6 May 2012

A successful coup in Norway or a Marxist Dictatorship?

It is in the news that the Chief investigating officer in the case of the murdered MI6 officer Gareth Williams is to be removed and replaced with a fresh ‘set of eyes’ due to the way the case has been handled and all of the unexplained questions that have not been answered by the lead investigators in the case. Inside Breivik’s manifesto there is a code with embedded map co-ordinates and one of those co-ordinates is a stone’s throw from where Mr. Williams was murdered so there is some overlapping here.

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This is what happens in a Democracy when the truth is shielded from the public for whatever reason. The necessary Steps are taken to get to the bottom of the truth.

Sadly in Norway the same cannot be said at this present moment in time.

This can only mean one of 2 things. Either there was a successful coup from within the military intelligence infrastructure of the Country that will outwork itself over the coming years with a change of Government and a swing to the right-wing of politics, with the real truth behind Breivik being hidden from the public, or Norway is a European Marxist Dictatorship rather than a European Democracy and the Power of the State have closed the Breivik case down and attempted to white wash it for their own political gains and purposes.

I cannot see any other explanation when all things are considered.

The ‘official’ version of events just does not hold up as truth so the question is why? For what reason?

In the case of Gareth Williams there has been one man murdered and his family along with their support have been able to question the ‘official’ enquiry into his death and call into question all of the unanswered questions which has resulted in a change of investigators which is Democracy in action when ‘truth and justice’ must prevail.

In Norway there has been 77 people murdered by Breivik which includes 69 innocent kids on a summer camp as the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century, and there is a catalogue of unanswered questions that conflict with the ‘official’ line being propagated in court yet nobody in Norway has challenged this.

Is it taboo to challenge the ‘official’ version of events?

If one of my children was murdered by Breivik I would want to know the full truth and challenge all of the unanswered questions, yet it seems in Norway that the families of the dead are all happy with their Governments version of events.

Whether it’s a coup or not, the current Norwegian Government is still in place so it still has the ultimate authority and power over the case and the direction it takes so it rests solely at their feet.

The Governments ‘official’ line is that Breivik is a “solo terrorist” linked to no one, who was radicalised, recruited, trained and financed within the confines of his bedroom at his mother’s home whilst playing computer games and suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and psychosis. If you believe that when looking at the evidence then you might as well check yourself into a psychiatric ward.

They then took this script into the court room in-front of the Worlds media.

Each of those claims in the ‘official’ line do not hold up in light of the facts which can only mean that Norway is either run by a Marxist Dictatorship who control all functions of State and have closed the case down and white washed it for their own purposes, or there has been a successful coup just like Breivik stated when he was arrested on Utoya Island and the ruling Government have been neutralised and are too scared to challenge the ‘official’ line from their intelligentsia because of the possible consequences to them and their families. Their whole youth wing was practically wiped out in one day, which was the next generation of their ideologically trained Labour leadership and must be a great shock and burden to witness and experience for them.

If Breivik was able to carry out the acts that he carried out with impunity then someone else murdering a few politicians who challenge the ‘official’ line is not going to be hard is it and everyone in Norwegian politics must know this, and Breivik claims there are 2 more cells out there in Norway.

The King of Norway is the only stalwart of that Country now whilst there is a civil war within the Norwegian political class and I pray the Lord protects and guides him and his family whilst this unfolds around them and their people. He is the only one in authority who transcends politics who the people can look towards for leadership in these dark perilous times their Nation is now going through.

That is the role of Monarch within a Royal Kingdom.

I suppose he is even afraid though but if he is a good and wise Monarch then he will have his loyal power base and know the state of play and moves to make for the sake of ‘peace and security’ for his people within his Kingdom and the future life of the Nation. If not he is just a meaningless figure head with a rich Dynastic family who could be removed very easily with Norway turned into a Republic over night, so silence is sometimes better than being assassinated.

Time will tell and history will remember.

