1 February 2007

Knights Templar – 21st Century Christian Crusaders

“Gods Army on Earth”

Now more than ever does the world need a revival and resurgence of the legendary Army of Christian Warriors, the ‘Knights Templar’s’.

The World has entered a new phase in human history with Moslem's soldiers on the march across the entire Globe, seeking to conquer our lands and take our civilized World back into the ‘Dark Ages’ under the suppressive dark demonic force of Islam. The call for Holy war against non-Moslem's has gone out to the entire Islamic world and is being answered with Moslem's around the world uniting as a global ‘Islamic Religious army’, rising up against the entire non-Moslem world. They are seeking for the total destruction of our Judeo/Christian way of life so that they can enforce Allah’s will – ‘Islam’ upon the World. Their aim is to conquer our lands, enforce Islamic Law (Sharia law) upon our Nations and take our wives and children as their ‘spoils of war’.

This is not a fantasy made up in my imagination; this is a reality of what the future of our world faces. Islam’s war of Global domination has begun and the majority of the Western civilized world are yet to wake up out of their false sense of security and see the imminent danger of this ‘murderous invading force’ who surrounds them, planning and plotting our destruction so that Islam can reign supreme throughout our Nations.

France where the founding fathers of the Knights Templar’s arose from is in a state of civil strife with Moslem's encamped within their land rising up seeking to dominate the landscape of this part of Europe. People commenting on the situation in France have called it a civil war or ‘intifada’ (uprising). France is in the Heart of Europe and shows the advancement the Islamic kingdom is making in enforcing itself upon the continent of Europe. Islam is growing in strength and stature across the whole of Europe with the people of the European continent asleep, scared and powerless against this invading force. The Governments of Europe are powerless to stop the rise and dominance of Islam in their midst and must act now before it is too late and release their people to protect themselves ‘without fear’ from this murderous Islamic enemy who is seeking to kill them and conquer their homeland. There must be legal conditions in European law for the general population of Europe to protect themselves within their countries and communities from any ‘invading army’ whose intentions are to conquer them. These Moslem's in our midst are conducting and preaching Holy war, murder, hate and treason against us all. We the people respect the ‘rule of law’ of our lands so can do nothing but sit back and watch as the Moslem kingdom achieves its aims unhindered. These devils sent from the pit of hell have no regard for our laws or way of life; it is contrary to their Islamic world view this is why they are seeking to change our civilized world to fit their warped dark suppressive Islamic world view.

The time has now come for us to either give in and give up to ‘Islam’ and its aims of global domination and conquest, or unite as civilized people of the world and rise up and stand together in defense of our homelands for the protection of our wives, children and the future of our people. History bears witness to the achievements and victories of the civilized world when faced with the horrors that the devil inflicts upon humanity. We must remember those achievements and victories of our past and stand steadfast in the present with that knowledge, then look into the future knowing that the darkness engulfing our world can never prevail over the light that has shone upon our Nations and in our hearts for centuries. We the people of the civilized world live in the light under the ‘Shadow of Almighty God’ this is what makes us civilized, loving and progressive people. Our God is ‘Alive’ that is why we can never fail in our duties and the light that shines can never be stamped out no matter what Hell throws at it. Islam and Allah are nothing more than Idols created in the pit of hell by the devil to destroy Gods people and kingdom on Earth.

The darkness from Hell in the embodiment of Islam casts a heinous shadow across the entire globe. It is now time for us the civilized people of this world to stand up and let the light that shines in us and upon our lands shine brightly through us the non-Moslem people of the world and stamp out that darkness that engulfs our way of life and our futures.

This war between the devil and Gods people was set in motion thousands of years ago and this could quite possibly be the end stages where ‘Our God’ will show himself triumphant. We the Christian world believe in an ‘End times’, the Moslem world believe in an End times and creation is yearning for the end because of the destruction upon the Earth and to our environment. No matter what the end result will be with this modern conflict with Islam, humanity has dark, dangerous troubling times ahead as Islam seeks to achieve its aims of global conquest and dominance for their idol – Allah.

The only security our civilized Nations and people have is in the knowledge that ‘Our God’ the God of the Jews, is real and all powerful and stands with us in the times that lay ahead. He has stood with those who stand with Him and His people the Jews throughout History and He will continue into the future until creation draws the curtain and the End is revealed.

