1 October 2007

Britain under this Labour governments rule

The brave 'Sons and Daughters' of the United Kingdom are fighting wars in foreign lands on behalf of this Labour government but what is this Labour government doing for the people of this Land apart from destroying our British way of life.

Our homeland has become a place of lawlessness and anarchy where violence now rules the streets and the innocent live in fear.

Do people need to experience more horror before they realise what is happening to their Nation and childrens futures, if things are this bad now then you can only imagine what it will be like in 10 - 20 years from now when the children of this generation are all grown up.

What legacy is this generation leaving behind for the next?

Take a read of what this brave Lion of our armed services had to endure on his own doorstep.

Daily Mail: Squaddie Liam Poole attack



Hello.....just to let you know I'm blogging again. I must be mad ;)

Anonymous said...

A sad indictment of the cowardly Labour government of the last ten years. They stood on their podiums sh Muslims, by pretending the British role in the Iraqi adventure is nearly over.
Just last night on a BBC radio programme, we could hear the voices of the Iraqis in Basra, saying that we have brought little else but chaos to the streets of Basra, and done dirty deals with local militias to allow safe exit from that country.
This is a disgusting abuse of power.
This is not to knock our army as they do their duty with great prowess in the most difficult conditions.
Let's not forget how the Blair Brown cabal blythly led us to war, without a genuine miltary plan, and without a proper strategy to bring peace and re-construction in Iraq. (Not to mention the squandered billions of pounds, that could have been better spent at home.)
Perhaps our boys should be here on our Streets to bring order, but not to bolster this corrupt government.

Let's hope that enough Britsh voters, from all walks of life, can see through the Labour masquerade, and VOTE THESE TWO FACED POLITICAL-BASTARDS OUT.
The police have had their nuts cut off and all the top jobs have gone to toadying politically corrected jobsworths, just so this goernment can create the chaos it needs to bring in more abusive, freedom destroying laws and regulations, as these greasy pole-climbers set their eyes on the job-prospects within the E.U. super state that is being coddled and cradled in the venomous bosems of these craven slug like creatures that have lost all sense of purpose, and desparately jostle to bring down the Lion that was once Great Britain.
We are all living in the gangster's paradise while the buffoons of Whitehall and Downing Street look on through their rose-tinted glasses.