22 October 2007

Washington Leaders are asking about Biblical prophecy

Info courtesy of Mrs. TG

It seems I'm not that crazy after all - They do say that one persons madness is another's reality.

The Holy Bible is God's revelation to man, it contains prophecies revealed to the Jewish people and then to the Apostles of future World events that must take place bfore the return of Jesus the Messiah.

The most significant prophecy to be fulfilled in recent times has been the establishing of the Nation of Israel after the dispersal of the Jewish people around the world over the last 2000 years.

I am not a Biblical scholar all I know is that what is contained within the pages of the Bible is the truth, and it talks of a time at the End when there will be a battle called Armageddon - The Apocalypse

Is what is unfolding today in the Middle East and around the World the beginning stages of Armageddon?

It seems that wise Leaders in Washington are asking that same question considering the nature and
complexities of what is unfolding.

I have personal irrefutable proof that Bin Laden is to fulfill the fantasy role of the Mahdi - The Third Anti-Christ

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Anonymous said...

HOpe you are well lionheart keep up the good fight

A Free Man said...

As far as I understood the Revelation related to the persecution of the early Christian Church, I hope these yanks don't believe like Ahmedinijad that they can egg on the end of days!

Anonymous said...

Iran with nukes is a problem, a big one.
Not because they will be able to destroy our civilisation, but because of the fear factor.
Even should Iran be able to deliver a nuke into a Western city, the end result may be to bring into play the other nuclear Countries.
Russia. now growing confident, China with a nedd to prove itself, france with her defensive pridel, not to mention the Uk with a least one working nuke-sub, but bridled by the cowardly rabbits that masquerade as our "leaders."
It would throw the whole pack of cards into the air, and where they will fall is anyones guess.
Would America respond and obliterate Irans infrastructure, creating millions of refugees on the borders of Europe.
Would Russia see an opening for sabre rattling or worse, an under-belly attack on the US?
Would China use the smokescreen to move on it's neighbours, such as Taiwan, and dare the West interfere?
Certainly the Pak-nuke arsenal of maybe three dozen nukes would be swung into action, and we could see the Himalayas alight with the flashes of fission. Several Northern Indian cities destroyed, Pakistan reducewd to the Stone -age.
World economy in tatters, everywhere the starving in cities now so complex they cannot support a quarter of their populations with basic foodstuffs.
Sainsburies and Tesco used as Government ration centres, those not complying with movement restrictions locked away in makeshift internment camps, civil unrest, score settlng and rampant crime against helpless citizens.
Yes, chaos, yes you may as well call it Armageddon.
The failure of the human race to withstand it's corrupting influences, the failure of human humility to stem the proud boastful warmongers, the inability of the humanracd to restrict it,s population to a manageable size.
Global warming? Forget it, we will cook ourselves long before that happens.
"You are the Crown of Creation, and you've got no place to go,
Soon you will attain the stability you strive for, amongst the fossils of our time."
What does it all prove?
Certainly, that Islam has no more got the answers than did Communism, and that fools will always be the blind leading the blind.
If God could be said to exist, then he exists in the hearts of humankind, what may be called his "concience" that is a personal thing and no religion has a place there.
It is between the Creator and the human soul, concience is the only connection to reality, we all know good from bad unless we are insane.
Islam critizes and denies Christians praying through Christ and believeing him to be the "Son of God" (aren't we all?) yet place their prophet on a pedestal, and incant words before they dare mention that name. What is the difference between the two? Were they not both human?
One does not need religion to see that the human race has run it's course.
It's plain enough to see we have failed in our chalenge, the poor that shall inherit the Earth, shall be poor indeed.

Anonymous said...