Our lands, our wives and our children need protecting from the invading Moslem armies encamped upon our shores. Now is the time to look up, humble ourselves and pray calling out to Our God for help and protection for the days that lay ahead. He is the only one who can hold back the dark murderous shadow of Islam that engulfs us all.

God himself is raising up an Army of Christian Warriors from amongst us ‘the people’ who will carry the light of Christianity fearlessly into battle against the darkness of Hell that has invaded and attacked our Christian and Jewish world. The battle is not ours to fight it is His, we just have to be His willing servants ready to fight in defense of His people, the Holy peaceful pilgrims of the Earth.

I have embraced my calling to serve Him and have placed my life completely in His hands as my sacrifice to the truth. “My God is real and all other gods are idols”. I put out a call to every other person who has been chosen and anointed by God to rise up and let us unite as brothers and sisters in the Most Holy Faith with the divine mandate given from Heaven to defend the peaceful people of the Christian and Jewish world that expands the entire globe, against the Evil of Islam.

As Christians we can look back into our history, how the Faiths of Christianity and Judaism are intertwined and when the time has come throughout our journey together on Earth, God has always raised up from amongst us a Christian Army divinely guided in defense of His kingdom and people. The time for that true Heaven sent Christian Army with a mandate from God Himself has arisen in our generation. It is now time to shake the dust off of our rich military Templar history, embrace it and except the ‘mantle’ given from God to the European people centuries ago, the mantle and mandate to become a Christian Army who will serve Him their Master in defense of the Holy Land and the Christian world. The Christian world must never let there light that shines brightly ever be stamped out until the time in the future that the end is revealed and Our God is victorious. We must stand together and let His light shine through us until the end.

The Knights Templar’s are the people God chose and anointed to be His Army on Earth, they are the torch bearers who have carried the mantle throughout the ages. They have been the guardians and protectors of the Christian civilized world during this time, but as our World stands on the brink of destruction at the hands of Moslem's, my question is:

“Where are the 'original' Knights Templar’s, Gods Army on Earth now, it is time you came out of the shadows and helped your fellow country men, the time of peace and security has passed, the time has now come to dust down the divine mantle and take our light that shines bright into battle? The Islamic Kingdom in Britain laughs at us a Christian people as a defeated foe”.

My country Britain is being aggressively attacked and invaded by Muslims soldiers and we the Christian people of this land can do nothing but watch as our past and future is destroyed.
I pray that God will revive the ‘Ancient’ order of the Knights Templar and count me worthy to die amongst them in service of my God in protection of the Christian and Jewish world.

I have stood on my own with the knowledge that God is on my side in the face of the enemy that surrounds me who has threatened to kill me, Pakistani Moslem's are who they are, and they live in my community destroying it and taking over. I have dug my sword into the ground and have turned to God as my strength and my shield surrounded by this murderous enemy but can no longer stand here on ‘my own’ in the face of these murderers.

Where is the support from within the ranks of the Templar Army in Britain?

I pray that now will be the start, that those who know they have been chosen by God will arise from amongst the people so we can stand together and that those not yet called will accept and embrace the call when it comes.

We die together as Christian brothers and sisters in protection of the Christian and Jewish world, for the future of our people.

In service of the King - Jesus - The Lion of the Tribe of Judah


UPDATE: The Light Shines Again

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The Green Arrow said...

An excellent article LionHeart. I hope that readers pass the message on.

Good Luck

Beach Girl said...

Lionheart, have passed it on. Thank you.

Flanders Fields said...

This was a good article. The multicultualist leadership of the countries will have to be dealt with before Islam can be expelled as a force. They are the ones who encourage, promote and sustain the Muslims and who impose laws and regulations which people have no choice but to obey. So long as they are in positions of power, there will be no reversal or slowdown.

Anonymous said...

I know it,You know it,They know it,If you go to soon you will fail,Be patient,Network and fight fire with fire when the time is right.

JeepThang (PB&J) said...

I'm glad I found your site.

Come visit sometime.

Anonymous said...

Keep spreading the word.......more and more people are waking to this cancer called Islam. I pray for you all in the UK. I am here in the US and we are making preparations.

Anonymous said...

ait for another Saladin to give youlesson just like you remembered in HATTIN 1187 centuries ago.
Lion heart killed all people in holy city of Jeruslame even christian, muslims and jews.

