20 May 2012

Norwegian Prosecutors in denial

Dagbladet: No weaknesses in the investigation

The Norwegian State Prosecutors have stated that the loose ends in their ‘official’ line of Breivik the “solo terrorist” who is connected to no one are insignificant and do not change their ‘official’ line.

The Norwegian State Prosecutors are nothing more than puppets on strings who are propagating the ‘official’ script that has been handed down to them from above.

They are the front-line ‘official’ face of the Norwegian State and case against Breivik and what else can they say?

Nothing because how would that look if they did?

They have no alternative now but to stick to their ‘official’ line and try to dismiss everything that contradicts it.

I in no way support Breivik or defend Breivik, not only because of what he did on July 22nd 2011 which was a crime against humanity but because he along with others attempted to frame me for the crimes he committed that could have resulted in a very long prison sentence for me. If the Norwegian State stick to their ‘official’ claim of Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one then those behind him who crafted the script to frame me will not only get away with their actions towards me but also their complicity in the cold blooded murder of all those children of Utoya and that is not in the interests of ‘truth & justice’ which transcends politics.

What is your personal opinion about that?

The funny thing is, is that all of those unanswered questions that still linger in the case that they believe are insignificant actually change the whole story surrounding Breivik and completely contradicts their ‘official’ line.

Just like the second psychiatric report completely contradicts the first State sanctioned report.

The first report has more holes in it than a tea bag and was built around lies, half truths and statements from people complicit in Breivik’s crimes, and all leading psychiatric professionals dealing with Breivik on a daily basis also contradicted the first State sanctioned report.

To deny that report and its authority goes against the outcome the Norwegian ‘official’s want so even though it is completely flawed and has no basis to even be in the court room. They are still standing by it which is a joke in the eyes of anyone with any knowledge of law (or maybe it's me who is wrong).

That should tell you all you need to know and form a good basis with which to judge everything else upon.

The Norwegian State Prosecutors cannot now turn around and say they have been completely wrong with their ‘official’ line for the past 10 months and admit that there is a bigger story surrounding Breivik and other people’s involvement because how would that then look?

Not very good…Then the questions would come as to why and how.

Call it a National crisis because what would the Norwegian people think about being lied to over something of such gravity and magnitude by their Government and what would the future implications be?

Especially not now they are in the court room propagating their ‘official’ script in front of the Worlds media with not just the Norwegians following the events but the whole World now with their eyes on Norway because of the sickening nature of what Breivik did.

They have no alternative but to try and dismiss the loose ends and unanswered questions because the truth about them would completely contradict their ‘official’ script and create the crisis.

They are the ‘official’s who are conducting the enquiry so their ‘official’ line must be true is what most people would expect; only that is not the case here.

When those who make the law, break the law, in the name of the law, then there is no law.

There is either a Government cover-up of the truth, there has been a successful coup in Norway or the PST and Police with all of their experience, knowledge and resources might as well be a bunch of aliens from outer space living on earth with no understanding or concept of human life with which to draw an investigative conclusion from, that’s how bad it now looks in the eyes of those who have a grasp of the evidence (in my opinion anyway).

I personally will rule out the 3rd choice because I have met some of them and they seemed pretty normal to me.

The only conclusion with the ‘official’ script is that there is a high level Government cover-up of the truth or there has been a successful coup, there is no other alternative.

That is taboo to think and say though!

To now turn around and admit that they are wrong and Breivik is connected to a network who recruited him, brainwashed him, trained him, and financed him completely goes against the ‘official’ line which goes against the script writers from above.

This is just the simple fact of the matter now.

Makes you wonder how stupid or how desperate those script writers are to have thought that they could get away with their ‘official’ lies when all those young innocent children lay dead, where ‘truth & justice’ is the only recompense for their untimely murders.

Breivik cannot get out of his situation but why should those behind him who sent him to commit his acts get away with their actions?

Protected by the Norwegian State apparatus.

Don’t forget either that the ruling Government removed their protégé’s from Utoya before Breivik arrived to unleash his carnage against the innocent kids on the island that day without even attempting to secure the place just in case something did happen, which it did.

Very suspicious that they were removed and the rest left to their fate that day (in my mind anyway).

The Norwegian police have a detailed witness statement from me after a voluntary 3 days and 15 hours interview due to the fact that I was set up to be the alleged English ‘mentor’ Breivik speaks of in his manifesto.

All evidence now proves my hypothesis to be completely right only no action has been taken.

My hypothesis goes against their ‘official’ script.

Here is a short list of the unanswered questions that completely contradict the ‘official’ line and would change everything.

1.) Who is Alan Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’?

The head of the British police said recently that MI6 are not above the law over the murder of Gareth Williams whose possible murder location turned up in Breivik’s manifesto.

That means that Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake is not above the law and he has already been interviewed about his possible role as the English ‘mentor’ so it will be very telling to see whether or not he revealed this persons identity in interview. If not why not?

All the British police have to do is arrest and interrogate Ann Marchini and Kinana to prove this persons existence.

Has this happened yet? If not why not if no one is above the law?

Breivik said his English ‘mentor’ was called ‘Richard the Lionheart’ so this question is integral to the whole case.

