19 October 2007

The Enemies of the British people - The tool in the hands of the Islamists (useful idiots)

We are losing this War against Radical Islam because of the loony left wing liberals who are in charge of what can only be described as the 'Modern Asylum'.

There are voices of truth and reason out there and as long as we do not buckle and do not bow then the children of our Nation who are our future have a chance.

The loony left wing liberals have their freedom of speech preserved because they control the political line and the voices of opposition are gagged and silenced, and people call this a Democracy, this is nothing less than Modern Tyranny.

Why are we putting up with this?

Daily Mail:
The science Museum has just made a fool of itself. In fact, it has done worse.

In cancelling an invitation to the Nobel Prize winner Professor Sir James Watson because it regards his recently expressed view on racial differences in intelligence as "beyond the point of acceptable debate", it has chosen censorship over open scientific discourse, thus betraying everything for which it is supposed to stand.

We are used to attacks on freedom of speech these days. At present Martin Amis is coming under heavy attack from radical Muslims for his trenchant criticisms of the violence that is inseparable from extreme Islamism.

We surely live in a mad world when Mr Amis is condemned as a bigot yet Ken Livingstone, a self-styled champion of gay rights, is proud to embrace Yusuf al-Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood - a man who thinks it's fine for a Muslim state to chuck homosexuals off cliffs.

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Anonymous said...

The Loony Left is no different in the USA. We are fighting a war against Islamic terrorists AND the Left. It's an uphill battle on all fronts. I'm worried.