3 May 2012

Madeleine McCann 5 years in captivity

Today is 5 years to the day since little Madeleine McCann was stolen from her family whilst they were holidaying in Portugal.

Thankfully for her sake and that of her family the British police have re-opened the case in the UK to try to piece together what actually happened to her the night she disappeared and look for avenues of investigation based upon witness statements that might lead to her safe return or those who stole her to be brought to justice.

They have stated that there is 195 pieces of evidence that need to be re-examined that will hopefully lead them to the truth.

After the extensive personal investigation the family undertook to find their daughter and the amount of money spent in that pursuit, you can safely say that the evidence is there in amongst all of that information which is exactly what the British police are saying. It just needs piecing together for the breakthrough.

There are 195 leads that now need pursuing on an ‘official’ basis.

Due to the fact that Madeleine was stolen from her family in Portugal, it is safe to assume that most of those 195 leads are within Portugal itself so they need the Portuguese’s help because it is their soil and Sovereignty, and they were the initial investigators of the crime. Sadly though it was reported recently that the Portuguese are refusing to re-open the case claiming there are no new leads in the case.

Who is right and who is wrong?

The Portuguese who due to their poor policing in the area of Praia De Luz messed the whole case up from the start, or the British police who are respected as World leaders in policing (most of the time – Alan Lake) who have spent 2 million on a cold case review using a large team of dedicated experienced officers over a lengthy period of time.

Children disappearing in the Algarve where Madeleine was stolen from is/was a common thing with many local children going missing from there never to be seen again, only the World does not get to hear about them as it’s a dark secret kept in the recesses of Portugal.

Madeleine being Western European and British has obviously brought this dark secret out into the light of day and to World attention, and is probably the reason why she was stolen in the first place. She was worth a lot more money to the right people than a local Portuguese child, and the perfect conditions were there based upon someone knowing she was left alone in her apartment for her to be stolen to order.

Someone close to the apartment must have seen or someone in the resort knew.

It’s highly unlikely she would have been spotted outside the area followed home and then they realised she was left alone at night and then stole her. That does not add up.

Someone knew she was alone in the apartment that night.

The rest is history…

In my mind it was not an opportunist paeodophile who snatched her because that does not add up either, and if it was a local opportunist then he would have killed her and discarded her body soon after and there would be a dead Madeleine. There is no dead Madeleine.

I believe she was stolen to order by a gang who were given the information about her.

I would say that she was probably worth from anything between 25 – 50,000 to the right people who wanted a specific blue eyed blond haired Western child for whatever reason, and makes stealing a child by a gang who carry out this type of crime a worthwhile venture than a few thousand for a Portuguese child.

They achieved their goal and stole Madeleine who was worth probably between 25 – 50,000 to them.

Within 24 hours this child in their possession then went from being worth between 25 – 50,000 to 1 million, and then 2 million a little while later.

They stole her for financial reasons so it does not take much to see the logic behind the value increase of what they now had in their possession.

She was now worth 20 times and then 40 times more than their original price.

This was the game changer and probably saved Madeleine’s life in my opinion. She was so hot after she was stolen due to the media attention and because of her eye defect that the risks had to be worth the money otherwise they would have probably killed her and then there would be no evidence, and that would be the end of the story.

If you were going to steal something for 50,000 that turned out to be worth up to 2 million would you discard it, or risk everything for the big money?

You wouldn’t go through the process of stealing her for 50,000 and then discarding her and getting nothing when she was now worth several million would you.

She was stolen for money in my opinion so it’s logical that whoever stole her would have kept hold of her for the greater gain.

Organised criminal gangs have all different types of criminal networks that overlap with other organised criminal gangs, which is what organised crime and the associated criminal networks is all about.

The gang who stole Madeleine would have been connected to a larger organised gang who would have been the ones buying her and then selling her to whoever it was that wanted her in the first place.

This in my mind was where the bigger money deals were done with different gangs, with Madeleine then ending up out of sight and mind of the public view until the right time in the future when the bridge could be built for her to return home safely with all sides happy with the deal.

To the right people Madeleine is worth far more than any money that could be offered for her due to her public status. She is a very powerful little girl and I am sure some intelligent minds who were involved at some point on her journey realised this.

People state the Casey Duggard case in relation to Madeleine as if some weirdo could have stolen her and then locked her in a cellar somewhere which obviously gives an avenue of hope, but I do not believe based upon my thoughts that that is what happened to her.

After 5 years, if Madeleine was dead then her body would have been discovered, and it’s unusual that someone has not been arrested for any crime and not traded knowledge of her whereabouts or people’s involvement (that we know of) for a lesser sentence which is what usually happens with some people when someone possesses such knowledge, especially with something of this magnitude.

Then you wonder whether or not criminals who were involved in Madeleine’s abduction have been murdered so that the trail is stone cold dead which is what sometimes happens when a bigger gang wants all knowledge and trace removed so that they can never be discovered.

It’s called the perfect crime…only those who have her have now have no way of safely bridging the gap at this moment in time to trade her for whatever it is that they want for her (In my own opinion).

