29 May 2012

The Breivik conclusion - Hidden in plain sight

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Most people reading this will not be able to grasp the full understanding of my conclusion on surface reading because it completely contradicts the media story that has been fed and is continuing to be fed to the public over the Breivik case so will sound like a conspiracy theory on the outset. The only thing with this though is that this conclusion is firmly grounded in facts. It is based upon 10 months worth of work on this blog that has been taken from the trickle of information about the case that has been fed to the public through the media which I have formed my opinions over, along with my own personal experiences which I have drawn my conclusion from.

Led by the spirit of God every step of the way with revelation given to me in the Lord’s time and not my time because He is the one in control, so the full truth will come out make no mistake about that.

I was alleged to be the English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik and smeared all over the world through the media on that basis as being the man behind the monster with absolutely nothing done by anyone to rectify that position even though I took every step necessary to prove I was not his English ‘mentor’. This left me with no alternative but to pursue the truth to prove my innocence and hold those to account who set me up to be their fall guy for the day after the events on July 22nd 2011 so as to deflect all blame and attention from the real source (themselves) which is what I have been doing for the past 10 months.

I only have my reputation to think about here because I do not want people to look at me as being the man behind the monster (figuratively speaking) who committed a horrific mass murder against an innocent group of children on their summer camp with many more butchered and maimed for life in the name of right-wing politics. The families of the dead and injured have a lot more to think about so any of them reading this should think long and hard about my conclusion and what it means to them, the memories of their loved ones and what is happening in their Country.

This conclusion will make sense to anyone who has been following my work over the past few months and longer which hopefully includes the Norwegian police investigators who interviewed me in Norway after my voluntary 3 day trip there for questioning over the case. Otherwise they can go back to sleep like the rest of the silent politically brainwashed dumbed down zombies in that Country who daren’t say boo to a goose. Also whoever it was that allowed Breivik to read certain parts of my writings that he himself commented on to the media which meant my opinions have obviously been listened to by those intimately involved with him whilst in custody. Most of the mainstream journalists are one dimensional and daren’t look outside of the ‘official’ box they are told to write about so this is beyond their pre-programmed analytical minds because it is more than their jobs worth to think outside of that ‘official’ box, although it was ok for them to join the blame the Jew club over Breivik by reporting on an academic’s claims that Mossad were behind Breivik’s attacks so this “claim” should be treated the same and reported on in the media the same. I was the alleged English ‘mentor’ after all so have been in the middle of this from the beginning and not some obscure intellectual making baseless claims about something he knows nothing about, it was just an outlet for his spiritual deficiency of anti-Semitism.

It will either shake their mental equilibrium because of what is alleged and conflict with the lies they have been told by the Norwegian script writers higher than them who have been setting the Norwegian State’s case against Breivik, or it will make complete sense to them in the context of their own beliefs and understanding.

Either way this is founded upon the truth which then means there is a serious dilemma in Norway and God only knows how this is going to turn out due to the seriousness of the conclusion which completely shatters the global media story surrounding the Breivik case of the right-wing “solo terrorist” connected to no one who is insane, who committed his terrorist attacks after reading blogs and websites and watching youtube videos in his bedroom at his mother’s home that the Norwegian ‘officials’ have fed to the public as their ‘official’ conclusion.

The cold blooded murder of 69 innocent children on their summer camp and many more injured for life does not get any more serious so it is very fitting to the serious dilemma Norway is now in due to their State sanctioned cover-up of the truth.

At the heart of this is what happened on Utoya island. The horrors of what was inflicted upon the innocent defenceless Norwegian children on their summer camp by a rampaging political terrorist whilst trapped on an island with no means of escape. I have read snippets of information from survivors who saw 4 - 5 of their friends shot down and murdered in cold blood right beside them whilst they themselves after being shot had to then lay amongst the dead to survive, and other horror stories of Breivik hunting them down and murdering them like animals, or the stories of survival in the face of a mass murderer hunting them around the island to shoot them unimpeded because the Norwegian Government did not secure the island after the government building bombing, they only removed their protégé and heir to the leadership throne before Breivik arrived.

Children as young as 13 and 14, with the rest mainly fresh faced teenagers.

I hope everyone reading this would agree that the truth behind that day’s events on Utoya island transcends politics and into the realm of basic humanity that we all have which means that the full truth about Breivik should be known on that basis, with those involved with him held to account for their complicity in his crimes irrespective of who they are and what positions they hold. A crime that is a crime against humanity when you actually look at what he did on Utoya island in the scheme of things.

Imagine for me being accused of being the man behind that through the World’s media and there being a collective silence on the matter due to the real truth behind the events that those in high places have wanted to hide from the public because they think that they are more equal than others irrespective of all the young lives lost or damaged for life.

