30 May 2012

Breivik’s friend the Ministry of Defence Lawyer

In court yesterday were a few of Breivik’s childhood friends who have been used to cast doubt on Breivik’s story and state of mind.

It turns out that one of them is a lawyer for the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.


So the Norwegian State in control of the Breivik script want the World to believe that Breivik was a “solo terrorist” connected to no one who was recruited, radicalised, trained and financed from the confines of his bedroom in his mother’s home whilst suffering from paranoid schizophrenia who successfully carried out the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century which was a crime against humanity.

Admit he is connected to someone than there is a trail back to the source behind him.

Breivik the son of a former Government diplomat to London, step son of an Army Major and best friend of a lawyer from the Norwegian Ministry of Defence who is now giving a witness statement against Breivik in his trial.

It is laughable considering Breivik’s family background that they expect the world to believe their ‘official’ story surrounding him only it is not funny in the scheme of things.

Considering Breivik was recruited and trained for his future role it is highly probable that his school friend was groomed for his future role too which is why he now has his position in the Ministry of Defence.

The minds behind the bigger picture and real reason behind Breivik obviously knew what they were doing because they had the bigger long term picture in mind whilst planning for July 22nd 2011.

The sacrifice of a group of innocent young children on their summer camp for political purposes.

Breivik was a recruited agent of the Norwegian state who comes from the political military class of Norway which is the reason why he was recruited in the first place which is in-line with his own claim of being recruited by sources from within the intelligence community who knew everything about him.

Left-wing terrorism blamed on Right-wing terrorism for pre-planned long term political goals.

Did Breivik know so is just playing the game for the media or was he used as a double crossed pawn?

Only he knows the answer to that question.

His family ties and close friends are all a part of the current Norwegian Labour regime Establishment so why did Breivik become a right-wing terrorist which is in sharp contrast to his family upbringing?

He has given his reasons for his conversion but doubt was cast over the reasons in court yesterday by his friends who say they cannot remember the incidents he talks about that radicalised him.

Was he lying about these incidents as part of his right-wing conversion story for the media?

He was trained by Serbians and Soviet KGB agents who are all anti-Western and his terrorist attacks have resulted in a long term pro-Russian Government in Norway with hundreds of billions of dollars and more in the offing for one of the last remaining and largest deposits of oil & gas off the North of the Norwegian coast.

He has also claimed to be a part of Gladio but Gladio is Nato so why would Gladio agents recruit and train a right-wing terrorist using anti-Nato anti-Western trainers?

By belief is covered here: Hidden in plain sight

Part of my belief is that the real higher source behind Breivik would want the public to think the reasons behind the attacks (right-wing politics) were completely different from the real reasons behind them (oil & gas) which deflects all attention from the higher source who orchestrated the events in the eyes of the public. Part of the strategic thinking behind the ‘Operation Breivik’ agenda would be to apportion blame upon the enemy which in terms of Russia and Serbian war criminals is Nato and Western powers.

Anti-Nato anti-Western trainers train Breivik and then Breivik apportions blame for his attacks on Gladio (Nato) and the counter-jihad movement.

This is just supposition…

Part of what has been used to cast doubt on his Liberia story is the fact that one of his friends helped fund the trip with 10,000 of his own money believing it was for blood diamonds.

Breivik claims that he did not tell his friend the real reason because he wanted to protect him which I believe.

If he was a recruited agent which I believe he is then his recruiters would have ‘mentored’ him in his role because they are trained in the art of espionage and had their minds on the long term picture and would have told him to create cover stories every step of the way.

They knew what they were doing.

His cover stories covered his tracks for 10 years and kept him and the real reasons behind him from exposure, and if he was exposed before the time (July 22nd 2011) he had his cover stories in place which are now being addressed in the court room which protected everyone.


Breivik’s statement about this is exactly right.

“His friends thought he was a farmer before July 22nd 2011.”

Reveal who Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ is and then the unraveling begins in the eyes of the World, and Ayling is out of Norwegian jurisdiction he is in British jurisdiction, so it just depends on whether or not the British Police do their jobs properly and execute the ‘rule of law’ in the interest of ‘truth & justice’ over the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century.

Breivik claims his English ‘mentor’ is someone called ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and Ayling has a friend called ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

His identity is in the public interest over the case unfolding in Norway.

Do the families of Utoya want to know his identity?

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