17 October 2007

The Future Equilibrium of Planet Earth - The Iran Question?

The Weight of the World is soon going to be brought to bear upon the Iranian Nuclear issue, this is an unavoidable situation planet Earth faces, as unavoidable as your own death, is the Iran question.

Does the civilized free World allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to go past the point of no return in relation to the Nuclear threshold or do we step in and thwart its actions and prevent it from joining the Club of Nuclear Nations and then start exercising its Islamic agenda and dominance across the Middle East and throughout the world?

Can you imagine a modern leader with Hitlers hatred, who wants to wipe the Jewish race from the Earth owning the A-bomb; would he use it against his enemies?

He has publicly stated that he wants to wipe Israel from the map so the A bomb would come in quite handy for him to achieve his murderous Islamic aims.

What would a Nuclear Iran mean to the peace and stability of the Whole World, considering we have the armies of Islam marching across the globe in their modern Jihad (Holy War) against us to conquer the Western World, bring us to our knees and then enforce Islam upon our lands already?

The Islamic Republic of Iran along with Saudi Arabia are at the forefront of exporting Global Islamic terrorism, we are in an undeclared war with Iran in Iraq and Afghanistan and the leaders of Iran have arisen as the biggest threat to the Whole World, in as much as the survival of our planet is now at stake because of the consequences of the unavoidable question - Do we or don't we thwart the birth of the bomb in the Islamic Republic of Iran?

We are dammed if we do and dammed if we don't!

We are not fighting with swords and spears anymore, we are living in the 21st Century with Nuclear and Chemical capabilities and the countdown to a military confrontation with Iran is an inevitability that the future holds.

How far in the future is in the hands of the American and Israeli Generals who have to decide on this most pressing historical question that faces our generation, but be certain of one thing - The future holds the answer of that unavoidable question that you and I cannot escape from.

Bomb the facilities and hold the defences is what I say, better a world without a Nuclear Iran than with one, then we can bring about a new equilibrium on planet Earth after the ensuing turmoil, once we have crushed the armies of Islam and the dust of war then settles.

There is already an Islamic War raging against us so this is just a natural response to prevent our enemies from gaining ground and murdering millions of innocent people and causing mass global chaos.

If we attack Iran's facilities we will inflame the Moslem World and unleash the pit of hell against our civilization and if we do not attack Iran then the pit of hell will continue to be unleashed upon us as it is already and then burn Israel once they have the capability too.

Is the Iran question the trigger for Armageddon - The coming Apocalypse.

You look at the factors and consequences of the whole of the situation for yourself and draw your own conclusion from it.

There is no Peace in this generation so get used to it and prepare yourself and your family for the future.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice article. I don't see trackbacks, but I'm posting a small portion of your article at Right Truth with a link back here for folks to read it all.

Lionheart said...

Thanks Debbie.

God bless

Karen Townsend said...

Really well written. Here via Debbie at Right Truth.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your thoughtful -- and frightening -- article.

I feel we are indeed approaching a global crossroads. My usual optimism is slowly dissolving into a hardened fatalism.

Also here via Debbie.