13 May 2012

I thought I would leave my final thoughts here.

At the beginning of being accused of being Breivik's English 'mentor' I saw where this came from and the reason why it came my way and I stated Alan Lake was the source of this.

9 months on and all evidence points to the fact that my first claim was right, although no action has been taken against him even though there are critical questions that need answering as part of the whole enquiry.

I can only say this was God's grace and divine intervention because He knew what was ahead, and knew I would be more than willing to stand in the gap: 'Richard the Lionheart'

The Norwegian State prosecutors claim that Breivik is a "solo terrorist" linked to no one even in the face of a catalogue of unanswered questions that completely contradicts their 'official' claim.

No one seems to want to challenge that 'official' claim even in the face of the evidence, and that includes all those families who lost loved ones in Norway on July 22nd 2011, or they are being silenced from challenging the 'official' script by the media.

There are obviously people in 'high places' who do not want the full truth about Breivik to be known because of how bad it would look in the eyes of the public.

Further reading: Successful coup or Government coverup

Refusal to investigate and interrogate Alan Lake can only mean that whoever is dictating the Breivik case and the subsequent 'official' script fed to the public knows all about Lake and his link to Breivik that stems back over 10 years.

I know for a fact that I am right and all evidence now proves that point to be correct yet no action has been taken which can only mean complicity between people in the UK and Norway. Breivik the extreme right-wing terrorist who claimed to be carrying out a coup de tat is the son of the former Norwegian diplomat to London and step son of an Army Major, so its pretty obvious that 'Operation Breivik' was a long time in the planning between 'people' in the UK and Norway with Breivik specifically chosen for his future task and role. It is these same 'people' who are now using their positions of influence to hide from the truth.

Who is controlling the Norwegian script being fed to the public in Norway?

Why else has Lake not been fully investigated with all the questions surrounding him answered and the general public made aware of this?

Does not the memory of those 69 kids murdered on Utoya island deserve it, or the 8 murdered in the Government quarter of Oslo, or all the kids left permanently physically and mentally scared from the events that day?

Why has Breivik not been offered a deal for his mothers immunity from prosecution?

Funny how on the day of the attacks after the Government building was blown up, the head of the youth wing (tipped to be future leader of the Labour party) who was on Utoya island at the time of the attacks was moved off the island to a place of safety before Breivik arrived to start his murdering. The security surrounding the island was not stepped up after the bombing, just the future leader moved off the island before Breivik arrived with the rest of the young kids on their political camp being left to their fate that day, trapped on a little island with a rampaging cowardly murderer hunting them down in the name of right-wing politics as part of a planned coup de tat.

Nice of the Norwegian Labour party to remove their protege from the island just in time don't you think.

Something smells fishy about that one...

In my mind I just wonder how the mainstream media are ever going to change the script they have been writing to their readerships in relation to Alan Lake and his involvement with Breivik. How are they going to now turn around and say that Alan Lake is the real English 'mentor' behind Breivik, or how are the Norwegian State prosecutors going to turn around and admit they were wrong and that Alan Lake is Breivik's real English 'mentor'.

Who controls the media?

If you answer all of the questions I have posed here on this blog over the past few months then you will come to the conclusion that Alan Lake is the real English 'mentor' behind Breivik so the above questions about the media and Norwegian prosecutors are very relevant, and my explanations cannot be ignored because it all fits into place and makes sense and there are people out there who want to know the truth which includes families of the dead from Norway.

I have done more than enough to prove that the accusations against me were false!

Everything has an explanation, its just whether or not some 'people' want the truth to be known or not and what price they are willing to pay to shield it from the public.

At least I can say I did my best for the memory of those innocent Norwegian kids whose murders I stood accused of being complicit in. This blog and my personal witness over the case is my testimony before God and man, then let others judge and decide for themselves what is truth and what is falsehood.

I have done all I can do now...the rest is in God's hands.

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