But Saladin forgave all.They never killed children, women and elder person.

Instead of Talking hatred try to talk in peace. Christian are killing 100's of Muslims every day. Nobody say anywords on it but If any person kikked in IS or britain all newspapers are filled with that.

God created all human beings its us who created this.Blood colors of christian and muslims are same. Everyone has same feelings if someone family members are killed.
Its not war its a BUSINESS thats going on in the world.

May God give you respect for all human beings regardless of religions.


Anonymous said...

Lion heart has a heart of an animal and he cant understand and talk about the welfare of mankind.

An lion always killed others in order to full his stomach and sometime eat his whole family.

I dont know why animals like lion heart are allowed in this FORUM.


Anonymous said...

One would wonder why all this animosity towards Islam and Muslims!

If an illiterate bedwan from the desert of Arabia can post such a huge threat to the moderm civilized world then this Bedwan is worth observing and studying.

You guys are making me wanna become a Muslim. If he claimed that the "Creator" sent him 1500 years ago and until this day his claim is manifesting with such a level of accuracy, then I think his religion is worth a try.

I don't know about you but I'm tired of worshiping another human who died and shows no sign of life.

At least Muhammed's God does not die. At least Muhammed's God was not abused by a bunch of drunks and was not crucified. At least Muhammed's God gets all the glory and right of worship rather than going through Muhammed to get to God. At least Muhammed's God did not take a break for a couple of days and did not play dead just to amuze a few low expectational drug addicts and drunks.

At least Muhammed's God is for everybody.

I think you're just jealous of Muslims . . .

Anonymous said...

One would wonder why all this animosity towards Islam and Muslims!

If an illiterate bedwan from the desert of Arabia can post such a huge threat to the moderm civilized world then this Bedwan is worth observing and studying.

You guys are making me wanna become a Muslim. If he claimed that the "Creator" sent him 1500 years ago and until this day his claim is manifesting with such a level of accuracy, then I think his religion is worth a try.

I don't know about you but I'm tired of worshiping another human who died and shows no sign of life.

At least Muhammed's God does not die. At least Muhammed's God was not abused by a bunch of drunks and was not crucified. At least Muhammed's God gets all the glory and right of worship rather than going through Muhammed to get to God. At least Muhammed's God did not take a break for a couple of days and did not play dead just to amuze a few low expectational drug addicts and drunks.

At least Muhammed's God is for everybody.

I think you're just jealous of Muslims . . .

Darrin said...

"Islam and Allah are nothing more than Idols created in the pit of hell by the devil to destroy Gods people and kingdom on Earth."

Indeed, Mohammad is the apostle of Satan.

Amen to you article, we do need to awaken the crusader spirit or perish.

Michael said...

Tremendous entry! Everything you say about the radical islamist threat is true. It is also true that unless we act we will be terrorized into submission.
Know that you are not alone. There is a remnant being raised for this space in time. You are correct in stating that our lands, our wives, and our children need protection from this threat and this is precisely what 'The New Knighthood' is about. I, like you, believe that God has raised me up for this time in history to do just what you are suggesting needs doing. Please consider going to my blog at http://anewknighthood.blogspot.com/ to learn more about me and my propsal for a new knighthood. There is too much to cover here so visit often and if it strikes a chord with you please consider inclusion as a link on your blogsite. I will put a link to yours on mine as well.
Your spirituality is the most remarkable thing about you and your posts. The spirit in me knows the spirit in you, and greater is the Spirit that is in us than the spirit that is in the world.

I am, for now,

Anonymous said...

Brainwashed multicultural idiots demonstrate their superior stupidity once again by citing ancient christian massacres as justifying what muslims are commiting in the present. "Oh, its allright, some son of a bitch your great grandfather never even heard of slaughtered muslims and now you deserve to have them slaughter you, unless of course you join us and worship their tooth fairy god." Being from the south eastern U.S. I am intimately familliar with this sick, hypocritic resoning.
And as for the poor mentally deranged fool who metioned an "illiterate bedouin from the desert of arabia" my reply is THEIR IN YOUR COUNTRY IN MASSIVE NUMBERS AND THEY AINT SALADIN YOU DAMN IDIOT!
Now that Ive gotten that out Id just like to say, keep up the good work Lionheart your country needs more like you and maybe its not too late to avoid the holocaust these savage fanatics are trying to unleash upon civilization.

