21 October 2007

There is NO England Anymore!

Courtesy of Up Pompeii

The fight is not over yet - We have not stepped forward, we have stood up, but not out, and when we do the whole World will know that the War of Our times has truly begun.

At this moment in time the only ones who know about this war against our civilization is our Islamic enemy that is in full swing attacking us and our way of life with our Dhimmi loony liberal left wing leaders actually helping then achieve their aims of conquest against us, that is the modern madness that this New Labour government has created and enforced upon us and our children.

There is only so much of this lunacy that we can take, our forefathers never shed blood, sweat and tears for us their decendents upon the battlefields of the world, for us to sit back and allow this warmongering lunacy to continue in our generation.

Where are the powers that be who are on our side? This is your country and future too.

To everyone who drops by my blog to read my views and opinions, I ask you one question; what are you going to do about what is happening to your homeland for the sake of your children?

My blog and my actions are my response, what is your response? Or are you like a slimy little snail that pops its head out of the shell looks about gets scared then hides for cover leaving others to face the consequences of the resistance to the destruction of our homeland and children's futures?


Watch this Video and realise your inaction is aiding the destruction of Great Britain and if that does not stir something deep within you for the sake of your children then nothing will - Go back to sleep in your shame and let the guilt never leave you.

While the innocent children slept safely in their beds, their fat greedy parents sat comfortably watching TV whilst their country burned outside...


Email: lutonlionheart@gmail.com

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Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

good thread thanks for linking to my video, it's appreciated.