2 October 2007

Documentary Makers - Where are you?

Pakistani Moslem slave masters & English child sex slaves

I personally was 'reviled' to have read the in-depth article about the British children in the North of England being targeted by organised gangs of Pakistani Moslem men so that they can be trafficked as human sex slaves that is why I have written about it again.

This is children below the age of 16 duped into the clutches of these modern Pakistani Moslem slave masters in our British homeland and then systematically raped, drugged, abused and beaten by their new Moslem masters, then sold to their network of Pakistani Moslem contacts who want to abuse young white children.

Is it me that just cant get me head around this but there are shopping centres controlled by these organised Pakistani Moslem child sex gangs, where they are all playing their part within the organised criminal operation to target our innocent and vulnerable children so as to turn them into child sex slaves.

Pakistani Moslem security guards, shop owners, taxi drivers and runners, each playing their part in their capturing of our children so that they can be raped and sold on as dirty kaffir meat - War booty in the Jihad (Holy War)

The Police who knew about this and took no action, and 70 letters is no action its a cop out, should be ashamed and they should be sacked because they are as responsible as the evil perpetrators of this unimaginable horror by sitting back and allowing it to continue.

There was a major police inquiry into the death of the teenager Steven Lawrence because of the police failings, any death for any family is a sad loss and the family petitioned to get to the bottom of their sons death as any would. There must be a police
inquiry into this despicable horrendous trade in our children for the sake of the families whose lives have been destroyed and because of the Polices inability and downright unwillingness to stop this organised criminal operation in the exploitation of our children, the most innocent and vulnerable in our society considering it is their job which they are employed to do.

If there is a failing and a weak link in the chain, is it not best to discover where that is so that the problem can be fixed rather than brushing it under the carpet and ignoring it until the next time there is a problem because of the weak link in the chain?

Those who did nothing know who you are and we the people who pay your wages want to know the truth so that this can be stopped so other families do not have to go through what the families who are already caught up in this have had to go through.

If it was not for the brave mothers who have stood up and defended their innocent children then the 'powers that be' who are employed to protect us within society would have just brushed this under the carpet as if it was not there.

Is that how you expect your 21st Century English police force to act?

For the police to have sent out 70 pieces of paper while children were being raped, kidnapped, drugged and beaten, to local Pakistani Moslem men who were hanging about with these children shows you the size of the problem, yet it was left to continue and is almost certainly still continuing now. These Pakistani Moslem men do not care about our society and its ways because they are Islamic and they are allowed to do this type of stuff to the 'infidel', they bring their barbery and savagery into Great Britain and we and our children have to put up with this warmongering attitude towards us under the banner 'community cohesion'.

Where were these childrens human rights?

Discarded by those who should have been there to protect them!

Look at the case of Charlene Downes who was used in a similar manner in a child sex ring by Moslem men and then chopped up and sold as kebab meat: Charlene Downes

I have watched many documentaries recently about some of the issues facing our 21st Century society and this issue faced by the mothers and daughters in CROP has got to be one of the most important in many respects.

Where are the Dispatches documentary makers for Channel 4 to report on this for the general public to watch the mothers of this heinous crimes side of the story so that we can all be aware of what is happening in our midst.

I personally would be more than willing to go to the North of England and do what needs to be done for the mothers and children caught up in this Moslem savagery that needs to be eradicated and I know I am not alone in that respect - These are our children!

Post: 21st Century child sex slaves

Website: CROP

further reading: The British peoples justification



Anonymous said...

If this was happening to my daughter I would personaly launch a gun attack on these Muslim animals. I would shoot as many of them as possible. This is what needs to happen, we have been fucked with for to long. Our forefathers would not have stood for this. Its time to make a stand and defend our daughters.

Always On Watch said...

When I was growing up, my parents spoke of "the white-slave trade." They didn't use the word Muslim, but clearly such is what they were referring to.

Now the media twist themselves into knots to avoid the topic. The discussion came up again in this context, a case local to the D.C. area. What's not mentioned in that account is that a report was filed saying the girls had been spotted in the company of a Middle Eastern man, on the road to Dulles Airport. Search as I might, I cannot find that information about a Middle Eastern man anywhere on the Internet.

Lionheart said...

I think most men would be compelled too anonymous, thats why it is shocking that there are no men in the community where these children are from who have stood up in defence of their neighbors children.


Its not knocking on their frontdoors so they can hide inside, away from the real world, just like everyone else.

just imagine if that was your daughter if you are reading this!

Shooting these people will only end up with us being arrested because the law of this land is on their side and not ours.

Our only way forward at this moment in time is through the 'ballot box' so we can make our voices heard by those traitors in government.

Make your vote count and everyone elses who you know so we can turn our country around for the sake of our children and the future!