Beach Girl said...

Lionheart, was checking where visitors were being referred from and came upon your article again. Once a good post, always a good post. Will link to it onces again.

Keep up the good work!

[I find it interesting what the anonymous folks say who tell folks like us we are idiots.]

Luis de Matos said...

Muslim extremists and Christian extremists are part of the same wave-length... Sorry, you are not a Templar. At most, you are an ill informed crusader. And judging from history, I - a Christian - have more reasons to fear you than I have to fear muslims!

LionHeart said...

What a strange comment from a supposed Christian, even a supposed Templar.

I would rather be an ill informed active crusader fighting for the innocent and vulnerable in my society and around the World than a man of pomp and pagentary living off of the name of the brave original Knights Templar.

To be a true Knight of Christ is a diving mandate from Heaven of which it seems you have missed out Luis de matos. That is why you try to criticise the real thing.

Money, wealth and land does not make a modern Knight of Christ.

A new generation with a new Crusade upon us and you by your actions can stay in your muddy castle and leave the job to Christ's real men and warriors upon the Earth in the 21st Century.

Deus Vult


Hotjob said...

I agree with the comments made about Europe and the world being taken over by "undesirables" etc. However, In the original days of Knights Templar there was no law and order, therefore these knights, with others, chose to defend there lands and people from these "undesirables" by taking the law into their own hands. If Knights Templars do exist these days, and they did come out in the open and try to defend the rights of others by the "old methods", Im sure they would be cast into the realms of criminals by modern day law...therefore it could not happen.

However, with all Masonic Orders, there are modern ways in which they carry out their tasks to assist in making modern society more bearable to those who cannot help them selves..

LionHeart said...

Thanks for reading my post hotjob, i completely understand what you are saying, but what happens when the laws of the land are no longer protecting the innocent in society with them rather protecting the enemy who is completely intent on our murder and destruction even to the point of killing himself in the process.

This is not criminality that the innocent and vulnerable need protecting from, it is a military enemy with clear set goals and agenda that we now face - not a criminal lets forget this point.

The time comes when we must look to Northern Ireland as our role model and stop pretending that this horrific problem is going to go away.

It is not!

The clock ticks upon us all and while it does the days get darker while the beast gets bigger.

God bless you brother


Highlander said...


Lion heart killed all people in holy city of Jeruslame even christian, muslims and jews.

Richard the Lionheart NEVER entered Jerusalem, so how did he kill everyone?

But Saladin forgave all.They never killed children, women and elder person.

He only let them go IF and only IF they had the money to buy their way out of Jerusalem...

Read your history SM

As for you Anonymous posters, we do not advocate to killing of innocent Muslims, it is only the jihadist who kill everyone that does not believe as they do, including their our muslim people..

Highlander said...

I see Luis de Matos is up to the same old crap, for a Templar from Portugal he sure doesn't seem to have any balls...

Don't mean to step on your toes LionHeart, but certain allegations just piss me off...

TryonCountyMilitia said...

Fortress America to the British Isles...

I fear what is going on in your Isles. I read lots of posts weekly and after having read that you folks are beginning to be arrested for SPEECH makes me quiver. You have been invaded and it is plain to see from our perspective. We are fighting against our own first waves but we KNOW what the enemy plans are and we resist (without legal fear) this multiculturism crap the best we can. We will try to preserve our land that so when you fall (even after you withstood the Blitz, etc), you can move over here to defend "Fortress America" along with us.

Come to think of it, a little Templar action on your part over there now would be good so that we in the US don't have to deal right yet with the crap you lads are putting up with because youv'e laid down too early.

Come to think of it, Richard the First was the only person Saladin respected as a warrior and he was major tight with the Templars. Louis was a "puke" and deserved to be driven off. It is certain Richard never entered Jerusalem by the way. How could he have slaughtered innocents there? Claims that he did so are just the "taqiyya" talking.

Where is the spirit of the original Lionheart when you need him, except in the person of the present-day Lionhearts who are being railroaded by your PC government speech police?

You Brits need to stand up for yourselves damned it or it will be Dunkirk II.