Our so called political masters.

If there is truth in my conclusion then there must be action taken and one thing is certain is that there are still many unanswered questions that have been covered up or completely ignored up until this point which when answered will in all likelihood confirm much of my conclusion and in the interest of ‘truth & justice’ those questions must be answered now so action must be taken by legitimate forces in Norway and Britain. When they are answered it will also shatter the ‘official’ Norwegian story of Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one.

Then we will see the operation of ‘truth & justice’ through the Democratic process which we are all led to believe we live under.

The question then is how far and how high does the domino effect go once one person is arrested and starts to reveal other people’s complicity in the events of Norway last year. This in my mind is what has stopped a legitimate investigation into the full truth behind Breivik which is what the public expects from those employed to uphold law and order in a Democracy and has resulted in a high level Government cover-up of the truth. Everyone was happy to see me hung out to dry as the English ‘mentor’ because they perceive their reputations to be worth more than mine and have the power over the justice system through their funny little handshake groups and the money they control so as to influence justice towards their intended goal which is a complete white-wash and cover-up of the truth because of what the real truth is and where it leads.

How abhorrent that our Governors or at least elements within their realm could act in such a way after the trauma experienced by those innocent young survivors and their families in Norway, and the memory of those no longer here. Then propagating a false form of ‘truth & justice’ sanctioned by the State to the eyes and minds of the world through court room 250 by their puppets on State strings.

If you believe that Breivik is a “solo terrorist” connected to no one who is insane then you might as well bury your head back in the sand and go back to sleep and live out the rest of your life in blissful ignorance of the true reality in the world around you in which you live, or better still, read on because you have obviously ended up here for a reason so can only mean that it is about time you woke up and started using the brain God blessed you with to think objectively for yourself about life in general and what is happening out there in the big wide World outside your front door (War with Iran is around the corner), and it is this case that is going to wake you up to reality and the events out there unfolding as you are reading this that are shaping our modern World in the age of war and crisis.

‘Operation Breivik’ in my mind was an act of asymmetric warfare for one of the last remaining, and one of the largest natural oil & gas reserves in the world that is found in the waters off the North of the Norwegian coast. Norway with only a small population of around 5 million is the 3rd richest Nation on Earth due to its natural resources of oil & gas. This makes it a target for those Governments of the World who want access to one of the last remaining fields of natural energy resources in an age of international crisis over just such resources.

For a long time they have said that the wars in the future will be fought over for natural energy resources like oil & gas and then basic commodities like food and water, so you determine whether or not we are in the age of warfare for energy resources?

Then determine whether or not there has been a Government sanctioned attack against Norway from internal and external forces for access to one of the last remaining energy resource fields in the World.

It is a fact that at some point mankind will out strip the Earth’s natural energy resources, and it is a fact that Norway’s fields are one of the last pockets remaining so the prospect of the planet running out of its natural energy resources is a very real reality when we look at Norway. So is a well orchestrated attack against Norway for access to their energy fields out of the realms of plausible possibility?

If so read on and let this fact form the basis of this conclusion. Call it the backdrop that all the different layers are then added to that makes the picture complete.

Something obviously rocked the Norwegian Russian boat last week because on Friday the head of Norway’s oil & gas company was summoned to the Kremlin by President Putin about the recent deal that has been struck by the 2 Countries over access to the Norwegian fields.


A deal worth hundreds of billions of dollars and more…

‘Operation Breivik’ & Asymmetric warfare

It is a fact that Governments have National interests and their military strategic thinking and planning go into this functioning of Government that is behind what is in their National interests by those employed by the State for this exact purpose.

These are the crème de la crème the best of the best minds in their respective fields who make up the collective group who determine Government policy and what actions are taken to achieve what is in the Nations best interests.

The policies are then handed down to different departments who then hand the strategy down to another department who are then the ones who carry out the actions aimed at achieving the pre-planned determined goals which are the agreed upon aims handed down from the top that are in the National interest.

The actions are usually carried out by agents of the intelligence services operating covertly in foreign Countries which is called espionage.

Some goals are simple and others more complex but those at the top have the collective mental ability to work out the goal and how to achieve it. They also have the means and capability because they are Governments and have the full workings of State behind them because they are working in the Nations interests with the actions either covert or overt being endorsed by the State because they are they State.

What Nation and Government have an interest in Norway?

Considering President Putin summoned the head of the Norwegian oil & gas company to the Kremlin on Friday to discuss the deal on the table over their untapped oil & gas deposits it is safe to say that it is Russia and Putin’s Government.

I am not from Norway so have no idea about this, but is Norway’s current Labour regime a pro-Russian Government?

