17 October 2007

Labour's Surrender - We have lost control

The Modern Invasion of Great Britain that has been orchestrated by the last 10 years of Labour's mismanagement of British affairs is finally tacking its tole with Labour ministers now admitting there are problems with mass immigration.

Who are the lucky ones who are now faced with these problems?

You and me.

Who are the ones who are going to have to clean up this mess?

You and me.

Labour do not care they keep the doors wide open for mass immigration, handing the power of our country over to the European Super State and force us their new subjects to comply of face arrest.

We have this to look forward too:
Milliband gives Turkey the front door key

Immigrants are placing a huge strain on public services, Labour finally admitted.

Crime is up, schools are struggling to cope with Eastern European children, community tensions are rising, health services are coming under enormous pressure and house prices are being driven up, the Government said.

The findings, based on a survey of public sector workers, are the first published by ministers after ten years of an 'open door' immigration policy.

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