I watch closely as I am inextricably linked by history with your culture. I am a member of the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America, an old hereditary society. That makes Richard I a real "Uncle" (through the Henry's) of 800 years ago. I am quite proud of this BTW.

Read up on your man's "River Wars" before it's too late and god bless, not curse, the Limey in all of you. Find your strength before its too late.

Fortress America

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, I agree that authentic Islam is a great evil, but your hateful reaction is not that of an authentic Christian. You sound exactly like the Koranists you despise so much.

In your passion, be careful not to become what you are fighting against.

Why not chill and spend a few days prayerfully re-reading the Gospels? God is Lord and is big enough to be able to spare you from the front line for a few days!

Anonymous said...

'You guys are making me wanna become a Muslim'..a simpleton. He's halfway there already.

Only a miracle, a supernatural occurence, a spiritual tsunami civilising islam, a massive right-wing political storm, or something on a par, will save these isles from civil war in major cities within the next decade.

The younger vicious animalistic Somalis, insane Pakistanis and schizo Arabs are spoiling for a fight. I see their attitude already in London. How could they be otherwise, schooled in a quasi-Satanic ideology?

They will riot to avoid the shameful scenario of failure: rotting into low-status middle-age, poorly-paid and humiliated as delivery men, security guards, minicab drivers* and shelf-stackers. They can't all be DJs or drug dealers.

They have no class, no flair and suffer from suppressed creativity - doomed by poor IQ development from their ideology's irrationality.

* Approx 1 in 6 muslim men of working age in the UK is a minicab driver.

...Also 20% of all muslims of working age claim incapacity benefit v. 7% of Sikhs and Hindus. Isn't halal meat supposed to be superior?

aTruthSeeker said...

Islam is a fraud
Mohammed married a 6 year old named aisha. She was the daughter of his good friend. He started having sex with her when she was 9. He was almost 60. He was/is a pedophile. Also he sat in a cave and heard voices. that makes him a skitzophrenic. Nowadays he would be locked up and forced to take his meds. He enslaved whole tribes raping and making concubines of their women, and executing all males....that is the ones who had a single pubic hair. He was a genocidal maniac.
People that follow his perverted excuse for a religion are deluded. They will not want to accept these fact. But they are there for you to see if you look it up in their very own holy writings.
It is time to call a spade a spade.
Islam is evil. The black rock is just that, a worthless meteorite. The ancient arabic moon god allahi is satanic.
Nothing I have written here can be disproved.
Also for those moslems here that said saladin was a great guy.... he lined up all the hospitaliers and templars and had them all beheaded. None asked for or were given mercy. But Mohamad loved beheadings, just like saladin. He supposed generosity was a ploy to try and trick more idiots into converting to his satanic blood cult.
it worked
and now moslems riot on the streets over a teddy bear named mohamad. They burn down an embassy and kill people and riot becuase of a cartoon.They kill their siblings in so called "honour" killings. They behead jews and people they hate. They suicide bomb...9-11 , london tubes, madrid trains...etc.
They belong to a death cult. That is why they idolize suicide bombers.
They kill violently those who dare to criticize their sick cult. People like theo van gogh, pim fortuyn and many others. They hate jews most of all, but they hate all others that will not join their death cult. They plan on killing every person who does not convert in the end days. If you dont believe this read about the mahdi, and the final days according to the imams
ISLAM IS EVIL and its followers will not get to rape virgins, they will have a special place in hell along with their master Satan

Anonymous said...

A dark shadow infests itself in all of our society. Islam and muslims have placed themselves in positions to hinder themselves a grievance. I have a proposition for all of us crusaders or new Knight Templars and it is as follows. We pull our money together buy a couple thousand squar acres in South Dakota, Wyoming,or Montana, build a legitimate castle and start our templar state once more.

White Prideee said...

We need to take up arms! Start small groups and dry the invaders back into the sea.


White Prideee said...

Sorry *Drive* lol :)

Anonymous said...

ISLAMs Koran is plagarized stories from the Christian and Jewish Bible and then twisted them and put in some lies and compiled it into the Koran i dont even regard Islam to be a religion it is a cult started by a deranged madman named Mohamed
Mohammed was a camel caravan THIEF
He was a MASS MURDERER he killed and slaughtered many Jews
he was a RAPIST and PADEOPHILE he raped captured women in war and he forcably married and raped minor 9 year old girls
he was a also LIAR to have called himself a "Messanger of God"

Anonymous said...

