3 October 2007

Government enforced blackout

Is this now the start of silencing the 'voices of resistance' to the Islamification of Great Britain.

One more weapon in the Islamic Kingdoms arsenal to silence and subdue the innocent people of Great Britain who have had enough of the Islamification and take over of their Nation, and guess what, it is our 'Dhimmi' government and its loony liberal left wing politicians who have given it to them, it is like handing the gift on a plate to the big fat Moslem master while he sits their with all his harems around him feeding him his grapes. The terrified English politician walks in with this new gift on a plate for his master, who in turn sneers at him, before the terrified slave departs.

The Islamic Kingdom owns the monopoly on the Human rights laws, it owns the monopoly on racism and discrimination laws, so this is one more monopoly for them to eventually own as they subdue us with our own civilized laws.

Creating laws to govern our land for our 'New' masters.

I wonder who will be the first to be cut with this 'new sword' in the hand of the Islamic kingdom.

Info courtesy of Britney British

The Register: Religious hatred a crime



Anonymous said...

Does this Act include the prosecution of some of the commenters that have threatened you, Lionheart, as you express views from a Christian viewpoint?
In fact I think they are more open to prosecution than those that are discussing the future of the Country and the protection of our heritage.
It is another ass of a law,and it wll be laugable to see it used uless the intent to foment hatred is plainly obvious to the reasonable persons of a jury.
It will waste more millions of course.
Lets not forget though, that all religions will be "protected" and also all NON-believers, such as pagans, so it will be legitimate for a pagan, for instance, to criticise a religion that advocates as a rule, the abuse of such a non-believer.
A jack-ass of a law. Can't wait to see the furore when someone tries to use it.
Non EU service providers would be exemptanyway, especially US, as they have the total right to freedom of expression.
This is more E.U. beauro-babble.

Anonymous said...

I think this will fail at the first fence UNLESS it is used to prosecute 'slims and other low life who threaten beheadings and other dire consequence for those who 'insult' them.
Personally, I would be happy to be prosecuted under this law, as an infallible defence would be to quote the koran, sura and hadith.
There is no protection given or offered from criticism of religions or expression of contempt or opprobrium in this act.

Robert the Biker