26 May 2012

Russian - Norwegian Oil & Gas deal

Aftenposten: Norwegian - Russian deal on shaky ground

Russia's Putin and the head of Norway's oil & gas industry yesterday in Moscow.

Is it all a big coincidence?

Asymmetric warfare in the age of international oil and gas crisis.

It all makes sense to me now and I have the explanation and understanding that makes it complete to me.

There are different layers to Breivik with different people's involvement, all for different reasons that dovetail with one another, but one hand behind them all with the biggest reason being big money - Hundreds of Billions of Dollars

Is that worth setting up a long term project for?

Breivik was the brainwashed pawn and made the whole thing on his level be about "right wing politics" that deflects all attention from the real higher source and reason behind him and his political terrorist attacks.

The Norwegian State want the world to believe Breivik was a "solo terrorist" connected to no one because if he is connected to someone then there is a trail back to those who are involved for whatever reason and those in control of the Breivik enquiry do not want that which is why there is a cover-up of the truth.

My full explanation coming soon.

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