I agree muslims have no business in the western world, not merely on religious grounds, but the fact that the indigenous peoples of Europe have a right to survive and thrive in their own lands unmolested. I don't agree with the war in Iraq that was obviously started under false pretenses, and to a large degree due to the influence of the powerful israeli/zionist lobby in America, but that doesn't mean muslims should be allowed to invade Europe either. Actually, I find it disheartening that there is still a taboo against Europeans simply defending themselves on ethnic grounds as "racist". Oh, so scarey. I don't care for religion at all, whether muslims, jewish, or xtian. Endtimes, raptures, chosen peoples, allahs.... all the products of the deranged semitic mind in no way compatible with Europe's heritage of Graeco-Roman reason. But I guess that's the advantage of the semitic faiths- they appeal to the intellectually lazy who would rather blindly believe in something rather than investigate, analyze, and reason. Sadly, since the masses of people are such, I fear that mankind will continue to slip into the maelstrom of desert fanaticisms until the light of Europe's legacy of reason is extinguished.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are slowly trying to convert people all over the world to Islam. One day in the near future we may regret not fighting for our beleifs or we can go and stop muslims from trying to take over the christian world and the holy land. At least we can form a modern order of warrior monks like the Templars to protect Christians now and maybe fight saracens in the future.

Anonymous said...

Being a Historical Re-enactor, I find your views on modern crusades odd if not a bit misguided. Every Muslim is not Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden, just as every member of the Latter Day Saints is not Warren Jeffs, nor are all Catholic priests pedophiles or all Protestants members of the IRA. Admittedly, the sects that are out of control should be dealt with, but not more than you believe you yourself should be dealt with. We are taught to pray for forgiveness as "we forgive our debtors", yet you wish to persecute those who simply believe differently than you.

The Q'ran tells its readers "We believe in Allah and that which is revealed unto us and that which was revealed unto Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the tribes, and that which was vouchsafed unto Moses and Jesus and the prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and unto Him we have surrendered." The House of Imran, "Al-Imran": 3:83

I am a Christian in all the ways that are important, but it's not my job to judge other religions. Allah simply means "God" in Arabic. They just translated it phonetically instead of changing it for every language. Perhaps if Al-Imran was so willing to say that they should follow other teachings, we should not be so biased as to say we should not.

Lionheart said...

Historical Re-enactor, you run around a field in fancy dress pretending to live out the twilight years of the Templars.

Look around you dimwit, there is no need to pretend anymore.

Your a Christian in the ways that it matters, that means your someone who thinks that being good is the way to Heaven.

Jesus died on a Cross for you, do you believe that and have you accepted that into your life?

Your views are your views and my views are my views, so lets leave it at that Mr. Fancy dress.

Anonymous said...

To most of the other anonymous posters, if Christians immigrated to Saudi Arabia, and demanded that mecca, recognized Christian law, would you be upset or not?
I bet you would, so shut up and go back to your lands!

Tyler said...

I totally agree with you Lionheart. I am a Christian and I think there needs to be a Crusade soon. We need to arm ourselves and fight back. The Muslims write letters to the American people and say "Submit to Islam, or die." I think thats enough to call a Crusade and kill all of them.

Deus Vult

Anonymous said...

I must say that I was disturbed when,on behalf of western Christendom,John Paul II apologised for the Crusades.Hang on a minute.Islam was founded in the 7th century AD so what were the lands of the Middle East prior to their conquest by the sword of Islam?All Christian lands having been conquered by the Gospel,not by war.And wd should apologise for trying to reclaim what was rightfully ours?Hmm.

Charles Martel said...

Unfortunately islam is united while the decendents of the christian crusaders are divided,ignorant and selfish cowards.The western world is fragmented and it's societies are being made politically correct by big SAUDI money in our corporations and our government.Even the catholic church which prevented the takeover of europe by muslims 400 years PRIOR to the FIRST crusade,have become worldly wimps and a former nazi youth is the pope.An army of soldiers with a single purpose will always outlast an army of individualistic pagan me generation perverts.

Anonymous said...

