19 October 2007

HRH Tony Blair - The First King of Europe

If only the people of Great Britain had of seen the signs when this poster campaign was launched 10 years ago (picture below).

Look how close to the mark the creators of it were.

Is it any wonder that this Labour Government has signed over the Sovereignty of our Land to the EU Super State, Tony Blair took the initial steps before leaving office and Gordon Brown has now sealed our Nations fate.

It seems that Tony Blair was presented with an offer he just could not refuse - The first European Kingship of the New World Order.

I wonder what Gordon Brown and David Miliband's gifts are for screwing the innocent people of Britain?

How must the Royal Family now feel knowing what Tony Blair has done to their Nation, people and 'Ruling Monarchy', he has stripped them of every single bit of 'power' and left them as nothing more than token figures upon English soil to draw the international crowds each year.

I have noticed that the armed services are still under the Queens ultimate command though considering they pledge their allegiance to her and not the British Government, I wonder what they think and feel about the subversive take over of Great Britain by this Labour Government?

This is their homeland and children's future's after all.

I wonder how long until the pledge of allegiance to the Queen changes now because that is the only thing that could throw the spanner in the works of these Labour traitors.

The Daily Mail:
The Government seemed lukewarm towards a suggestion that Tony Blair should be first to take up the newly created post of EU president.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy put forward the former prime minister's name for the job, which has been created as part of the EU Treaty.

No 10 was said to be "relaxed" about the French move and pointed out there had to be unanimous agreement on the choice among the 27 leaders. That could prove difficult because of Mr Blair's pro-US stance on Iraq, which put him at loggerheads with Spain, France and Germany.

Continue reading: Sarkozy suggests Blair as first president of the EU

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