2 October 2007

A Prayer - Madeline McCann

Father, I humble myself before you and bring this situation once again into your presence and make my petition known to you. I have felt for weeks now to make this situation known before your eyes and before those eyes who are also watching. You are Almighty God, the Creator of all that we can see and You know all things that happen down here upon the Earth within humanity, the good and the bad. Our civilized world has come alight over the missing child Madeline McCann, the peoples of the civilized world cry out over this little girls disappearance, wanting and hoping for her safe return to her family and to settle each of our hearts that have gone out over this situation. We must acknowledge that there are so many more little girls and boys like Madeline out there in this world today who are separated from those they love, whether in death or in life, I pray that you will comfort those families that mourn and send your Angels to those children in need of your help and comfort. I pray that you will give those people searching for children out there in our world the eyes they need to see the truth; you are all truth and know all truth so I pray that you will lead those people out there to the truth. You know the whole truth about Madeline McCann, you hold the answer in your hands and I ask that you will bring your presence to bear upon the tireless work that is going on to get to the bottom of this tragic situation. You know that all eyes have now turned on the parents, accusing them of causing Madeline’s death and then covering it up, this is very plausible yet not proven, then there is the other scenario that young Madeline is still out there somewhere in our world today crying desperately for her Mum, Dad and young brother and sister. You know the truth and I pray that the weight of you Almighty God will now bear down and that the Light of your Glory will shine forth into this situation to bring closure for everyone. If Madeline is in somebody’s hands then I pray that as they watch events unfold it will spark some compassion deep within their soul that they never thought they had so that Madeline can go back to those that she loves. If there was an accident and Madeline’s parents covered it up then I pray that you’re over bearing presence will fall upon them and that they will open up and release the truth, either way you yourself know the truth and I pray that you will now reveal that truth to us.

We are starting to see the darkness of modern slavery inflicted within our Christian societies by Islam; we are now learning about child slavery, the light is exposing the darkness of something that most people are ignorant of. We are now learning that this trade in our children is rampant and rife within the Islamic World and that they are stealing white children for their own purposes as this human trade in children flourishes in our supposedly civilized 21st Century society. Moslem slave masters are stealing children to order and I personally believe that this is what you are saying happened to Madeline. I first listened to this about Islamic slavery "
Islam & Slavery" and now the stories about what is happening within my very homeland by the Islamic Kingdom here is shedding more light. This barbaric behaviour aimed at non-Moslems is intrinsic within Islam and no child is now safe, now that we have armies of Moslems at war with us in our lands and throughout Europe.

This is another fact to what is unfolding in our world as Islam seeks to subjugate, humiliate and desecrate our civilization, taking us back into to the 7th Century.

The truth is the truth even though Labours ‘community cohesion’ policy wants you to believe the lie.

Father I pray and thank you that you are waking us up to this new horrific phenomenon that is now being inflicted upon us in modern times. People must wake up to the reality of war and to the ways of our Islamic enemy who is fighting a Holy War against us.

The McCann family now have the very best people possible on the job of tracking down the truth, ex SAS and MI6, it doesn’t get any better than that other than you yourself intervening. I know the truth of Your words that are contained within the Holy scriptures, so I pray that those in charge of tracking down the truth will read your words and then look to you to lead them into the truth.

New King James Version: Luke 8:16-18

I pray in the name of Jesus.


A prayer for Madeline

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