This would explain why Russia would want the current Norwegian Labour regime to stay in power for as long as possible and would orchestrate events to make sure this happened.

There is a deal worth hundreds of billions of dollars and more, on the table after all, for one of the last remaining oil & gas deposits in the World in an age of international crisis over such resources.

Target No.1

Is it beyond the realms of plausible possibility that Government strategists in Russia came to a conclusion about Norway and what was in their best National interests over Norway’s resources and then worked out an achievable long term goal (Breivik) to secure the result they wanted, which was a mutually acceptable deal for both parties and a continued pro-Russian Government?

Of course.

The discussions over the energy deposits between Norway and Russia have been going on for many many years now so this is not a new scenario and not something both sides would not have been working on together to achieve over that time period. A time period that the present Norwegian Government have been in power.

Top Norwegian and Russian political minds.

Some goals are achievable over night where as others take a little more time, this is long term strategy in the National interest or short term strategy in the National interest and Norway’s energy deposits would have been in the short and long term strategic thinking of Russia.

That is just the basic fact of the matter.

‘Operation Breivik’ was 10 years in the making.

Breivik was from the political military class of Norway, he is the son of a former Norwegian Government diplomat to London and step son of an Army Major who says he was recruited by someone from within the intelligence community of Norway because they had all of his personal details and told him so.

So Breivik fits the profile of a recruited agent and not a “solo terrorist” recruited, radicalised, trained and financed from his bedroom that the Norwegian State want the World to believe.

One thing any Government will want to achieve is all blame deflected from the real source and reason of any action taken because how would it look if the actions taken to achieve their goals were traced back to the source?

What would public thought and opinion be if they knew the truth?

This would then expose them and the real truth and reasons behind whatever action is taken which could then damage the National interests of both parties, so there are layers placed around the actions taken to deflect attention from the real reason which then makes the actions taken look completely different to the public than from the real reason they were first created but still have their intended political goals.

Asymmetric warfare.

Breivik’s actions on his level look like extreme right-wing politics to the general public because that was what he was used for but the political results are completely different from his intended goals and are in the interests of the real source behind him.

Breivik’s actions resulted in a continued Norwegian Labour Government that is possibly pro-Russian (only Norwegians know this) and the signed deal for access to Norway’s energy resources.

And the public think that Breivik’s terrorist attacks are all about multiculturalism, immigration and Islam because he was brainwashed on his level to believe that this was why he was chosen without knowing the real reason behind him that the minds who recruited him, created him and used him for, really wanted him for. They have the bigger picture in mind because they are the ones in control; Breivik is just a pawn in their war game.

The media and its power over the public mind obviously comes into the strategic thinking of those intellectual minds who work in the National interests of Governments so is just another angle to be worked out which is what they did.

Asymmetric warfare.

Before you discount this theory you have to look at all of the other information surrounding the Breivik case and put it all together in context with each other to draw the conclusion from.

But Norway and Russia’s oil & gas deal is a fact.

Norwegian political opposition will know whether or not this rings true because they are a part of the political landscape in that Country so have a psychological insight.

The political results of ‘Operation Breivik’

The result of Breivik’s terrorist attacks resulted in a continued pro-Russian Government in Norway and the secure long term deal for Norway’s energy resources because whoever is behind the resources is part of the State infrastructure of the Country (The Labour regime).


Who indoctrinated Breivik in the art of political terrorism?

It is said a former Soviet Colonel and Chechen convert operating out of Belarus which is where Breivik is said to have been paramilitary trained only the Norwegian State are denying this because it conflicts with the State script of Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one. There is plenty of evidence to state the contrary that they have not investigated yet, or they have but are holding it back as part of the Government cover-up of the truth. This link if proven again directly brings in the anti-Western Russian angle.

Remember Beslan?

Due to the nature of Breivik’s actions on Utoya island who is ever going to want to listen to his right-wing views in that Country now even though his views about multiculturalism and Islam are right (in part).

It is now taboo in Norway to talk about immigration, multiculturalism and Islam because of Breivik so his actions actually worked in favour of the current Marxist Labour regime in Norway that is pro-immigration, pro-multiculturalism and pro-Islam who he claims to be fighting against.

The political Left-wing blaming it on the political Right-wing to influence public opinion towards their intended political goals.

It also damaged the integrity of the international anti-Jihad movement and the image and memory of Templarism in the eyes of the silent majority around the World which obviously was not a very wise thing to do by the self professing perfect Knight.

This means that the current Marxist regime in Norway who Breivik is said to be against has the potential to stay in power on the back of his personal actions for a very long time into the future which is in-line with both the current Norwegian Labour regime’s political interests along with their Russian counterpart’s political interests. Russia obviously wants their pro-Russian government to stay in power for as long as possible because it keeps their intended exploitation of Norway’s energy resources running smoothly into the future because it is part of the current Governments foreign policy. They are the ones in power so that means they need to stay in power.

