29 October 2007

Madeline McCann update

We thank God that there is a sad and hurting family in this World today who are going to be re-united with their missing child due to the tireless efforts of a specialist Spanish detective agency, after a young blond haired American child was found in the mountains of Morocco whilst they were in their pursuit to find Madeline McCann.

My continual prayer is that you Lord will direct the steps of those searching to uncover more of the truth about this heinous exploitation and trade in abducted children and in the process lead the investigators to Madeline McCann whose silent cries of the heart you hear.

Your word clearly states that there will be "nothing hidden that will not be revealed" - Luke 8:17

In Jesus name Amen.

A Prayer -
Madeline McCann

Daily Mail
Private investigators searching for Madeleine McCann found a blonde girl who had been kidnapped by a Moroccan family, it was claimed today.

The discovery will give new hope to Kate and Gerry that their daughter is still alive and in a "similar situation".
Sources inside Spanish detective agency Metodo 3, which has been hired by the McCanns, said Interpol is investigating the discovery of the blonde girl living in the Rif mountains — the area where they are searching for Madeleine.

An insider said: "She was not Madeleine but she was an English speaker, possibly an American."

The boss of Metodo 3 said he believed Madeleine was abducted by a care worker on the instruction of a paedophile gang who stole the child to order.

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Blonde American child found

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Always On Watch said...

Off topic....I sent you an email. If you don't get it, let me know.

God bless.

Always On Watch said...

From the article:

Sources close to the McCanns today claimed Portuguese police now believed Madeleine was kidnapped by a paedophile gang...


Anonymous said...

"Blonde children are a very valuable commodity in places like North Africa" see comment at http://www.jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/archives/018610.php .

Lionheart said...

The link doesnt work anonymous.

Anonymous said...

The links:

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Disposal of Saudi child sex slaves

Islamic enslavement of Christian Girls

Islam is Satanically evil and must be destroyed.