I’m not even from Norway but have been dragged into this for some reason and want the truth because I do not want the cold blooded murder of a bunch of innocent kids on my reputation and conscience. To be honest I have gone past caring about the memory of the dead now, not because I do not care about what happened to them because anyone of a sound mind and a basic form of humanity would because they were only young kids growing up and their youth camp was part of life’s learning process, but because if their families do not even care about them or their memories enough to speak out in their defence then why should I?

I have seen no real criticism of the ‘official’ line in the media even though it’s full of holes. They accept the ‘official’ line in Norway as if it is fact.

Why should I be a lone voice banging my head against a brick wall to get answers for ‘truth and justice’ to prevail when the power is in other people’s hands to force others to get those answers.

(I take that back because Dagbladet are now reporting people’s comments of the case, that police are still investigating so how can they claim Breivik’s group/network does not exist when they have not finished their investigation)

I will just leave my thoughts an opinions here in this open public format for the record and for the discourse over what happened in Norway on July 22nd 2011 and the aftermath of the events for others to read and form their own opinions from, seen as those I stood accused in the Worlds eye at the beginning of being the English ‘mentor’ behind the Norwegian monster Anders Breivik.

Then let the Lord’s vengeance fall upon those who orchestrated this.

The controlled mainstream media around the world are happy with the script they have been fed as the ‘official’ version of events in the Breivik case by the Norwegians which they have then go on to feed to their readerships as fact so as to create the public perception of the case ‘others’ want the public to believe.

A false perception with the real truth hidden from sight.

Are all these media moguls who control the Western mainstream media outlets all in the same boat and all singing from the same Norwegian State hymn sheet?

Thank God for the internet where you can get alternative news and the real news that is behind the so called news in the mainstream media if you go searching for it.

The mainstream media calls this type of stuff ‘conspiracy theories’ to discredit it in the eyes of their public readerships. The only thing with that though is my perception, thoughts and beliefs about this Breivik case are based upon my own personal experiences and from the snippets of information they have fed through their media outlets that corroborate my perception, thoughts and beliefs.

So call this a ‘conspiracy theory’ but this is firmly rooted in facts if you have the time to research it all, and then you draw your own conclusions or determine if my conclusion is right.

The main agenda of those controlling the case in Norway, whoever they are and for whatever reason, has been to have Breivik diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic who was psychotic, and their prosecutors are now battling this out in the court room with the script they have been handed down to them, to have Breivik declared ‘insane’ in front of the Worlds media.

If they secure the ‘insane’ label on him then everything else they have stated falsely about this case as the ‘official’ version of events will all fit nicely into place in the public’s perception.

He was a brainwashed insane ‘lone wolf’ with no friends who woke up one day in a state of psychosis and murdered a load of people because he was paranoid about the social political state of his Country after being inspired on the internet.

That’s what those in control of the Breivik case want the world to believe.

Then nobody will go looking for the real truth behind Breivik and the ‘Architects’ behind ‘Operation Breivik’ and what their real reasons and motivations are/were.

Does that serve ‘truth and justice’ in a Democracy?

We are fighting to promote Democracy in foreign lands and we do not even have Democracy in our own lands, well Norway anyway and I am yet to see about the UK with regards to Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake and his involvement with Breivik. The Gareth Williams case is a good bench mark to see that those who have the voice can use their voices to force others in Power to act on their behalf in the interest of ‘truth and justice’.

The Williams family have the media on their side and are not afraid to speak out on behalf of their murdered son and brother even though they are going up against MI6 who he worked for, and the police who originally investigated the case.

They want answers to the unanswered questions and will not settle for anything less!

The Norwegians in control of the Breivik case forced through the first psychiatric report that was used in their trial by media to re-enforce their ‘official’ version of Breivik the “solo terrorist” linked to no one who was insane. This worked well because all media outlets around the World reported this and created a perception in the public eye. This was the public’s perception for 7 months until many professionals in the field of psychiatry along with some of the families of the dead and survivors challenged this because they could obviously see that it did not add up.

Even the psychiatrists in the prison where Breivik was on remand who were dealing with him on a daily basis stated he was not a paranoid schizophrenic or psychotic.