Hundreds of billions of dollars and more in the offing after all for one of the last and largest deposits of natural energy resources in the World.

Military strategy for control over Earth’s dwindling natural energy resources.

The Norwegian Government removed their protégé and heir to the Labour leadership throne from Utoya island before Breivik arrived which means they had prior knowledge of the impending attack on the island. This means there is a faction in Norway linked to the Labour controlled State intelligence infrastructure of the Country who knew exactly what was going to happen that day which is in-line with Breivik’s claim about who recruited him.

They did not tighten up security on the island to protect the young people on their summer camp that day, instead they just removed their protégé and his deputy to safety before Breivik arrived to unleash his carnage.

The rest of the kids on the island were expendable in the eyes of their political masters where as their protégé was not. He is said to be destined for the future leadership role of the Norwegian Labour party after all so needed to be protected at all costs for the current Government’s political agenda which see’s him being central to their long term political strategy.

Their protégé is always going to be able to live off of the back of the events of Utoya throughout his political career which will always gain him the sympathy vote from the unsuspecting gullible dumbed down Norwegian public which in turn will result in him eventually taking over the reigns of power in Norway which is obviously the current Norwegian governments long term political strategy (to stay in power).

That is what politics is all about - staying in power - and in Norway it means control over the 3rd richest Nation on Earth.

Everyone gains from ‘Operation Breivik’ except those who Breivik actually claimed to be carrying his terrorist attacks out on behalf of, which is the anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism and anti-Islam movement which at this moment in time has been damaged beyond repair in Norway because of Breivik.

Getting the picture?

Breivik commits his terrorist attacks and says one thing but the results are completely different when played out through the media and in the higher political realm behind closed doors.

Breivik rationalised this short term result by claiming his attacks were part of a long term strategy but believe me, it will not be Breivik’s group and their “2083” manifesto that defeats the global Islamisation and jihad movement, that is in God’s hands because it is a Holy War. Breivik is all about right and left wing politics dressed up in the clothes of Holy War for the media. The belief of a long term strategy was all part of his brainwashing to believe in what he was doing on his level by his real English ‘mentor’ who is complicit in the bigger picture so knew how to control Breivik for the intended higher purpose and goal.

Breivik has been used as a political pawn for the forces he claims to be fighting against and now sits in prison for the rest of his life to come to terms not only of what he did to all those young people that day but knowing he was double crossed by his real English ‘mentor’ and was used as part of a completely different agenda to the one he signed up for, unless he knew?

Time will tell…

Breivik is still alive so has the power to now turn the tables and set the dominoes falling which is what is hopefully going to happen.

Breivik’s attacks were an act of Asymmetric warfare for long term and short term political strategic goals for the current Norwegian and Russian Governments, in my personal opinion.

The unraveling of the truth will confirm or deny this.

It has the hallmarks of Gladio but not Gladio in its truest form, and deflects attention from the real higher source who wants to apportion blame on Western Powers by making it look like Gladio as part of its own wider long term military political strategy and ideology in a changing World.

Remember the Cold War?

If Breivik was a “solo terrorist” connected to no one then there is no story surrounding him, and it is this that the current Norwegian State apparatus want the World to believe which is why there is a cover-up and white wash of the whole case now going on.

Admit Breivik is connected to someone and then the unraveling begins and the Norwegians in control of the State’s case against Breivik do not want this for some reason which is why their puppets in the court room propagate the ‘official’ “solo terrorist” connected to no one line in front of the Worlds media which means you have to question what is that reason. The above 2 parts are part of my belief about that reason.

There is no other reason big enough to cover-up the cold blooded murder and massacre of a bunch of your own fellow countrymen’s innocent children on State level and that is what is going on in Norway.

I prayed continually for the answer and the Lord revealed it to me in His time.

Look in the North sea which is Facing North from the murder of the MI6 agent Gareth Williams.


Controlling the media for public perceptions

The intelligent minds behind Breivik obviously took the media into consideration when planning the event so crafted their plan accordingly which is one of the reasons I was brought into the picture.

What the public think the reason behind Breivik was about had to be totally different from what the real reason behind Breivik was about. This control of the media angle is the propaganda tool used to deflect all attention from the real reason behind him and the results wanted from his attacks in the public eye which have been addressed in the 2 parts above.

Asymmetric warfare and the strategic thinking over the media angle.

Breivik has achieved nothing for those he believes, in whose interests he says he is working for, and everything for those in the shadows he is said to be against and has deflected all attention from those in the shadows and their intended results which is their real reasons behind him and his terrorist attacks and the real higher source behind him.

