4 May 2012

A question for Knights Templar England

Considering Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake is directly connected through a mutual property business to Penny Jonas who is fund director at Temple Church London, home of the Knights Templar in England; Is Alan Ayling a member of the Masonic Order of Knights Templar in England?

This is a critical question that needs answering from within their Organisation if they do not support Alan Ayling and his right-wing political activities that in my mind have resulted in the massacre in Norway.

Breivik is heavily influenced ideologically by someone in England and has claimed he did have an English 'mentor' assigned to him in 2002 which links in with the Masonic Order of Knights Templar's inside Breivik's "2083" manifesto if Ayling/Lake is a member.

The "2083" manifesto is written in picture perfect English so it is safe to assume it did not come fully from Breivik himself and originated or was edited by someone with a high level of English literacy.

I don't believe Breivik put together the writing for his video either although I could be wrong, but the writings between the video and manifesto have 2 completely different feels to them in my opinion.

Alan Ayling made a public statement over the Norway massacre and claimed he had no compunction to support or endorse any movement promoting Templarism and resisted all attempts at the beginning to do so, even though he has been running around as the director behind the EDL for the past 3 years.

Video: The folly of Alan Lake

Would be extremely incriminating against him if it is found that he is/was a member of the Masonic Order of Knights Templar in England after making such a public statement over the events in Norway.

It should not be hard for the right people mixing in the right circles to find out the answer to that question, and that is a question that needs answering now.

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