Why has this person not been traced and revealed to the public yet?

2.) The Norwegian State Prosecutors claim that Breivik was a complete failure and high school drop out, so how did he write a 1500 page manifesto in perfect English that no high school drop out would ever be able to accomplish, especially a Norwegian one?

This means someone else wrote the manifesto, or at least edited it for him which by default means someone else is directly linked to him that can only be his real English ‘mentor’ seen as though its written in perfect English.

3.) The Norwegian police have still not had access to Breivik’s Facebook accounts to prove or disprove Breivik’s claim of them possibly finding a link to the network/group he says he is connected to.

Completely flawed ‘official’ line until they are checked.

4.) Did Breivik really make $600,000 from fake diplomas online or was this the financing of international terrorism from external sources. Living in the computer age and Breivik claiming it was an online operation then there will be an electronic trail.

5.) Where did Breivik learn his bomb making skills?

Or are we to believe he created his bomb that was successful first go that destroyed his Government building and killed 8 people from an online internet recipe?

6.) Did Breivik attend paramilitary training camps in Belarus as has been stated from sources inside the Country?

This would explain where he learned his bomb making skills and mean he is part of a network.

7.) Did Breivik meet a Serbian war criminal in Liberia?

8.) Has Breivik been offered a deal for his innocent mother’s immunity from prosecution?

That one question would solve everything in an instant.

There are other unanswered questions that need answering that are a little more complex these are just the easiest to ask off of the top of my head.

I pretty much know the answer to each of these questions in my own mind and it tells a completely different story than the ‘official’ story the Norwegian State script writers have written for the Breivik case.

I only have my reputation to defend in all of this because there is no way I want on my conscience or reputation in the eyes of others that I was behind Breivik. The families of the dead have the memory of their loved ones to think about.

As I said, this transcends politics when a bunch of innocent kids were butchered and maimed for life on a summer camp in the name of politics, and those behind it should be held to account in the eyes of the law which is Democracy in action.

We live in the 21st Century not the Middle Ages where Western societies are supposed to be civilised and a State sanctioned cover-up of the massacre of a group of innocent young kids on their summer camp is in no way civilised.

It means the Governers view the governed with contempt and scorn, acting without any moral obligation to those they are supposed to be serving and as one of the governed I take offence to that, especially when all those innocent children lay dead and their grieving families have lost the ones they love never to experience that human love again and someone (plural) attempted to blame me for it.

How dare they!

It’s about time other people with a ‘voice’ in Norway started asking these questions and challenging the ‘official’ line, unless they have all been brainwashed to believe the lies they are being told as truth and believe the ‘official’ line.

The one question I have been waiting for that has still not arrived in 6 months is; who is Alan Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’?

This will answer everything and is the reason why it has not been revealed because it would shatter the Norwegian State sanctioned script.

How much longer till the bigger script writers intervene with the truth for the sake of justice for all those who are now dead.

These questions cannot be ignored, especially the ‘Richard the Lionheart’ one because it is integral to the whole case and is the reason why I ended up in the middle of the case in the first place, and it is not that hard to find out even though those who hold the information are surrounded with high raking people from within the British Establishment.

In my opinion if it is found out that the Norwegian Government have carried out a State sanctioned cover-up then the King of Norway should enact whatever law he can within his Kingdom and dissolve his Government and hold independent elections just like with the Arab spring we are supporting around the World as our efforts to spread Democracy in other Countries.

History recounts times like these and today is no different when looking back in 100 or more years.

When you look at the facts, who wants to be governed by political rulers who can carry out such things against the people they are supposed to be serving.

If they can do this then they can do anything with the contempt that they have for the people.

What will the Norwegian people think about their Government when they find out they have been lied to with a State sanctioned cover up of the truth behind Breivik for whatever reasons it has been carried out.

The only question now is whether or not the media powers are going to allow the Norwegian people to know and hear the truth that challenges the 'official' line.

Or whether at the 12th hour the ‘Powers’ that be in Norway who have been writing the Breivik script now do a complete U-turn in the case and admit they have been wrong all along, publicly apologise for their mistakes and tell the public the truth behind Breivik and hold others to account, namely his real English ‘mentor’.

That is ‘truth & justice’ and confirms the bigger conspiracy involving other people that is being hidden from view for reasons unknown yet other than the fact that they are standing in positions where they think they are untouchable.

Breivik was not a fly by night hood from the streets unknown to anyone within the Norwegian establishment; he comes from the political military class in Norway with his father a foreign diplomat and his step father an Army Major, and he carried out what he called a coup de tat in the name of politics.

But the ‘Powers’ that be in Norway controlling the State script want the world to believe Breivik was a “solo terrorist” connected to no one and if they can secure the insane label then it all fits together nicely for mass public consumption with the real source behind Breivik getting away with their actions along with their reasons.

Breivik was specifically recruited for his role because of his family background that’s just blatantly obvious to anyone with a brain when put into context with all of the other evidence. Only the Norwegian PST & Police script writers seem not to think so and have written a completely contradictory script that makes them look like actors from a Monty Python sketch only it’s not funny in the slightest when they are supposed to be professionals serving the public in Norway.

When those who make the law break the law in the name of the law then there is no law.

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