The public think Breivik is all about anti-immigration, anti-multiculturalism and anti-Islam because this is what the media portray to their global audience which creates mass public perceptions over the case which in all likelihood he is, but not those connected to him who the Norwegian State do not want to admit exist.

If they admit he is connected to someone then their ‘official’ script is shattered and there is then a trail to the source and the real reason behind him.

The media get their information to feed to their audiences from the ‘official’s in Norway but the ‘official’s in charge of the case in Norway are covering up the truth on State level and white washing the truth, so the public perception about Breivik in the media is false. Well false as in they are not being told the truth about other people being connected to him but true that he was anti the things he states but that is one layer of the strategy.

Using the media to deflect attention from the real truth and source behind Breivik the right-wing terrorist which has worked a treat in the public eye by a compliant and controlled mainstream media who daren’t look outside of the ‘official’ box.

The “2083” manifesto and certain parts of the manifesto were crafted in such a way that all media attention would be aimed at me and this blog the day after Breivik struck which would have meant a nice clean media story for those who created it if I had of been arrested with no one then questioning anything because it all looked nice and clean without anyone looking behind the story being presented.

I have been forced to look behind and work out the truth because of the heinous accusations leveled at me and the Norwegian State’s claim that Breivik is a “solo terrorist” connected to no one which then means there was not others involved in setting me up to be their fall guy for the day after his attacks which is false and means they get away with their actions towards me and their complicity in Breivik’s crimes on an ‘official’ Norwegian basis.

Breivik and his real English ‘mentor’ did not have to write me into their script because I do not know Breivik in any capacity but they did, so I had to question why, what was the reason.

The only reason why was to remove me from being a threat to someone because it was a hostile act towards me that could have ended up with me spending many years in prison.

Who is linked to the same ideological movement on Breivik’s level, who could have been linked to Breivik and who wanted me removed from being a threat to his continued political agenda which meant being the real English ‘mentor’?

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake and the Norwegain police have my statement about this.

I stated this a few days after standing accused and all evidence 10 months on proves that assertion to be completely correct only no action has been taken because the ‘official’s’ in Norway claim Breivik is a “solo terrorist” connected to no one.

There is evidence against Ayling, namely who is his friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ but this has been withheld from the public and the enquiry. There has been one small newspaper article in Norway admitting this person’s existence along with the police confirming his existence.

Something so central ignored by all?

Considering Breivik claims his English ‘mentor’ is called ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and Ayling was interviewed by the British police under Norwegian observation as the possible ‘mentor’ which was publicised in the Norwegian press, you would think that it is in the public interest over the whole case to reveal this anonymous person’s identity or at least question it.

A deafening silence from all quarters.

How is that in the interest of ‘truth & justice’ when all those children lay dead with many more maimed and injured for life?

Then you question why the silence?

Then you look at Ayling and you see he works inside an EU controlled bank linked to Russia and the Balkans and has many high level influential contacts into the British Establishment.

I am not going to go into the details surrounding him here as there is enough background on him on my blog and the reasons why I believe he has been shielded from the enquiry.

Admit that Ayling is linked to a ‘Richard the Lionheart’ in the media and then everyone is going to want to know who he is and what he is about (Alan Ayling & this anonymous person), and this will tell a story in itself that could not only damage the reputations of high ranking civil servants and people right up into the British State who Ayling is linked to, but also the bank he works for which is a major international bank now working in Arab States.

He fits the picture and profile of the English ‘mentor’ perfectly only there is a collective silence surrounding him.

What is the background of his Norwegian secretary?

Ayling put out a statement on his website after the events in Norway and claimed he had friends who lost friends at both the Government building and on Utoya island.

How many Norwegians themselves have friends who lost friends at both locations? Or either location for that matter?

So he publicly placed himself at the scene of the crime which he did not have to do.

Why did he?

I believe that was a direct threat to whoever his contacts in Norway are as a clear warning to them to stay away from him. If he is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ then he has admitted links to people in the Norwegian political class, even the Norwegian Labour party itself considering it was their young people who were attacked that day, which means the police are going to want to know who those links are which will result in the public then knowing.

Then you start the unraveling.

Keep the investigation away from Ayling and it keeps the investigation away from his contacts in Norway who were behind recruiting Breivik and sending him to him in the first place after his trip to Liberia as an errand boy to meet a Serbian war criminal at the height of the civil war there.

It is not rocket science.

The Norwegian State in control of the Breivik case do not want the unraveling which is why they are now covering up the truth about Breivik and claiming he is a “solo terrorist” connected to no one. If they admit he is connected to someone then they will have to look for that person and then once one person is linked there is a trail and then you have to wonder where that trail ultimately leads.

