17 May 2012

A question for Norway's PST & Police

Who taught Breivik how to construct a bomb capable of destroying his Government building which killed 8 people in the process?

Or do you want the public to believe Breivik constructed it from an internet recipe on his farm and it worked perfectly first go?

If someone taught him how to construct the bomb at another location then he is connected to a network and part of that network wrote me into their script that the 'Powers that be' are refusing to admit exists.

I am quite sure that not all the PST or Police working on the case believe what is being handed down to the media as fact in this case, because if they did it would mean they are all as stupid and ignorant as each other and that is not the case. Those at the very top are controlling the script and what is fed to the public as fact so as to create the perception they want in the public eye, for their own reasons.

That is called a Dictatorship and not a Democracy, unless its been a well planned successful coup only there are now many unanswered questions that conflict with their 'official' line.

Breivik the son of a former Norwegian Government diplomat to London and step son of an Army Major. If that does not raise suspicions in your mind in the scheme of things then nothing will.

Also the banking area of investigation and how that links in with Alan Lake.

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