18 October 2007

Bush - Iran & World War III

Its not just me talking in terms of Iran and World War III, even George Bush is talking in them same terms and the Daily Mail are printing it for the general population to read - Preparing us for whats ahead.

Lets face it, we cannot avoid what is coming, sanctions are all talk for the Iranian's to stall for more time so that they can reach the Nuclear threshold (when they do its then down hill for everyone), and because the Americans and Israeli's do not really want to be forced into bombing Iran because of the consequences.

Its the unavoidable question though because the Islamic Republic of Iran are not going to give up their Nuclear ambitions, especially knowing that they have Russian backing, and they will then put the whole world in grave peril.

Better a World without a Nuclear Iran than a World with.

World War III has been aligning itself on a geo-political scale for many years and its seems that the Islamic Republic of Iran's Nuclear ambitions is the straw to break the hair on the camels back.

Then Osama Bin Laden will arise from the shadows commanding his global army of suicidal Islamic maniacs.

Daily Mail:

Iran must be stopped from developing a nuclear weapon to avoid World War Three, George Bush warned yesterday.

He claimed that Iran would pose a "dangerous threat to world peace" if it was allowed to continue with its nuclear ambitions and urged other leaders to take responsibility for failing to admonish the Islamic republic.

The US was "disappointed" with the Iranian government and its president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but bore no resentment towards the Iranian people, he added.

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evilislam said...

Like i said ,The CHAOS we have in this world is THE PRODUCTION of Anglo-American MISCALCULATION of 1979 and let me remind everybody that SHAH OF IRAN did predict all of this and he was Spot on.

Anonymous said...

Trouble is, E.I., now we have the situation we are in vis a vis Iran, what can be done about it?
It is no longer good enough to blme historical mistakes.