16 May 2012

Norwegian PST & Police cannot confirm or deny Breivik's network

Dagbladet: Police & PST conclusion

10 months on and the Norwegian PST & Police cannot confirm or deny the existence of any network/group linked to Breivik.

That is a big turn around from Breivik the "solo terrorist" linked to no one and leaves the door open on other avenues of investigation that could result in the truth being known and accomplices being arrested.

Breivik claims he has an English 'mentor' called 'Richard the Lionheart' and due to this and other pointers placed inside the manifesto including the Knights Templar regalia I stood accused at the beginning of being that man.

When I realised what was happening and that I was being set up as a fall guy for the day after July 22nd 2001 to deflect all blame and attention from the real source of the terrorist attack I stated Alan Lake the director behind the EDL was where this originated from because he had reason and motive to remove me from being a threat to his European groups political agenda.

10 months on all evidence now points to my belief being 100% correct only there has been no thorough investigation due to his links with high ranking figures who would be covered in "mud" if it was found to be true that he is behind Breivik.

I know he is, and I am sure the Security Services know too!

By an act of God over 3 years ago I received an email from one of Lake's close associates Kinana regarding a meeting that had taken place in Lake's flat where a man who calls himself 'Richard the Lionheart' online was present. Why is this mans identity being withheld from the public considering it is a critical piece of information and could lead to the eventual uncovering of the truth behind Breivik?

Ann Marchini who is linked to Christine Brim in America and all of her associates knows this persons identity and some of those associates will answer to the Lord Jesus Christ about this when their time comes if they do not do what is right before God in this instance when a Christian brother sits accused falsely and they have the power to act. Also Ann Marchini withholding this information means she would be perverting the course of justice which is a very serious crime in the context of the severity of the case.

It is about time this persons identity was revealed so that we can see where the track leads.

Anyone who believes Breivik the "solo terrorist" official line needs their head checking.

Breivik is the son of the former Government diplomat to London and step son of a former Army Major. He claims he is a part of the Gladio network with his words and deeds being in line with Gladio ideology, so its safe to assume that he is telling the truth about this, which then means his network/group are also members of the larger old school Gladio movement or a new neo-Gladio style group.

The son of a former Government diplomat and Army Major commits his terrorist attacks against his ruling Government and claims it is a coup de tat.

But the Norwegian State Prosecutors claim Breivik is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one.

Somebody somewhere does not want the full truth to be known for some reason. They want the general public to believe Breivik was a "solo terrorist" connected to no one who was recruited, radicalised, trained and financed from the confines of his bedroom in his mothers home whilst playing war games on his XBox.

That is the 'official' Norwegian Government line...

I think the only professionals who agree with that line are the 2 psychiatrists who wrote the first report on Breivik. Their report has more holes in it than a tea bag and should not even be in the courts proceedings now we know that certain points it was based around were false, misleading or criminal in nature when looked at in context. Their professional credibility hinges on that report and they are in the court room on behalf of the State so have no way out other than to just hope that things go in their favour through the trial with the Prosecutors on their side because they are fighting for the same team.

Believe me that is false hope because 'truth & justice' will always prevail if there are righteous and just men and women willing to fight for it because God is on their side, and that official line is in no way in the interests of 'truth & justice' as has been proven beyond doubt, so it is only a matter of time.

The Norwegian State Prosecutors do not believe Breivik met anyone whilst on his extensive international travels that spanned several continents and many European destinations.

1 question; Where did Breivik learn his bomb making skills capable of blowing up his Government building then?

That one question shatters the "solo terrorist" illusion, then you have to question why is their an attempted 'official' cover-up of the truth and who is behind it?

Son of a Government diplomat to London and step son of an Army Major carries out what he calls a coup de tat after being recruited into a secretive group in London in 2002.

It doesn't take Einstein to see the picture and know there is something much more serious and sinister at play, and elements within this grouping attempted to set me up as their fall guy for a nice clean media story to cover the real truth behind Breivik.

That did not happen and now they are covering up and hiding the truth from the public.

What I find strange is how the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Youth were removed off the island when Breivik was on route to carry out his massacre.

The innocent kids who you could say were expendable in the eyes of their political masters were then left trapped on the island with no increase in security, with what happened next now being a dark stain in our history.

Remember that when you see them preaching their politics and using the events of July 22nd 2011 for political gains. Their protege's are safe and sound because they were removed to safety before the carnage began.

Just because the 'officials' say something is true does not mean it is true all the time, they use this false belief the public have in them to cover up their misdeeds and the public believe what they are told because the 'official's' do not lie is what the public think. That is until it is proven that they have lied or been lying and then they have to answer to the public and the police, which is what has happened on many occasions in the UK recently.

The 'official's' use the mainstream media as their propaganda weapons against the public because 9 times out of 10 the media reports exactly what they are told from the 'official's' as if it is fact which is then presented to the public as fact even if it is a lie. Officials don't lie so it must be true is people's attitudes, and then the story the 'officials' want the public to believe is the story presented to and through the media.

This Breivik case is a prime example in Norway of a State sanctioned cover up of the truth.

I have followed this case for 10 months and would stand on my truth in front of anyone, with my truth conflicting with the 'official' Norwegian State Prosecutors so called truth.

I was set up and I want the truth to be known and those behind it held to account on an official basis because they are not more equal than others...Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one is not truth, its falsehood as part of a Norwegian Government cover-up.

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