It leads to the truth and the truth is exactly what I am stating here as my conclusion.

Who is Ayling’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’?

If Ayling is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ then that means he is more than likely connected to Russians and is working alongside them within his extra curricula political activities in the UK and Europe, and it just so happens that the bank he works for has worked for many years in Russia and the former Soviet bloc so what are the chances of him having Russian contacts?

There you have the Russian link to Ayling who I believe is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ and fits in with my belief about the real source behind Breivik and the real reason for the attacks.

Breivik is a result of espionage and all it takes is a few intellectuals with money connected to the intelligence services to come together to work towards a mutual goal and in this instance Norway which benefits the Norwegian Government and Russia to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars and more, for one of the last remaining deposits of natural energy resources in the world.

Money…Money…Money…Power…Power…Power and control over one of Earths dwindling natural energy resources which is in Russia’s National interests.

Some people would sell their soul for money just like Judas did.

Is it beyond the realms of possibility that Ayling has links to Russian intellectuals via his day job in the bank? And is it possible that those intellectuals are linked to the Russian Government?

Of course.

MI5 & MI6 must have a dossier on Ayling due to his political activities in the UK (EDL) so he is either an asset or agent of the State which in part is the reason why he has been shielded from the Breivik enquiry, and then you question the Russian angle and the murder location of the MI6 agent Gareth Williams turning up in Breiviks manifesto which is directly linked to the British Security Services because Mr. Williams was one of their own.

Setting me up for the accusation of being the English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik they believed would work as a double edge sword. Firstly it aided the nice clean media story for mass public consumption to deflect all attention from the real reason behind his attacks. Breivik the anti-Islam Crusader who was inspired on the internet whilst being a paranoid schizophrenic in his bedroom that they have played out through the media and secondly it was an attempt to remove me from being a threat to Ayling’s continued political agenda of using the English Defence League and its useful idiots that he and his group have attempted to make a Europe wide movement.

I will give you something to think about here.

It is a fact that Governments support anti-government groups on the ground in foreign Countries just like what has been happening in the Arab spring and happened during the Cold War, it is called by proxy.

The only anti-Government group in the UK that had the potential to be a threat to the UK Government was the English Defence League which is controlled by Ayling & Co whose leadership over the movement me and Nick+ threatened.

Is it beyond the realms of possibility that foreign Governments namely Russia through their intelligence agents would want to have a hand behind the EDL supporting it in its endevours in the UK and Europe?

If so Alan Ayling was the Director behind the hijacked EDL movement.

Is it a coincidence that I was set up to be the English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik?

This is about intelligent minds, and it only needs 1 or 2 from the intelligence services who have their hands directly on a political movement coming together working out strategy for their mutual political goals that are in-line with the foreign policy of a hostile Government hand that is paying them for control and influence over them.

This does happen so cannot be ruled out and Ayling is connected to Russians through his EU bank, not only that he is deeply embedded in the British State through his contacts.

Not only this but if Ayling is the English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik then whoever is behind him has their hand upon a potential terrorist movement based upon the “2083” manifesto covered in cultural conservatism whose aim is to bring down Western Governments. They had to get through stage one first and that was to get away with their involvement of ‘Operation Breivik’, then once in the clear they move to stage 2 and Ayling already has his eyes on Sweden via his close friend in the government there (Ekroth).

Is this is line with Russian military thinking?

Conducting a terrorist war to bring down Western Governments by proxy.

The Cold War saw the Soviet Union brought down.

Ayling infiltrated the Counter-jihad movement (not the anti-jihad movement) that is controlled from America by Christine Brim’s organisation. It was Ann Marchini who brought Ayling into the picture at the very beginning so considering it was Christine Brim’s UK contact that brought Ayling in, it is their responsibility to question why Marchini brought Ayling into their movement in the first place. Or the British and Norwegian police should under police caution seen as though she is a witness to Ayling’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

God’s General Mr. Boykin in America should get to the bottom of this one when all things are considered because if my conclusion is right it doesn’t look very good that someone controlled by Russia infiltrated their Counter-jihad movement that resulted in Breivik and the events in Norway that has completely damaged the image of their movement.

That will change when the truth is revealed.

It all adds up and makes sense so do not dismiss it until fully investigated and the leads looked into and proven or disproven.

What would be more damaging is if Ayling is an asset or agent of the British State when all things are considered, it just depends on whether we will find this out for certain or not.

It is a fact that agents of the State are turned for financial gain by foreign powers and become hostile to their employers. Someone from within the British intelligence community is complicit in the murder of Gareth Williams obviously due to his intelligence work and his murder location possibly turned up in Breivik’s “2083” manifesto.

Is that a coincidence?

