "shot in the back of the head".


Nice guy hey!