There are modern day Knights Templars. They are the former special forces, navy seals, marines and army infantrymen that now work for Blackwater USA. They protect Christians all over the world and in today's liberal society the liberal media, gay rights movement people, tree hugging hippies all over the world despise of guys like the Blackwater contractors. I as Catholic consider myself to be a servant of The Almight Father. God called upon me and many of my fellow brothers and sisters in the US military to fight against Islam. People need to wake and realize that the only people that are willing to stand up and fight is America, Britains, and the Israelis. Christians and Jews need to unite and keep fighting this cause or we will end up losing this great battle to the devil and his Islamic Army.

Anonymous said...

first time reading this site. glad to find other like minded people who are waking up to the threat of extremist muslims.sad the day is when we as europeans are afraid to speak our minds and practice our beliefs for fear of a backlash from sandal wearing liberals.about time something was done never mind patience time for action is now!!

HenryH8 said...

I just found this site and I am glad I did. I have been worrying about Christianity and on this Christmas season I have been even more concerned. We are the only religioun in the world that has allowed our believes and holy days to be hijacked by greedy business. We are the only religion in the world that has comprimised our believes to accomodate other religion (using Happy Holidays instead of Chrismas and such). We have allowed our Christmas to be perverted by a fat man in red and our most holy day of the Resurrection, Easter to be taken by a rabbit. In order to be politically correct we are watering down our religion instead of strengthening it. For the post that talks about this article making him want to become a muslim. Maybe you should because apparently you are not a Christian. If you say that the God of the muslims is alive while ours died on a cross you are ignorant of both religions. Christianity derived from the Jews and Muslims took parts of both Jewish and Christianity when it was started by Mohammed. All three religions worship the same God moron! The difference is that we Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God and also part of the living God as is the Holy Spirit. We worship the Holy Trinity as being one God in three. The Jews do not like to invoke the name of God but they called him Yahweh. Christians by the most part do not have a name but we do recognize him also as Yahweh, Jehova and Lord. The Muslims call him Allah. But they are all the same God.

I agree that the day is coming when we Christians are going to have to take up arms to defend our selves as well as our religion from the redical muslims. Our holy book the Bible calls it the Armagedon and it is coming. I give thanks that we here in the US can still arm ourselves to protect our homes, our families and our country from invaders.

FitzAlan said...

Lionheart -
I found your site (via Highlander's) while I was researching my family history. I am one who has ties to the Templars and to the man responsible for their demise, Philip the Fair. While I have had thoughts similar to yours and Highlander's for years, I had not found many who held the same ideals, values, and thoughts like I do. In the past few months, I have learned that there are many of us who willingly wish to take up the Cross.
You, Sir, are correct in identifying Islam as a threat to the Christian world. Those who do not believe that Satan is guiding the Muslim world are fooling themselves. Even here, in the heart of the US, I see signs of 'tolerance' towards this false religion that should have never been.
I wish I could be there to help you in person, but I cannot. Therefore, I shall pray for God's strength and protection for you in your battle.

Anonymous said...

if Europe and especially Britain continue in it slumber soon in a 100yrs the crosses on the union jack will be placed with a red crescent and a star in a blue background. Britain will officially become the Islamic kingdom of britishsthan.WHY YOU LAZY BRITISH TAKE THE CROSS OF ST GEORGE AND SENT THEM BACK TO THEIR F****** MECCA

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anon, all over Europe the resistance to Islamification will erupt when the time is right.
People will nut see their Nations crushed and their history erased without a fight.
Yes the Brits have become lazy, and are ignorant of how big the threat is.
This is largely thanks to the bullcrap that is put out by the government.
They have let this situation develop to the point where they know they have almost lost control of what may happen in the future.

christian magazine said...

the logo looks like the community shield

simon templar said...

when the everybody of our once great nation stops sleep-walking, when all the liberals and do-gooders bugger off, when it looks like all hope is lost, this nation will wake up, just as it did before. and when the call to arms goes up the english/british will answer!

Anonymous said...

Who are you? What authority do you have to call for an army of Templars to fight a crusade against Islam? Are you a Knight? If yes, which Order and Commanderie? What is your Rank and Status? This Blog is nothing more than another Yid sayanhim scam front for the murderers and child molesting Zionists. When it does start you filthy 'Vichy Christians' will go up against the wall! ZIONIST ISRAEL IS AN ABOMINATION!!