21 October 2007

The future of Our land could be safe!

A Prophetic picture

Is this God's way of showing us that behind closed doors the third in line to the throne 'Prince Harry' was born with a Templar heart?

And is the second in line to the throne 'Prince William' praying to Jesus or Allah?

There is only one God and Jesus is the way - John 14:6

The future Royal leadership of Great Britain rests in these two young men's hands, so we can only hope and pray that they are going to exercise true Godly Christian authority over the 'Reigns of Power' within England when their time comes, that is of course if 'New Labour' have not totally stripped them of that Sovereign Power over their future inheritance before their time comes.

Maybe their time to exercise that 'Royal Sovereign leadership' is upon us now considering what is befalling our Nation in this generation. Time for them to stand up and step forward with us the peasant people of the British Isles against the invading armies of Islam that are camped deep within our land declaring Jihad (Holy War) against us and our way of life, and to stand with us against the modern tyranny that has been inflicted upon the innocent people of Great Britain by our Modern Marxist leaders who have taken ultimate control over the affairs of our Nation and placed them into the hands of the European Kings of the New World Order!

Our children are the ones who will bear the consequences of our inaction and our modern leaders treason!

The modern treasonous traitors, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Miliband have done a exceptional job so far of removing the Royal Sovereignty of the United Kingdom by stealth and placing it into the hands of the New Kings within the new EU Super State, with us British subjects now the subjects (slaves) of the EU rather than Our Queen.

Kingdoms Rise and Fall but the people live on!

Long live the British Royal Family and may Almighty God continue to bless them as they lead the people of Great Britain into the future no matter how dark and perilous it may be.

Let us hope and pray the best for these two young 'Christian Knights' as they stand up for their Royal household and for their future inheritance - The British Empire

We the people are a part of their inheritance that has come through the ages and we look to them as Our Royal leaders for their 'leadership' in these dark modern times.

(Picture: Montfort Knights Templar Castle - The Holy Land)

Further reading: Military Order of the British Realm

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the Tribe of Judah



A Free Man said...

It would be encouraging to have a future King who was explicitly Christian, it would be a comfort and a reassurance!

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