1 October 2007

Part 3 – What is the International Solidarity Movement?

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"ISM & The Price of 21st Century Anarchy"
Part 3 - What is the 'International Solidarity Movement'?
Part 4 - The 'ISM' on Home soil

Before travelling to the Holy Land in the summer of 2006 I had absolutely no idea at all who the International Solidarity Movement were, I had never heard of them or heard anything about them before in my life, which is the same as 99% of the population in that respect.

So what is the International Solidarity Movement then?

I was on my own travelling in the Holy Land when I was approached by an American guy who I presumed was a tourist like myself, little did I know until I was taken into the Faisal Youth hostel in East Jerusalem and introduced to a group of Western Anarchists that I had never met before, that I had been led right into the Lion’s den which is the International Solidarity Movements headquarters in Israel.

As soon as I realised that these people knew each other and they explained what their intentions where in Israel, I knew ‘immediately’ that I had found myself in the middle of an extremist hatemongering group of Western Anarchists who were in Israel to fight the Islamic Palestinian cause against the innocent Jewish population of the Country. There were plenty of willing Western recruits in the hostel while I was there who were all spewing their hatred towards Israel and its Jewish population

Not even 24 hours later I was in Jericho ‘The West Bank’ with my new friends, having my picture taken with Al Aksa terrorists holding their AK47 machine guns.

If you were in my shoes and had found yourself in the middle of this group listening to their hatred against Jewish people and the State of Israel and then not even 24 hours later they are taking you for a guided tour of the West Bank where you meet Palestinian terrorists and get to play with their machine guns, what would you personally think of the International Solidarity Movement considering you knew absolutely nothing about them before the last 16 – 18 hours you had just spent with them?

They weren’t sight seeing tourists like me that’s for sure!

After spending my first day in the East Jerusalem part of the Holy land with the International Solidarity Movement, I then got on with the rest of my journey visiting the Historic Biblical sites around the Old City and then travelling to a few of the historical Knights Templar sites around the country.

Because I am a Christian and stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Israel I knew that the photos that I had obtained after my brief stint with the ISM were important to the State of Israel so I offered them to people to help have this army of Western anarchists and extremists removed from the Holy land for the sake of the innocent people whose lives they put in danger by placing themselves in the firing line in one of the most volatile places on Earth.

I then started to learn more about this group, who they were and some of the terrorist supporting activities they had been involved with which gave me more of an insight and understanding of the group and my personal experience with them.

It then all started to add up for me, giving me a clear picture of a very serious group of International guerrilla soldiers who descend on Israel from around the World to be trained and used by Palestinian handlers in social and civil disobedience against legitimate Israeli security measures in Israel, and then to disburse around the World to attack Israeli and Western targets for their Islamic leaders under the guise of extreme Left Wing political dissent – Useful idiots in other words.

If you side with terrorists then you yourself are a terrorist and are a threat to the innocent people of the civilized world, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come up with that conclusion based on the facts.

The International Solidarity Movement and its affiliated groups have got to be ‘the most dangerous group’ out their in their field of expertise – Islamic terrorist supporters – they are not only a serious and dangerous threat to the people of Israel because of their willingness to fight the Islamic Palestinian cause within Israeli territory, the leaders of this group descend on College and University campuses within Europe and America, seeking their recruits to the cause by plying young supple minds with their warped extreme ideas, and then recruiting them to the cause of International extremism against Israel and Jewish people.

Why this group and its affiliated off-shoots have not been banned yet shows serious failings on our Western government’s duty to protect our young students within our institutes of higher learning. Instead this group has an unhindered reign upon College and University campuses to descend upon them spewing their hate filled propaganda and then recruit impressionable young students to their warped Islamic terrorist supporting agenda.

How would you personally feel about this group being allowed into your son or daughters educational institution, to talk them into joining their international guerrilla army of Western extremists, considering the amount of money you pay for them to be in a safe and secure place to study, away from this type of extreme anarchy that should be illegal?

Well it is happening now as you are reading this with many colleges and universities giving this group and its off-shoot groups the platform to preach their hatred as they seek to influence people’s opinions and recruit more useful idiots to their warped cause.

Whilst I was in the West Bank having my photo taken with terrorists there was a couple of young ladies already in the field causing civil disobedience against the Israeli authorities and it turned out that these two young ladies Magan Wiles and Jennifer Presson had been recruited to the International army of the ISM by one of their professors a Mr. Mark Chmiel whose college class in St Louis University they had been attending.

So in America you even have College professors recruiting young impressionable students to the army of the ISM’s extreme anarchy. If that is not an imprison able offence considering this professors duty of care to his students then it should be, and if I was the parents paying for the college fees of these students then I would take out a lawsuit for damages against the university for allowing the grooming and recruiting of my children to this dangerous, deadly conflict upon campus within his class.

