30 May 2012

Norwegian police reject missing link

With all that computer equipment it should not be hard to cross reference 8,000 email addresses and see if there is a match anywhere. The computer equipment looks Third World though and not state of the art which is what you would expect from the headquarters of a major international terrorism investigation so the cross referencing probably would be a problem for them there.

VG: Police refuse missing link

In a police investigation it is sometimes that 1 factual link that unravels everything by confirming evidence which then tells a story or confirms a story.

That 1 piece of evidence is all that is sometimes needed to crack the case and then everything else falls into place.

That is just common knowledge...

Breivik has claimed that there is a link in his 8,000 contact Facebook accounts which proves the existence of his secretive group which can only mean a direct link to someone i.e his real English 'mentor' through an electronic email trail.

That one link could prove everything and shatter the 'official' story surrounding Breivik of the "solo terrorist" connected to no one line.

The Norwegian police are refusing to investigate this critical path of enquiry in the investigation though.

For what reason would they refuse to investigate this line of enquiry?

If Breivik is connected to someone as he has consistently claimed then what?

The Norwegian State's official story surrounding Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one is shattered and there is then a trail leading to other people and the real reasons behind him.

Has Breivik made any other claims of there being direct evidence anywhere that if the police looked could prove the existence of accomplices?

Not to my knowledge following the case.

So the one instance where Breivik claims if the police investigated they would find a direct link the investigating officers refuse to look.

Maybe I am missing the logic in that one?
Or maybe I know the logic behind that one?

Quote: Police have gone through all the persons who Breivik mentions in his so-called manifesto, and have questioned 50 people. Three people are still not identified, two women in a car and Breivik alleged mentor Richard Lionheart.

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake was questioned over his possible role as the English 'mentor' and he has a friend involved in the counter-jihad movement in the UK who uses the alias 'Richard the Lionheart' online.

Do the Norwegian police or British police know this persons identity yet?

If not why not?

Considering it is the MAIN question to confirm or deny accomplices and Breivik's sanity you would have thought that revealing this persons identity to prove or disprove a link was crucial to the investigation.

Maybe they have and have just not revealed it to the public yet and if not then they are in serious trouble.

There has been a collective silence about this crucial piece of information/evidence.


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