There is enough suspicion of it to warrant a full investigation in the context of everything else written here if that has not already been carried out by the intelligence services.

If Ayling is an asset or agent of the State that only MI5 & MI6 would know then I have come to this conclusion completely independently which means my whole conclusion surrounding Breivik should not be ruled out.

I would only be confirming what is already know or thought.

I wonder how the media are ever going to report on this conspiracy behind Breivik?

Arrest Ayling and prove he is the English ‘mentor’ and the media will not be able to ignore the unraveling of the truth because it will be in plain sight even though they have propagated the ‘official’ lies of the Norwegian State for the past 10 months which would leave the current Norwegian Labour regime in a crisis position in the eyes of the World.

Change of Government in Norway from a Dictatorship to Democracy just like with the Arab spring but in Europe.

One thing is certain is that Ayling’s friend’s identity ‘Richard the Lionheart’ has to be revealed to the public and enquiry which then changes everything in the international media because there will be talk in the public domain about this person possibly being linked. This would then conflict with the Norwegian ‘official’ lies of Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one who is ‘insane’ which is why this has been withheld from the public up until this point.

A collective media silence because it conflicts with the ‘official’ line.

The families of those Breivik murdered should be asking who this person is due to the fact that it is integral to the case surrounding Breivik. I have been asking for long enough and it’s been ignored so maybe they will have a better chance of finding out.

The media should be reporting on some facts too, not just propagating the watered down lies fed as the ‘official’ truth coming out of Norway.

The Norwegian State cover-up

(Before you pass a flippant small minded comment about my claim here do a thorough research of the facts and then pass a flippant small minded comment based upon knowledge)

The ‘official’ script coming out of Norway concerning Breivik is that he is a “solo terrorist” connected to no one and they are trying to endorse this claim in the eyes and minds of the public by battling to secure the ‘insane’ label on him.

If the Norwegian State secures the “solo terrorist” line against Breivik then that means he is not connected to anybody which then means other people were not involved in attempting to frame me for his crimes which I believe is false and has been my motivation since the very beginning.

Why should those complicit in Breivik’s crimes and attempting to set me up for them walk free?

On an ‘official’ Norwegian State basis.

If you do not know anything about the case and just read what the Western English speaking newspapers tell you then there is no reason to question the ‘official’ “solo terrorist” connected to no one line. For me it is obviously very different and I have been following the case in the Norwegian media since the beginning and all of the different pieces of evidence that have emerged which I have created my thoughts beliefs and opinions over, and my conclusion based upon them completely contradicts the ‘official’ Norwegian conclusion.

I would say my conclusion of there being a State sanctioned cover-up in Norway is much stronger than their conclusion of Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one ‘official’ line because there is still a list of unanswered questions that need answering and if answered would completely contradict that ‘official’ claim.

This is a fact.

I am not an ‘official’ though so my words do not hold weight in the eyes of anyone.

Answer the questions and then see how the story looks which is evidence which does hold weight in the eyes of everyone.

The questions still lingering in the investigation of the case have been called insignificant by the State’s prosecutors in the court room in front of the World’s media who state that the unanswered questions do not change their ‘official’ story against Breivik of him being a “solo terrorist” connected to no one
If the unanswered questions are answered it could tell a completely different story to the ‘official’ story surrounding Breivik and completely contradict the Norwegian State’s ‘official’ story against him.

Why would the Norwegian State in control of the Breivik case not want the full truth to be known?

Obviously because they are hiding from something, but that is taboo to think or say because our ‘official’s do not lie to us is the general consensus especially over something of such gravity and magnitude that was said to be an attack against them themselves (attack on the Labour party) and anyone who claims they are or do must be insane and a conspiracy theorist.

Left-wing blaming it on the Right-wing orchestrated by Russia for political reasons (oil & gas).

Look at the evidence and draw your own conclusion and you will clearly see that the Norwegian State are hiding from something which is why they do not want the full truth surrounding Breivik to emerge.

They are the State, they have the control and everyone will believe them because they are the ones in authority and would not lie.

Take this into consideration when forming your opinion over my claim here. The Norwegian State claim that Breivik is a “solo terrorist” connected to no one and they are enforcing this in the court room now but he Norwegian police are still investigating credible leads as you are reading this that could confirm Breivik is connected to a group/network as he has consistently stated.

That is a direct conflict between the ‘official’ claim by the State’s prosecutors that they are satisfied he is a “solo terrorist” connected to no one and the truth which is still an ongoing investigation that has not been fully ruled out by the Norwegian police yet.

That one piece of information/evidence completely undermines the Norwegian State’s ‘official’ claim of Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one that they are propagating in the court room in front of the World’s media and mean he is not a “solo terrorist” connected to no one and is intimately involved with others who played their part in setting me up to be their fall guy.

