18 October 2007

Martin Amis - A Voice of Truth in the Modern Asylum

No one can get away with criticising Islam within Great Britain now, if we do we are classed as racist, Islamaphobic and made to feel like we are not a part of British society, as if we are the new outcasts, the odd ones out for standing up and voicing our real concerns about the Islamic War against our civilization, the Islamification of our Country and the murderous Islamic terrorist attacks perpetrated against us.

The loony liberal left wing media that has rule over British TV is duping the gullible British people to their way of thinking and making the real voices of truth out to be the lepars within society - Thus leaving the Islamic Kingdom wide open to grow and control our society with no voices of resistance.

I personally salute Martin Amis for taking his 'sane' stand and speaking out within this mental asylum that Great Britain has become, let us hope that more will follow him and have the guts to refute the accusations that then follow - We are not racist we are just defending ourselves from Islam's Jihad against us.

The Islamic Kingdom is at War with us and we cannot even speak about it, we are silenced by our own people, it is utter madness, brought on by this Labour government and the psychosis they have created to keep themselves in power at the complete expense of our Country and our children's futures - Where are the people in positions of power to help turn back this destruction of Great Britain?

Thank you Martin Amis for having the guts to speak the truth from the platform that you have.

May God bless you for your actions,


The Daily Mail:
The 58-year-old defended a proposal he made last year that Muslims be deported and strip-searched in a crackdown on terrorism.

His latest comments came in a TV news interview last night and during the Cheltenham Literature Festival last week.

The Muslim Council of Britain branded them racist and 'shameful'.

In an interview with Jon Snow on Channel Four News, Amis declared: 'I feel morally superior to Islamists, by some distance. I feel an intellectual distance to Islam.

'There are great problems with Islam. The Koran recommends the beating of women.

'The anti-Semites, the psychotic misogynists and the homophobes are the Islamists.'

Days earlier, Amis shocked festivalgoers in Cheltenham with claims that Muslim states are less 'civilised' than Western society.

'Some societies are just more evolved than others,' he said. 'I am not saying these people are genetically incapable of not being terrorists.

'These societies are arming themselves with weapons like the AK47 and blowing people up on buses and Tubes.'

When one member of his audience suggested not all Muslims were terrorists he retorted: 'No one else is doing it.

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