23 May 2012

Corruption at the Met

Guardian: Met's anti-corruption allegations

Quote: On Tuesday, the Commons home affairs select committee was told by a lawyer involved in the case that invoices showed about £20,000 of potential payments to police officers in what amounted to an undetected case of "apparent corruption right at the heart of Scotland Yard".

In recent weeks, as the Guardian investigated the allegations, the Met has sought to discourage the paper from publishing details about the case. But , after MPs heard the evidence, the Met dropped its previous insistence that there was "evidence that casts doubt on the credibility" of the allegations.

A police source with knowledge of the investigation, which has been ongoing since October, said developments over the last 24 hours had now led police to take the allegations more seriously.

Is this what has been happening with Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake considering all evidence points to the fact that he is Breivik's English 'mentor' but no newspaper has carried out a thorough expose detailing all of the links for the public yet.

He is connected to people right up into the heart of the British Establishment and works for the EU bank so it would not be surprising that there are people out there who do not want this information about Alan Ayling and his extra curricula political activities in the public domain because of people's reputations.

They do not care about the young people who are dead now after the events in Norway last year, they just care about themselves and their reputations and have the money and political influence to 'pervert the course of justice' to protect themselves.

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