31 October 2007

A Miracle - Madeline McCann

The Daily Mail
Sources close to the inquiry said today the police "need a miracle" and are now re-evaluating all the original evidence gathered in the immediate aftermath of the four-year-old's disappearance almost six months ago.

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Father, Almighty God, your word clearly states in Hebrews 2 that you bear witness to the truth with sign's wonders and Miracles, also in 1 Corinthians 12 you talk about giving those of us who believe in you, the gift of Miracles, so I humble myself before you and ask that you will give those who need the miracle to get to the bottom of this tragic case, the miracle they are seeking.

You are the only one who can grant them this desire and you along with those at the heart of this investigation are the only one's who know exactly what is needed to crack this case and bring closure for everyone watching and most importantly for Madeline McCanns family who are void of this important part of their lives.

I commit this into you hands once again and pray that you will open those eyes that are blinded to the truth and bring into the light that which is hidden.

In Jesus name - Amen

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A Prayer - Madeline McCann

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Continued: or is this the Miracle

It is only a matter of time now until the truth is revealed.

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