If they secure the “solo terrorist” connected to no one line then whoever was behind setting me up gets away with it on an ‘official’ basis.

If there is evidence that has not been fully investigated and ruled out then there cannot be an ‘official’ conclusion that is then taken into the court room and propagated in front of the Worlds media as being fact which then creates the public’s perception over the case (the media angle).
Those unanswered questions prove my innocence and prove my story which conflicts with the ‘official’ Norwegian story.

Why would the Norwegian State not want to prove my story if it is correct?

If Alan Ayling is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ then what story would he tell and what would the unraveling be and where would it lead?

This is why the Norwegian State have been covering up the truth and white washing the whole case in the media because the truth behind Breivik is completely different from what the public has been led to believe.

Asymmetric warfare.

My belief about the truth behind Breivik is in the sections above.

So the Norwegian State’s ‘official’ story surrounding Breivik that they have clung onto since the very beginning is completely undermined by the actual truth of the matter which can only mean a State sanctioned cover-up because they do not want the truth to be known because of the story it would tell.
They want the World to believe that Breivik the son of a former Government diplomat to London and step son of an Army Major was a “solo terrorist” connected to no one who is ‘insane’ and then the real truth behind him is hidden in plain sight from the public.

Knowing Breivik’s family background should be enough to tell you he is not a “solo terrorist” connected to no one.

So the ‘official’ story of Breivik the “solo terrorist” who is insane is completely undermined by the unanswered questions still surrounding the case that the Norwegian police are still investigating.

That is 1 point that completely contradicts the ‘official’ story surrounding Breivik.

The other point is the first State sanctioned psychiatric report.

To make the ‘official’ story complete in the eyes and minds of the public they need to secure the ‘insane’ label on him which is now what the battle in the court room is over - Breivik’s sanity

There are 2 completely contradictory psychiatric reports in the court room.

The first says he was insane which is the State sanctioned report that was used very well in the media for 7 months to create the public’s perception over Breivik (the media strategy) and the second says he was not insane that was forced to be undertaken by the families of Utoya and leading professionals in the field of psychiatric who criticised its findings.

The first State sanctioned report is completely undermined and totally flawed based upon the evidence just like the ‘official’ story surrounding Breivik.

You can read about it here: Norwegian psychiatry

Looking at the evidence and facts it is very clear that the story surrounding Breivik that the Norwegian State want the World to believe is completely different from the truth and they cannot get out of it now because facts and evidence speak louder than their lies and cover-up’s.

All of the evidence and facts in the State’s case against Breivik can only mean there is a State sanctioned cover-up of the truth and then you question why and for what reason.

I was questioning why and for what reason, then the Lord revealed to me why and for what reason in His time which is covered in the first 2 parts above.

Only the unraveling of the truth will now confirm or deny my conclusion and there are still unanswered questions that need answering to confirm or deny my conclusion, so hopefully there will be forces out there willing to bring the answer to these questions to light for the sake of ‘truth & justice’ for those who were murdered and maimed for life by Breivik, and their families left behind.

The main question being; who is Alan Ayling’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ which is an integral piece of information that everyone can agree upon?
Answer this question and see how the ‘official’ Norwegian story surrounding Breivik then looks.


When Breivik was arrested on Utoya island has said that they had 80% of the information about him and that he would negotiate for the remaining 20%.

Unless there is something out of the ordinary we do not know about I would say that the only negotiation that needs to be undertaken with him is for his mother’s immunity from prosecution.

There is the test of his sanity and the start of the unraveling of the truth and the revelation of who his real English ‘mentor’ is.

His mother laundered $600,000 through 3 of her own bank accounts for him which is said to have been the proceeds of an online criminal operation but is more likely the financing of international terrorism.

This means she is complicit in his crimes and if found guilty in a court of law could end up spending many years in prison for her actions, especially considering what Breivik carried out.

The worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century which was a crime against humanity.

I did not know is not justification before the law.

As far as we know from an outside view no deal has been put to him over his mother’s immunity from prosecution.

This is a key to open up the case.

The Norwegian State do not want the case opened up which is why the deal has not been put to him and she has been shielded up until this point. She is the former wife of a Norwegian Government diplomat and Army Major so has links into the Norwegian State which is the reason why this key issue has not been addressed yet.
If it is true and she did launder his money through her own accounts then I am sure everyone can agree that she is complicit in his crimes and a deal should be put to him for her immunity from prosecution.

Who knows the full truth or can confirm the full truth behind Breivik but he himself, and then the unraveling of the wider truth is revealed.

Is his mother’s immunity from prosecution a deal worth handing his real English ‘mentor’ over for?

Would be completely mad not too!

It’s in God’s hands…

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