You only have to look at what happened to Rachel Corrie after she was recruited to this extreme anarchy from the likes of this professor and the leaders of the ISM to know that these people should not be allowed to radicalize and recruit upon campuses for the safety of students – Yet they are allowed?

Rachel Corrie was an impressionable young American student who had been brainwashed into the International Solidarity Movements cause, joining the ranks of the International army to fight against Israel in the West Bank and Gaza. Sadly for her and her family she decided to put her life on the line protecting a gun smuggling tunnel and ended up being run over by a bull dozer for her stupidity. This is what happens when you place yourself in the firing line of a dangerous conflict and is the reason why the ISM and its affiliated groups should be outlawed from our society for the safety and security of everyone, not least the people of Israel who are on the receiving end of this extreme anarchy.

There have been several other high profile cases of ISM guerrilla soldiers being harmed for their stupidity, you have the case of Tom Hurndall the British ISM guerrilla soldier who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was shot in the head, and then you have the case of Brian Avery who was shot in the face, but luckily survived with only facial disfigurement.

If you join the ranks of the International army of ISM activist then this is the type of thing that will happen to you when you start messing about with the internal affairs of another country, you are classed as ‘guerrilla soldiers’ in international law.

Do you want to be a guerrilla soldier in Israel, fighting Israel on behalf of the Islamic Palestinians?

Not only are the International Solidarity Movement putting young lives at risk for their Islamic leaders War against Israel, they actively support Moslem terrorists in the West Bank and Gaza.

The first ever
British born Moslem suicidal psychopaths to have blown themselves up for Allah were Omar Khan Sharif and Asif Mohammed Hanif, these two misfits from the streets of Great Britain travelled into Gaza from Egypt under the guise of International Solidarity Movement activists. They attended Rachel Corries funeral in Gaza and then caught a lift into Tel Aviv with another ISM member and then went on their mission. One of these was successful and blew himself up in Mikes place and the other ones device never went off and he was found laying face down in a river a day or so later.

The International Solidarity Movement sticks to the story that they knew nothing about these two Pakistani Moslem murderers’ intentions within Israel. Those useful Western idiots who deny knowing anything about it probably did know nothing about it but the Islamic Palestinian handlers of all ISM activist who run the extreme anarchy operation and training within the West Bank and Gaza would have known exactly what was going on and specifically used the cover of the ISM to get these bombers into the country to carry out their mission for their Moslem brothers in Palestine.

There was also another high profile case where an Islamic Palestinian bombing mastermind was captured hiding out in the International Solidarity Movements headquarters in the West bank, again the ISM denied all knowledge and involvement of the case.

Then there was the Islamic Palestinians armed siege of the Church of the Nativity in the West Bank. A large group of armed Palestinian gunmen had stormed the church and held the Nuns and Priest hostage for many days without food and water. The ISM could not miss the opportunity of such a high profile event so several guerrilla soldiers including
Huwaida Arraf one of the founders of the group stormed through the barricade live on TV to show their support for the gunmen inside.

There are many, many more incidents of Islamic Palestinian terrorists activities and their war against Israel and the West connected to the International Solidarity Movement, yet they always deny any involvement even though openly saying they work with the likes of Hamas, and our governments accept the lie and continue funding them and allowing them to continue their extreme anarchy against Israel, being used as a weapon for the Palestinian War, putting young impressionable Western students in harms way in foreign lands.

How much more proof do the authorities need before they close this group down including all of its off shoot organisations, preventing this cancer from spreading upon College and Universities campuses in the West and putting young people in danger.

I spent less than 18 hours with these people and I ended up in the West Bank with terrorists and guns, you can only imagine what goes on out of sight and out of mind once these extreme anarchists are trained and sent out to cause civil disobedience in the West Bank against Israel and its innocent Jewish population.

The International Solidarity Movement are heavily funded by Saudi Arabia which we all know is the number one financier of the global Jihad against Israel and the West, and the European Union are funding it too, so our tax money is funding the ISM’s war against Israel on behalf of the Islamic World and endangering the security of our institutes of Higher learning.

Is it not about time the governments of Europe, America and Israel decided to outlaw the ISM to halt this Islamic War front against the civilized world?

Short video: ISM soldiers



Anonymous said...

You perfectly know that Rachel was deliberatly rolled over by the israeli soldier Caterpilar driver.
It was a crime, a murder, not an accident.
Been victims from NAZI from 1933 to 1945 is not an excuse for all this criminal politic.

Lionheart said...

Keep watching for part 5 - Rachel Corrie the ISM Palestinian trophy

Anonymous said...

Excellent article. Thanks.
It makes me sad people really think that the caterpillar driver deliberately killed Rachel. There's so much hatred and warmongering in their words.

I truly pity on you foolish people. As I lived in Israel for 20 years, and spent 5 years in the US, I understand now how foolish and ignorant some people can be.

Anonymous said...

" You perfectly know that Rachel was deliberatly rolled over by the israeli soldier Caterpilar driver.
It was a crime, a murder, not an accident.