31 May 2012

Another gaping hole in the Breivik case - Where did his money really come from?

Update: Breivik's forger

Dagbladet: Probably made millions through fake diplomas

The compliant Christian Halto was wheeled out again today for the media and made the startling statement that Breivik probably made his money from selling fake diplomas.

After a 10 month Norwegian police investigation probably is not definitely!

You could as yourself what have they been doing for 10 months when there are still lines of enquiry that are critical to the case that have not been fully investigated to prove or disprove whether or not Breivik had accomplices.

The Norwegian police stand in the court room saying Breivik had no physical or mental help in his atrocities but there are gaping holes in that 'official' claim because there is a list of unanswered questions that could completely contradict that claim only no one questions them.

This is just one more of those holes.

In any investigation into terrorism the money trial is one of the most important aspects of the investigation because it is the funding behind the act.

Breivik has claimed that the money came from an online fake diploma operation but that is questionable because if he was making fake diplomas he would have made fake i.d and opened up clean accounts rather than launder $600,000 through his mothers own accounts.

Also why open up accounts in 11 different Countries if it was just for an online fake diploma scam?

After 10 months the Norwegian police cannot say for definite whether or not the $600,000 came from the fake diploma operation or not.

That means this is one more line of enquiry to go with the rest that means there should not be an 'official' conclusion upon whether or not Breivik had accomplices because it is a line of enquiry that has not been fully investigated.

If the money did not come from a fake diploma operation then it is the financing of international terrorism and means it came from a third party which means an accomplice was involved but we don't know because the police do not know.

They just dismiss it as irrelevant like all of the other unanswered questions.

But the Norwegian police are certain that Breivik the son of a Norwegian Government diplomat, step son of an Army Major and best friend of a Ministry of Defence lawyer is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one who is 'insane'.

Even though there are gaping holes in that claim because there is still evidence not proven or disproven.

They state in the court room that Breivik is a failed business man and high school drop out so the $600,000 he laundered through his mother's accounts is very questionable based upon their view of him.

Funny that Alan Ayling works in an international bank too.

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