And they were right, with the next psychiatrists writing a completely contradictory report to the first, although the psychiatric commission are now challenging their report as if it is not a credible report.

This says all you need to know about the ‘powers that be’ in Norway and what is going on there.

2 clear points in that first psychiatric report, although there are more, that make it an unsafe report which means it has no legal basis to even be in the courts proceedings is the fact that the Norwegian police stated to the psychiatrists that they had ‘concluded’ (finished) the line of enquiry into Breivik being connected to a network/group and they were satisfied that he was not, thus he was a “solo terrorist” linked to ‘no one’. When 3 weeks before the trial they admitted that they were still investigating this line of enquiry and that they were wrong in stating they had concluded back when they did which meant that Breivik was evaluated in the first report on the basis that it was a ‘fact’ from the police that he was not connected to anyone, when in reality it was not a ‘fact’, which meant that when he spoke of being involved with others in his interviews the psychiatrists would have evaluated this as delusions because the police told them it was, which they then reported as fact in their ‘official’ report.

That undermines the whole report and the diagnosis they gave him.

The other clear point in the first report that makes it unsafe is the fact that Breivik’s mother is a co-conspirator to his crimes. Her opinion of her son’s mental health is another fundamental part of the basis of the first report.

How can you form much of the basis of a psychiatric report on the word of someone who is intimately involved in the crime?

At the time she claimed her son was psychotic in the first psychiatric report she was laundering $600,000 of what can only be described as the financing of international terrorism through her own bank accounts for him.

Would you believe a word she said knowing she was intimately involved in his crimes?

On a professional basis would you even dream of writing a psychiatric report around her opinions?

Of course not, but that’s the state of the first psychiatric report that the Norwegian prosecutors are fighting to uphold against Breivik.

I say that is criminal but it’s from the Government’s State prosecutors themselves.

Also in the court the prosecutors are continuing the ‘official’ line of Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one in their attempt to enforce the ‘insane’ label on him.

How can public prosecutors state something as a ‘fact’ in a court of law in front of the Worlds media when the police have not finished their investigation into this line of enquiry yet?

Mickey mouse justice that people would not have expected from Norway.

Quote: We stand in wonder at how they can conclude that the Knights Templar does not exist, when the investigation is clearly not resolved. There are a number of tracks abroad that you have not been mapped, as both Liberia and England tour, tours, and we ask the question of why it is not followed up better. We fear that the police have decided that the organization does not exist and therefore do not believe in investigating the various tracks, Bæra says to Dagbladet.

Quote: The third day in court claimed that Breivik just these Facebook accounts that police have not had access to, may reveal a clue to his alleged organization Knights Templar.
The police have long sought to gain insight into two older accounts that Breivik even deleted in 2010. He has even claimed that he was at its height had 8000 friends. These are interesting for the police so they can identify who Breivik had contact with during the planning of terrorist attack.

Breivik for some reason wants the police to find the existence of his group/network and has claimed that there is a possible clue inside 2 facebook accounts that the police still have not had access to, so as to be able to determine if there are any links or clues inside Breivik’s most active accounts that contained about 8,000 people between them. Yet the Norwegian State prosecutors are now in the court room stating Breivik is a “solo terrorist” connected to no one, when there is still evidence to go through to determine whether or not that is a fact or not.

I should think Mark Zuckerberg
’s Facebook has an obligation before the law to allow the Norwegian investigators access to those accounts.

Those are 2 very clear points above to show that there is a State controlled cover up of the truth, and all under the gaze of the Worlds media, only the Worlds media are not challenging these points, they are continuing to propagate the ‘official’ line that is coming from the Norwegian State prosecutors without looking at the facts behind the points being prosecuted on.

There are more points below but these are the most relevant that people will be able to acknowledge as they are prominent now in the courts proceedings.

