3 October 2007

Watch this Video - Islam revealed

This Labour government that is now in control of British affairs whether internal or external is seeking to silence any 'voices of resistance' to Islam's War against our society on behalf of the Moslem leaders from the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain.

Gagging the truth from being told in the midst of a 'bloody war', a bloody war against us and our children where the future of our way of life is now at stake.

'Community cohesion' is a lie, it is a tactic used to dupe us and then silence any dissent, and those that do cause dissent are racist and against 'community cohesion' and should be arrested and imprisoned.

There was no such thing, and there is no such thing as 'community cohesion' in relation to British, Africans, Asians, Sikhs, Hindu's or Buddhists because we all get along as 'friends' with different view points of the world, in peace and harmony.

The only ones that none of us get along with are those from the religion 'Islam', Islam by its very nature causes disharmony because it is eternally at war with us, the non-believers (infidels). 'Community cohesion' is being used to silence the 'voices of dissent' that Islam and its Moslem followers are causing.

Who are the ones causing disharmony amongst everyone?

Them over there the Moslems!

Now this Labour government wants to prevent the truth from being told - Government black out

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Watch this important video:


Always On Watch said...

That video is quite good, a good summary without overwhelming the viewer with lots of info and terminology.

10 men said...

Thanks for posting this Lionheart

A powerful video indeed.

I'll repost it soon and link to you my brother.

God Bless the West

Anonymous said...

There's a very interesting article on Muslim psychology and their obsession with humiliation at http://islamic-danger.blogspot.com/2007/06/humiliate-them-that-is-what-they-fear.html .

Apparently, if they aren't humiliating the kuffar, then they believe that the kuffar are humiliating them!

The article gives an unusual and fascinating insight into the dark depths of the Muslim collective mind and shows why it is so difficult for muslim and kuffar to coexist peacefully - when they aren't trying to kill us, they are wanting to humiliate us! (E.g. Megamosque bigger than any Christian building)

If you have time, read the whole article and follow the links, but here are a few quotes:

"HUMILIATE THEM! That is what they fear most! Therefore, humiliate them every chance you get. They expect it. Whether we do it or not, they will claim that we do and did. So why not grind them into the dirt where they claim we make them crawl? Osama sez: " . . . the Muslim world had experienced more than eighty years of 'humiliation and disgrace' at American hands, during which its sons were killed and its sanctities defiled."

"What Muslims claim to want is “respect”. But what is respect? The Islamic vision of “respect” is to be the dominant global power. It is to have the military power, the economic wealth and the international prestige to get what they want, whenever they want. Any compromise in any forum is immediately condemned as “humiliation” due to their weakness – a humiliation that naturally should be countered by pressing their political and military muscle."

"Hence, there is nothing that we--the West, the free (un-Islamic) people--can say or do that will not humiliate the Islamic umma, unless we surrender to it, subjugate ourselves to Islam.

As we will never do that willingly (without being conquered or killed by the Islamic hordes), they will always feel humiliated. Let them! Let them feel that they are worthless, that their ideology is inferior, that it is crude and brutal--for it is.

Whence the ultimate source of this Humiliation of the Islamic male? (The Islamic female is humiliated by the males of her society, so that she does not have far to look for the source of her humiliation.)

... the root of Islamic militancy — its anger, its antimodernity, its justifications for murder — lies a feeling of intense humiliation. Islam plays a role in this, with its straitjacketed and all-encompassing worldview. But whether the militant hails from a middle-class family or an impoverished one, is intensely religious or a “theological amateur,” as Wright calls bin Laden and his cohort, he springs almost invariably from an ossified society with an autocratic government that is unable to provide any reason to believe in the future.

Islam's young men are often sexually insane. Arab moms have this folk idea that if they pull on their little boy's penises it will make it bigger and make them 'manlier' so basically, and I have seen this in both Egypt and Syria - Arab moms masturbate even INFANTS till they are writhing in dry orgasm.

It is done with barely concealed sadism and the battered islamic moms seem to 'worship' and yet in some primordial way hate their sons.

Older men routinely sexually abuse boys and girls and the whole culture is [pervaded] with intense shame/honor/guilt complexes. Sex is brutal, domineering and fraught with violence.

And there you have it! Humiliation has its roots in sexual shame and guilt. We did not impose that straight-jacket on the Moslems: Mohammed did. But do they blame him and his "all the sex I want for me, and none for you, except . . . " And the "excepts" require either sufficient wealth for marriage, taking captive women and children that can be used for sex, or sublimation, that is, perverting the sex drive into a killing drive--with the target, of course, infidels--that is, us, the free people, who are not subject to Islam.

Anonymous said...

Greetings LionHeart,

You will find a lot of likeminded material and information on http://www.antimullah.com plus original writing not found on other sites.

Too hard to keep an exact track but I also posted information not long ago about how easily a dirty bomb contaminates - without the need for any explosion - simply downwind drift of radiation. In south America, they had to destroy, excavate and totally remove a significant number of buildings downwind of a garbage dump where some radioactive material was disposed by mistake.

Alan Peters