15 October 2007

An Epic Hollywood Tale

The real meaning of Friday 13th

Almost 1000 years ago a Christian military order was birthed upon the Earth with a mandate from the church, to defend Christian pilgrims on their way to the Holy Land, and in turn defend the whole of Christendom from the dark murderous forces of Islam.

The Knights Templar were born.

The Knights Templar became so powerful and influential throughout Europe that the Catholic Church under Pope Clement V, after much persuasion by King Philip IV of France, ordered them to be arrested, and burned many of them at the stake.

This all took place on October 13th 1307 and is the reason why still today, people talk of doom and gloom on a Friday 13th.

The Knights Templar was such a blessed Order because they lived and served under the shadow of the 'Lord God of Israel' that the day in which the darkness fell upon this Christian Knighthood carries infamy throughout history, even up until the present day, 700 years later.

The darkness tried to stamp out the Light and etched a scar in the fabric of our lives.

Many Knights then dispersed into the shadows with their descedents never truly able to come out of those shadows for hundreds of years, even till today the true descendants of the Knights Templar are shrouded in secrecy, that secret in fact that people wonder whether they still exist at all.

This year sees the 700th anniversary of that 'black day' October 13th 1307 and the Vatican has finally unlocked the key on the history of this Christian Order and opened the door to the truth, allowing the Light of Day to once again shine upon the Military Order of the poor Knights of Christ.

The Shadows are no place for Knights Templar's to be hiding now that Islam has declared War against Christendom - Those that hide cannot call themselves Christian Knights.

The survival of our Civilization is now at stake due to the 'Islamic Holy War' that is being fought against us within our Judeo/Christian World.

The Catholic Church is once again giving acceptance and a mandate to the Knights Templar's - Those who sit in the shadows.

The History of the Knights Templar and the part the Catholic Church has played then and now would make an epic tale for people to watch, especially after the Davinci Code and the supposed knowledge this film portrayed about the Knights Templar.

A New Day has arrived with a New Crusade upon us and only one will survive once the dust settles - Let us hope and pray that it is not Nuclear dust.

Deus Vult


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