13 October 2007

The Soldiers of Islam within Britain

Take a look at the picture above those of you who still doubt what is befalling our British homeland and ultimately our peaceful free Judeo/Christian Western Civilization - Ask yourself how many people looking like these Islamic terrorists do you now see walking your streets, driving your taxi cabs, delivering your pizza's or serving you your chicken and chips?

This terror cell that is linked to the July 21st failed bombing terror cell are the most recent Islamic militants to be placed before our 'Crown Prosecution' on charges of terrorism against innocent people within British society.

Treason is the only charge befitting such people.

You cannot tell me they are not Moslem and you cannot tell me that they are not a part of Islam! - British appeasement

These are part of the British military wing of the Islamic Faith, and the apologists who come out saying these people have nothing to do with Islam are the political wing, both wings work in tandem to fulfil the command that is central to the Islamic Faith - Jihad against the infidel and the conversion of the host Nation from Dar al-Harb (Non-Moslem rule) to Dar al-Islam (Moslem rule)

This is the 'Eternal War' that has reached the 'Beautiful Green Shores of England', as the facts clearly prove.

The countdown to the next Islamic attack upon mainland Britain is upon us, when, were, and how is any ones guess, one thing is certain though is that it is coming.

The ring leader of the Islamic terrorist cell pictured above called himself "Osama bin London", obviously not the sharpest tool in the box but gives us a glimpse into the dark murderous hate filled psychology of the military wing of Islam that is now camped deep within our land calling out 'Jihad' (Holy War) to the 3 million strong Moslem Kingdom now living upon our soil.

Full report here: The Daily Telegraph


evilislam said...

Do us IRANIAN a great favour and send your article to the great MASTERMIND OF 1979 ISL;AMIC REVOLUTION IN IRAN :PEOFESSOR BERNARD LEWIS and maybe he could help us all to guess WHEN and WHERE the next attack will be coming from?
After all he was a great ADVISOR to British Advisor in 1979.
Bernard LEWIS pridicted in an interview in 2004 that ISLAM'S FLAG would be at no 10 Donning ST by the end of this CENTURY.
God help us all.
An Iranian runnuiing away from The Evil Islamic Khomeini thanks to British Government of 1979.

Avi said...

I pray that Britain will wake up soon.

Anonymous said...

How is it that when Jewish refugees from the Nazis tried to get into Britain & the USA they had to go through hell to get the desired work permit?

They underwent humiliating interrogations in most (not all) British consulates in their 'home' countries, had to sign pledges
"never to be a burden upon the British people", needed a British subject's recommendation to get permission to enter the country,
a work permit & all sorts of evidence of their suitability, usefulness, etc.

Most (not all) of those who managed to obtain the necessary documents, work permits and recommendations were finally allowed into the country - some 70,000 I believe, 3 times the number America let in between 1933 and 1945!

They were given the most menial & poorly paid jobs (so as not to be a "burden....")whilst most young able-bodied males were conscripted into or volunteered to join the Army.

The refugees received no welfare handouts or housing benefits or any of the perks later emigrants received. They were on their own.

There were occasions when some unlucky refugees were even sent back to 'where they came from' (e.g. Czechslovakia, Austria) - straight into the Nazis' arms. A number were even suspected (unjustly) of being enemy aliens & sent to rot in camps even as far away as Australia.

Most had to wait years to receive British citizenship. My parents came in 1939, underwent all the necessary tests to show their worthiness - Dad serving 6 years in the Army, Mum working first as a maidservant & then, during the years of the London Blitz, in Woolworth's - but were only granted citizenship in 1947!

But their loyalty,love & gratitude towards Britain knew no bounds which cannot be said for many of the millions of Moslem emigrants who were welcomed with open arms, provided with welfare handouts, council flats/houses, etc. from the '60's on & were never obligated to 'behave' themselves as the Jewish refugees had been.

And yet, a large number of the Islamic 'economic' refugees show no gratitude, no loyalty, no love for Britain, just arrogance, hatred and bloodlust

Britain has a problem and who knows how it can be solved - if at all. Blood has already been shed (the 2005 terror attacks).It might even take an uprising by native Brits to bring about the desired change. But the wonderful Britain of yore is no more and may never return.... So sad.

Anonymous said...

look in their eyes to find their true nature.