28 October 2007

A Message to the Neo-N4zi's

Time to Repent.

I myself have been called a Neo-N4zi because I have written blog posts in support of the British National Party, this is so far from reality that those who think it and speak it have themselves lost touch of reality and reason in this modern crazy world which we now live in.

They are the new supporters of the new form of Neo-N4zi's - The Islamic agenda

The reason for me writing this post is to call upon all those British Patriots out there who still stand behind, and use the N4zi logo's and salutes as signs of their allegiance and ideology to think about their actions and allegiances now because those who use these signs are enemies of all freedom loving people of the civilized world, you stand in the same camp with the murderous warmongering Islamists who themselves use the N4zi logo's and ideology as a weapon against the Jewish race.

One of the biggest selling books within the Islamic Kingdom is the Arabic translated version of Hitlers Mein Kampf, and the Islamists are the ones who have declared war upon the World the same as Hitler in our grandparents generation, so those who stand with Hitler stand with Islam's modern war against the world.

You are the enemy.

I know that the British National Party has endeavoured to remove this stain from upon its character because I speak to people, but the disgraceful signs still appear as if aligned with the BNP still - Like a noose around their neck's.

I have personally had to remove links from my site because there were N4zi logo's attached to these sites and mention my reasoning for this and thankfully the British Patriots whose sites they were on understood where I was coming from and removed any association with this disgusting propaganda from their sites straight away.

There is no place in today's society for any civilized people to use N4zi signs or logo's as a means of showing hatred to Jewish people - What have they done to you? - Imagine if your relatives were murdered in gas chambers by N4zi's, how would you feel about supposed civilized British Patriots throwing that in your face as an act or meaningless hatred for being born Jewish?

It is a disgrace yet their are people out there who call themselves British Patriots and stand behind Hitler and his logo's - In my mind you are not a British Patriot if you stand with Hitler.

Have we not got enough hero's and heroines from our history in which to align ourselves with in this modern age rather than the mass murdering anti-Christ Hitler?

Hitler is a hero to the Moslem world because of his attempt to exterminate the Jewish race and they are seeking to finish that what he started in the 1930's, so there is no clearer sign of whose side you are on in this War that is now upon us than promoting Hitler within your daily lives, you might as well wear a beard, chuck a pair of pajama's on and change your name to Mohamed because its no different.

If you promote Hitler and hatred of the Jews then you are an enemy of the civilized world and stand with Islam in its quest to destroy our world and enforce Sharia law upon the Earth, and you call yourself a British Patriot.

What type of world do you want you children and grandchildren to grow up in?

Below is a short promo video for an inside documentary on two of Europe's most infamous guerrilla soldiers, "The General" Johnny 'mad dog' Adair and German Nick.

German Nick was at one time one of the most vicious and violent Neo-N4zi's in Germany who ended up in prison due to his N4zi ideals and "The General" Johnny Adair was one of Northern Ireland's most infamous paramilitary leaders.

German Nick has repented of his N4zi ways, has aligned himself with the Cross of Christ and pledged his allegiance to "The General" Johnny Adair. He can see clearly what is befalling his homeland, the continent of Europe and the future War that is now upon us because he clearly states that the war that is coming is a religious war between Moslems and Christians.

9/11, 7/7 and all other acts, and planned acts of terror are good examples to base that logical thinking upon.

If there is any doubt in your mind about the War that has begun in Europe then take a read of this short article, why should we of the Christian World put up with the destruction of our civilization - The War in Europe

German Nick has removed his N4zi logos so that he can move on into the new future that is upon our world, what about you who still wear those signs, what do you intend to do, where do you stand and who do you stand with?

A New sign for the Christian armies - Templar Heart

At the end of the promo video Mr. Adair clearly says that the last chapter of his life is yet to be written, I am sure that I can safely say that Johnny Adair's allegiance will never be with the likes of this man - Enemy combatant, let us hope and pray that "The General" stands behind the Cross of Christ with the armies of Christendom for the sake of the future of the civilized world.

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.


Further reading: Atlas Shrugs

Mcintyres World video promo; click to view: Johnny Adair & N4zi Nick

"The General" Johnny 'mad dog' Adair

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