19 October 2007

"21st Century Legal Treason"

This is the most historic act of betrayal and treachery against the people of Great Britain by any Governmental leadership in the history of our Nation.

Gordon Brown and David Miliband the legal criminals who are now in charge of Great Britain.

These two men have signed over our National Sovereignty, meaning the Government of the new EU Super State now runs the affairs of Great Britain with our British government nothing more than a Town Council administering Government of the EU across our Land.

These two men signed your Country away without even asking you whose country this is, whether it was in your interest or the interest of our Country by giving us a vote on the handing over of power to the EU Super State.

Whilst this Government is still in place and this historic act of betrayal stands, Great Britain is no longer Great Britain, it is now nothing more than a section of the EU Super State "the Western Province" so everything your forefathers fought and died for in the last Great Wars, protecting the Sovereignty of our Nation from Foreign invaders has just been removed in one fail swoop by a Scots man.

I wonder how much money they have just earned by selling us out, and what future job positions for themselves and their families in the New Super State they have secured.

What part does the British Monarchy now play in British life because it has now become completely powerless because of these two men? They have signed over the rule of us the 'British subjects' to foreign leaders, the New Kings of Europe, the European Kings of the New World Order.

These men and the International groups that they belong too, are taking control of the Earth with the intention of subduing us the people and making us into nothing more than slaves to fill their vast store houses with wealth beyond our imagination - No wonder they are smiling from ear to ear.

Biblical prophecy unfolding before our very eyes, keep look on the Horizon for the battle of Armageddon which is also written down as an event that must unfold.

Is that Armageddon I see in the distance: Bush - Iran & World War III

Daily Mail:
The Prime Minister went ahead with the most fundamental transfer of power to the EU for at least 15 years - still insisting British voters wouldn't have a say on the matter.

He took the biggest gamble of his short Premiership over a dinner of vegetable crepes, grilled sole and chocolate cake with fellow EU leaders in Lisbon.

The Prime Minister said: "The reform treaty has now been agreed. The red lines have been secured. The British national interest has been protected.

"It is now time for Europe to move on and devote all our attentions to the issues that matter to the people of Europe - economic growth, jobs, climate change and security."

Mr Brown said he was ready to "have the debate" over the Treaty but made clear he would not bow to demands for a referendum, claiming he had protected Britain's national interest with a series of opt-outs.

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Anonymous said...

brown is doing what the germans couidn't 65 years ago. he should be hung for treason, and his head put on the palace gates for all the communists to view. my gradfather gave the answer on the eu with the blanket bombing of dresdon,NO,NO,NO.prehaps if they need reminding lets go back to war and stop this bloody p.c. pussing around. WERE IS MY REFORENDUM YOU LYING TWO FACED THIEF.