Breivik’s answer to the prosecutors not believing he is connected to a network/group is that Norwegian police logic is that if they cannot see them or find them then they do not exist. The truth is the Norwegian State prosecutors do not care, they have their script that has come down from above and that is what they must stick to, and their attitude is that everyone will be on their side because nobody is on Breivik’s side so it doesn’t matter if the truth is lost in the middle of the court room (nobody will see or realise). They will have the result they want, irrespective of whether or not it is true and they will fight for it, rather than fight for ‘truth and justice’ which is what a court of law is meant to be all about.

That is called a Government cover up because the ruling Marxist Labour party are the ones in power so have the ultimate control.

I am not on Breivik’s side, and in no way support or defend him, but if they say he is not connected to anyone then that means those who orchestrated July 22nd 2011 and my involvement will get away with their actions towards me that could have gone VERY BADLY!!! For me, and I will always be tainted with the lies that were aimed at me for reasons the Norwegian police know and I am not going to accept that for my life.

That does not serve ‘truth and justice’ for me and my family.

If you look at the evidence and come to a different conclusion to mine and believe that the State prosecutors are right and that the first psychiatric report is right then do not waste your time reading any further.

Stick your head back in the sand…

Who dares to challenge the ‘official’ line though? They are working on the basis that if people challenge the ‘official’ line then that means they support Breivik and nobody wants to be tainted with supporting Breivik so there is a collective silence surrounding the case.

I support ‘truth and justice’ and propagating falsehoods as facts is not ‘truth and justice’. Breivik cannot escape the punishment for his crimes, but this is not about that now, this is about finding the truth behind Breivik that ‘others’ do not want to be made known for some reason.

Then you question who are the ones writing the script from above?

The military intelligence infrastructure of Norway who carried out a successful coup on July 22nd 2011 with a transference of power within the internal power base of the Country or the Norwegian Government who are showing themselves to be a Dictatorship and not a Democracy in front of the eyes of the World?

Breivik is the son of a former Diplomat to London so comes from the political class of Norway, and was also the step son of a former Army Major.

He carried out a terrorist mission against his ruling Government on July 22nd 2011 and called it a coup de tat.

It’s not rocket science when you look at the facts, but those in control of the case in Norway do not want the public to see or know the facts, or not in one cohesive narrative anyway. They want the public to believe Breivik is a “solo terrorist” linked to no one who is insane and are doing so in a court of law in front of the world.

A nice clean story when behind the scenes the truth is known and held from the public for whatever reasons.

Below is a list of some unanswered questions in the case that need answering that conflict with the ‘official’ version now being propagated in the Norwegian court room, I am not going to write on length about each individual one as I have written about them anyway so you can click on the link to them and read for yourself and make your own mind up.

1) For me this is the most important piece of evidence still missing from the public record of the case. As soon as I realised I had been set up with Breivik I stated “Alan Lake” the director behind the EDL was where this came from, and 9 months on all evidence now completely proves my first assumption as being right yet no action has been taken against him.
Alan Lake has a friend who calls himself ‘Richard the Lioneart’ yet this person has not been disclosed to the public and nobody knows whether or not the police have interviewed him yet about his possible involvement with Breivik as being the English ‘mentor’ Breivik speaks about in his manifesto.
I personally believe Alan Lake is the ‘mentor’ and this ‘Richard the Lionheart’ is the conduit between them, and there are witnesses who can confirm this person’s existence along with an email stating those people and this person’s existence.

2) Where did Breivik learn how to create a bomb big enough to blow up his Government building?
There is talk of the Belarusian security services claiming that Breivik was paramilitary trained in Belarus inside a training camp run by a former Soviet Colonel which would fit in with where he learned his bomb making skills, only this has not been confirmed or denied.
If this is true then someone made the connection for Breivik to attend the camp, which would mean Breivik is connected to a someone/network which conflicts with the ‘official’ line.