The deep dark silence of the unknown.

If you have committed the perfect crime then you obviously do not want to get caught at the last hurdle, so you do not rush, you wait till the perfect time and then it really is the perfect crime. Only those who have her now did not commit the crime but saw the opportunity (in my opinion).

You only have to look at all of the different angles to the Madeleine case and those who have been involved with it, and the Nations that could be effected by her return to see the value she is now worth which is more than money.

Imagine the impact of the world awakening to the fact that Madeleine has been found left in a Church somewhere in the world.

She is the most famous missing child in the World ever…
Not going into any details but I can see the effects and different angles as others who are reading this can.

The Portuguese Government do not want Madeleine found because what would that then say about their conduct towards the case and the family who they made arguidos (suspects) and smeared all over the world as being the ones responsible for their child’s death and subsequent cover up which hampered the search for Madeleine. It is called a Government cover up.

This is why they do not want to re-open the case.

They conducted a well orchestrated trial by media, releasing false information about the case that was spread around the world through the media as fact when it was not, which resulted in the smearing of the McCann’s reputations in the public eye with them looking like they covered up the death of their daughter rather than their daughter being stolen.

Imagine being accused of that and sections of society believing that.

The McCann’s could do nothing about this while they were in the argudio straightjacket so had to take the revulsion from certain sections of society following the case, but once that was lifted they went after the newspapers who smeared them and won extensive damages for libel.

The McCann’s stood on truth in righteousness before God because they knew and know the truth about the events that night, and that the lies that were thrown at them by the Portuguese were just that - lies

The Portuguese completely messed up the case to begin with, with shoddy police work and then decided to accuse the family and friends of the death and cover up so as to protect the Algarve from the economic impact it would have on the region with international tourists knowing that there are child kidnapping gangs operating upon their soil with impunity.

Government cover up with the innocent family fed to the media wolves on an ‘official basis’.

The career criminal paedophile Raymond Hewlett stated that he saw Madeleine twice before he died of cancer and said that she was stolen to order by a gypsy gang.

The lead investigator of the Madeleine case in Portugal Goncal Amaral was the orchestrator of the Government/Police cover-up who went on to continue with the trial by media against the McCann’s by writing a book about the case called: “The truth about the lie”

If you watch the video its very convincing if you do not put everything into context. It is just his one sided version of events that he wants people to see and read so as to re-enforce his opinion of the case in the public eye.

Goncal Amaral is a disgraced police officer who falsified evidence in another missing child case before the Madeleine case where the mother was beaten badly by him and his officers so as to get a false confession out of her.

His modus operandi was to falsify evidence in cases to get the conviction he wanted, irrespective of whether or not it was the truth, which calls into question every case he has ever worked on.

He did exactly the same with the Madeleine case and her family.

His version of events is that Madeleine died in the apartment and the parents and their 7 friends covered up the death.

9 people and their children on holiday in a foreign country under the gaze of the world’s media all conspired to cover up the death of a child and the subsequent disposal of the body and nobody witnessed any of it?

If you believe that then I don’t know what…

If you were with 7 of your friends and your child died accidentally, would all 7 of those friends risk everything and cover up the death and disposal of the body for you? And for what reason?

Out of the question!

Amaral needs his head checking and he was the lead investigator which says all you need to know.

The most incriminating evidence Amaral has used against the McCann’s is the scent of death in the car and a speck of blood in the apartment that was so small no DNA structure could be found.

If Madeline died from falling off the chair and cutting her head open like he wants people to believe there would be more than 1 untraceable piece of DNA left on the wall that’s for sure.

The scent of death in the boot of the car was very incriminating against the McCann’s but when put into context, Amaral is a disgraced police officer guilty of falsifying evidence in another missing child case, so is it beyond the realms of possibility that he placed the scent in there for the dogs to find so as to secure a conviction based upon his opinion or the outcome he wanted for other reasons?

He has access to dead bodies and the car was unattended in his police station.

They also found another piece of DNA in the boot of the car that was so small no structure could be found, and the McCann’s were meant to have driven around with their dead decomposing daughter in there which would have left more than a piece of untraceable DNA if that was the case.

And could you imagine them driving around with their dead decomposing daughter in the car? They definitely do not seem that type to me when seeing them on TV.

It sealed the case in the trial by media against the McCann’s in Portugal with it swinging his way through much of public opinion, to his version of events, with many around the world also believing the lies of a disgraced police officer who has form for falsifying evidence in missing children cases.

He should be in prison not writing books and making money off of the back of Madeleine McCann.

At least the Portuguese Government have their scapegoat to apportion all blame upon when Madeleine is returned home safely, their disgraced officer Goncal Amaral, so they should not be worrying about re-opening the case, it’s in everyone’s best interests all things considered.

Someone (plural) knows something about where Madeleine is, because she was not abducted by aliens.

If you have read down this far then please spare a thought for Madeleine and her family and say a little prayer for her safe return home soon.

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