30 May 2012

Norwegian Police Detective's oxymoron

Aftenposten: Police Detectives court statement

Quote: The most comprehensive police investigation ever recorded in Norway is still going on, now with 50 police officers involved.

- Is it unusual that there is an investigation underway in the trial, asked the prosecutor, District Attorney Svein Holden.

- It is quite common that we conduct an investigation during trial, and also afterwards.

If there is still an ongoing police investigation especially over something of such magnitude then how can there be any firm conclusion's made and stated as fact and presented as fact in the court room as part of a legal prosecution case against someone in front of the World's media.

By it's very nature and ongoing investigation means the police are pursuing avenues of investigation to prove or disprove evidence which means there are no firm conclusions in the 'official' case only Police Detectives personal opinions.

Are Police Detectives ever wrong?

Considering Breivik is in custody and has openly admitted his crimes the ongoing investigation must be about possible accomplices which means that no firm conclusion should be stated about this part of the case.

Only for the past 10 months it has been spread around the World from day one that Breivik the son of a former Government diplomat to London, step son of an Army Major and best friend of a Ministry of Defence Lawyer is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one.

Read the next statement.

Quote: One of the key questions the investigation has attempted to uncover is whether Behring Breivik has had aides of any kind.

At the prosecutor's questions said Will Berg that some of this investigation is still going on, but that they have concluded that the police so far have not found any evidence that defendants have been helped.

- We feel very confident in that conclusion, there is nothing in etterforkningsmaterialet suggesting any of physical or mental involvement.

They are confident in their conclusion even though they have not finished their investigation? Is that normal police procedure?

Confident is based upon personal opinions and not facts!

What about the list of unanswered questions that would completely contradict their conclusion?

In one breathe they say they are confident in their conclusion that Breivik had not assistance from anyone, and in the next breathe below they say that there are good grounds to pursue the Serbian link after a newspaper article in a Bosnian magazine which would confirm Breivik had accomplices.

I wonder what the court psychiatrists think about this one?

Quote: A Bosnian news magazine wrote in late April that a named person could be Behring Breivik alleged Serb contact. The person himself denied this.

Police say they have translated this article, but found the information credible enough to investigate further.

Prosecutors Inga Bejer Engh would also know jhvorfor police have not reviewed all of the recipients of the more than 8000 email addresses of defendants tried to send out its so-called manifesto to, in an attempt to identify possible Knights Templar contacts.

She wanted to know whether they would investigate this further, if they had indications of whether this organization really excited:

- Yes, but, we have not. It is not appropriate, said Wilberg.

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