3) Breivik laundered $600,000 through 3 of his mothers bank accounts which was said to be the proceeds of selling fake diplomas and certificates online. If Breivik was selling fake diplomas and certificates online then why did he not make false id for himself and open up 3 clean untraceable accounts rather than use his own mother’s accounts and involve her?
$600,000 is a lot of money to be made on the back of selling fake diplomas and certificates, so was the money really the financing of international terrorism which places his mother in a much more extremely serious position as a co-conspirator to the events of July 22nd 2011?
Why has she not been charged for conspiracy or Breivik offered a deal for his mothers immunity?
He laundered the money through accounts in 11 different countries, and the Norwegian prosecutors want the public to believe he was a failed business man.
Who taught Breivik the art of international banking? Alan Lake works in a prestigious bank has several money funneling businesses and is connected to several high profile people in other large high profile European banks around the world.

4) Breivik travelled to Liberia in 2002 at the height of the bloody civil war in the Country where he said he met a Serbian war criminal which the Norwegian police believe is a fact. On his return 1 - 2 weeks later he then travelled to London where he says the secret founding meeting took place with a group of like minded political right-wing individuals.
This is where ‘Operation Breivik’ began, and he was assigned his alleged English ‘mentor’ codenamed ‘Richard the Lionheart’.
The Norwegian prosecutors do not believe this meeting took place for some reason, which put into context with all of their other false claims about Breivik is in-line with their ‘official’ version of events they want the public to believe. I heard a little of their belief behind the explanation of these trips that just does not add up when held against the facts. They believe Breivik's Liberia trip had something to do with a Nigerian scam, but how that ends up with Breivik traveling to Liberia during the civil war I don't know, but it looks good for the cameras to dispel the real truth behind this in the public eye.

Further reading: The Liberia – London connection

5) There are witnesses from the surrounding farms to where Breivik rented his one who have said they saw men visiting his farm on several occasions before July 22nd 2011, which have been completely dismissed by the Norwegian police.
There was a telephone call to the Ministry threatening the impending attacks that Breivik claims he did not make which if true means someone else in Norway knew of what was going to happen which obviously means Breivik is not alone in Norway which means his claims of there being other potential 'cells' out there are true.

Further reading: A question of doubt

6) 2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s were recorded at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference talking about blowing up their Government building and assassinating members of the Government exactly like Breivik did and had planned to do.
The leader of Stop the Islamisation of Norway has a Facebook group with over 10,000 members who support Breivik and his actions. 2 + 2 usually = 4 to most people.
SION is directly connected to Alan Lake and Fraudman who Breivik named his manifesto after: “A European Declaration of Independence”.

7) Breivik travelled extensively around Europe and to several other Continents and the Norwegian prosecutors want you to believe that over the course of those 10 years and his traveling itinerary he never met any other like-minded individuals when he was actively searching these people out. This would obviously conflict with their “solo terrorist” linked to no one ‘official’ line to admit that he met other like-minded individuals on his travels and was in contact with them. Instead they want everyone to believe Breivik met no one and was a loner who only played computer games in his bedroom at his mother’s house.

8) Breivik was ridiculed about his claim of meeting with other trained single man cell’s and the cell’s commander on several occasions due to the fact that he was only in the location for 17 hours and 19 hours.

9) Breivik’s “2083” manifesto has been written in picture perfect English which would be an impossibility for what the Norwegian prosecutors have described as a high school dropout. He also lived in America so learnt American English and not British English. Picture perfect English would be an impossibility for most people without a degree in English grammar, so who wrote the “2083” manifesto, or who edited it for Breivik if he is a “solo terrorist” linked to no one?

His real English ‘mentor’?

10) Breivik claims he is a part of the Gladio network that was set up after the Second World War to defend Europe from a communist threat and take-over. It consists of secretive little groups of trained terrorists, with Breivik claiming there are 2 more cell’s in Norway ready to strike that the Norwegian prosecutors do not believe. When Breivik called the police in the middle of his bloodbath and massacre on Utoya Island at a time he was supposed to by psychotic if you believe the first psychiatric report, he stated “I am Ander’s Breivik of the anti-communist resistance movement” which along with his personal reasoning behind his actions is in-line with Gladio ideology just as he claims. There is said to have been a Gladio (stay behind) network in place in Norway after WW2.

Those are just some of the unanswered questions that need answering that conflict with the ‘official’ version of events in Norway of Breivik the "solo terrorist" linked to no one.

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