17 October 2007

The Simplicity of a "Dirty bomb"

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The Dirty bomb scenario

The "Dirty bomb" scenario is a very real threat, a threat that we are counting down the days on until one happens somewhere in the Western World.

Are the British Emergency services ready for such an atrocity here in England?

Look at 9/11 that was a large scale attack and it is only a matter of time until the next big one.

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Maybe the next attack to hit Great Britain will be a "dirty bomb", considering the plans and preparation for this type of attack have been on Al Qaeda's planning table for a while now.

We all know that Moslem's have unrestricted access to 'Hazardous' radioactive material throughout our NHS system, as the deep infiltration of our NHS system became apparent after the failed car bombings recently that were carried out by Moslem doctors.

How many Moslem doctors own the keys to this technology in our Hospitals?

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The Soldiers of Islam within Britain

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Be prepared because Al Qaeda's terror attacks are coming - They are at War with us after all!

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