31 October 2007

Can it get any worse? - Terrorists Human Rights

These people are at War with us, conducting a military campaign to murder innocent people and destroy our civilization and way of life, and because we are civilized people we place them on control orders rather than locking them up in detention centres where they belong, but it seems that that is not even enough now for the Islamist's and the Loony liberal left wing leaders of our country because those in charge of the Asylum have now said that control orders breach the terrorists human rights - You can see the Islamist's now laughing behind close doors at this lunacy of British culture and society brought on by our modern leaders.

I say again; Why are we putting up with this rubbish when these people are at War with us seeking to destroy our children's futures?

Those people making such ludicrous decisions show by their actions that they are as much the enemy to the people of Great Britain as the Islamic terrorists themselves; their actions are a form of State sanctioned terrorism.

We now sit back and wait for this to blow up in their faces with innocent British citizens seriously harmed and murdered in the process!

Daily Mail:
Breach of terror suspects Human Rights

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Anonymous said...

"THOU hast given a Banner to them that fear Thee that it may be displayed because of the Truth"- (Psalm60:4).

With or without exact knowledge of the reasons why, the enemies of Britain seek after and lust for that which historic truth and our great ancestors bequeathed to us, namely our place as the rock upon which is planted the true Church, long before Rome claimed such, either as the old Empire or the new pretender, the European Union. (For "Union," read slave market.)

May those enemies be reminded, that though now ruled by enfeebled eunuchs, who masquerade as "world political leaders", their resides in the hearts of all true Britains, the knowledge and acceptance of our special place in the unfolding of world history.
We shall never be slaves, and look no further than Victoria, Queen Bodecia, the scouge of the Roman legions, to know what that resistance to slavery means; at the face of defeat, total war and merciless attrition.
The River Thames ran with the blood of 80000 Roman invaders, as Londinium burned, in response to the impudence and treachery placed upon the Britains' by the Empire's representatives.

Our flag, the Union Jack combines the symbols of our true heritage;

" The Two Crosses combined represent the eight spokes of a wheel. Eight is the number of our Lord - the Alpha and Omega -the first and the last.

The Red Cross of St George, the centre of the Flag, is the sign of addition, the adding of land and territory.
That of St Andrew, the White Cross, is the sign of multiplication, signifying increase of seed, "his seed shall be in many waters,"
and is the cross Jacob formed when he crossed his hands to bless Ephraim and Manasseh. These three Crosses are the monogram of the Name of Christ, 888, the Aleph and Tau of the Hebrew alphabet. Here is the Nation of whom God has said,

"Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war."

"We will never, never surrender."