Our forefathers would not have stood for it and neither are we going to stand for it.

The clock ticks and the bowl fills!

Go bless you


Anonymous said...

Lion Heart, there are men who stand up for the children of their neighborhoods and do so willingly, there are just not enough of us. They are afraid of getting involved, of being charged with hate crimes or being labeled as a racist. But don't say we do not stand up for our own and for yours too. Every time I hear of a blond haired blue eyed child missing my first though is always white slavery and the Muslims who trade in this horror. Morocco, Madrid and other principal cities who throughout history have been the center of this need to be destroyed and the people involved no matter their race or religion need to be tortured and killed the same as they do to our children. As Hammurabi once said, "an eye of an eye, a tooth for a tooth" let us continue and say a life for a life...

Lionheart said...

Highlander, where were you, or those like you when these children where being kidnapped and drug rapped?

Where are you or those like you now to put a stop to this savagery against innocent and vulnerable children?

Do not say you are standing up for these children and mine too because those are just empty words to make you feel good, and i have heard many empty words from people.

Actions speak louder than words!

"By their fruits you shall know them"

God bless you


Anonymous said...

we need some answers, wake the masses, blog, email and text this link.

ask them to do the same..


Anonymous said...

Sorry wrong link

wake the masses....
Text, Blog and email this link


Anonymous said...


First of all I am proud to say that I am a Muslim and as so, know many many more Muslims. I can guarantee that no way no one I know will ever support these type of incidents. I am shocked to my core hearing this and so are my friends and relatives (all muslims) who heard this.

What I don't understand is, do non-muslims don't commit crimes? Why has it been made discrimatory for muslims?

And whoever wrote taht Mosques and Schools teach barbarism should do more research as I assure you this is simply not true...

I came to this post and I find a lot of hatred for muslims and what I don't understand is, YOU ARE KILLING US!!! In Iraq and Afghanistan and Phalastine and so on... We should hate you... But I, for example, have many friends who are American and British. They all understand me and agree with me. Not one of them thinks I am barbaric, even though I am a very much religious man. I believe in Jihad and will gladly advocate for it...

Thats another thing: Jihad, Allah never commands us to kill Kafirs, except only in Self Defense. Tell me, weren't there British Invaders, Byzantine Invaders, Spanish Invaders, Mongol Invaders but when there were Muslims Invaders, everyone keeps fixating on that... All I say to them is STUDY HISTORY. No one has shown a more mercifull and non-barbaric Invading then Hazrat Umar Farooq. Read it on Wikipedia if you don't believe me. Why do you guys keep on saying stuff like that without even checking what you heard is true? Trust me!! It hurts knowing someone hates you so much without even a reason.

So, comeon everyone, first of all find out if this whole tale is true or not, and if it is true, I will join in protest against these animals. If this is true then those people are NOT MUSLIMS, Trust me!!

Take care!!

Zoompad said...

I do know that many children are being stolen in the secret family courts, and I know that the police are turning a blind eye to this trade in human souls.

I know this because I went through the secret family courts for seven years, and these courts are totally illegal. I'm not going to go into my own story in great detail, but at one point I was kept in a room at Staffordshire County Court for two hours, crying and screaming, by two lawyers who were trying to force me against my will to sign papers. I have told Staffordshire Police about this incident, but they have refused to investigate.

I know many other women who have had terrible experiences in these secret family courts. They take babies away from the parents, they cherry pick fair skinned parents, they select these parents for forced adoptions while the baby is still in the womb, and accuse the mother of having MSBP.

In Essex there is a 93 year ban on the children who have been forcably adopted from accessing their own adoption papers.

It would not surprise me at all if these babies are being taken for sexual purposes, nothing would surprise me, as I have been on the recieving end of these ruthless people who pretend to be working in child protection and I can tell yoiu that these people have no souls, they are as hard as nails.

Zoompad said...

To the Muslim guy,

I'm not attacking muslims, I have no idea where these children are being taken, all I know is that they ARE being taken and by ruthless methods, and I know that the people who are taking them have not got good plans for these poor children.

Anonymous said...

The Country needs cleaning up.
Sack the £45,000 lazy bastard Social Workers and give their jobs to decent family people who care about the kids more than the stinking pay-check.

Anonymous said...

I am a Moslem...and I Guaranted that every moslem was teached by imam to not done like that..an a moslem will be punished with a Great punishment if he did like that...so open your eyes..see dan learn what islamic teach about that...don't judge islam without know what islam teaching about that. people in the west must grew up and learn more about islam so they can't judge without analytic before..be wise..be smart...and you know that islam didn't teach about such that action...someday you will know...someday the whole world will know who is lier and who is thruth..

Anonymous said...