2 May 2012

The peculiar case of Gareth Williams - MI6

Update: 50 MI6 officers to be DNA tested

Update: Coincidence or Conspiracy

The murder of the MI6 agent Gareth Williams is all over the news at the moment due to the inquest into his unexplained death and there are many unanswered questions for the family over their son and brother’s murder.

He placed his life on the line for Queen & Country, swore the oath of allegiance and undertook the official secrets act and after his untimely suspicions death there are more questions than answers in the case from the British State.

What I find suspicious is the fact that within Breivik’s manifesto there is an embedded code and one of the co-ordinates in that code is a stone’s throw from the Pimlico flat where Mr. William’s was murdered.

I wrote about it briefly here: Breivik's controller

Breivik commits the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century as part of a planned agenda to topple left-wing governments that he believes are communist. He claims that he is a part of the Gladio network, and within his “2083” manifesto there is a list of map co-ordinates as hidden codes.

Dagbladet: Breivik admits Gladio

Gareth Williams was a math’s genius and one of the best British code breakers.

Then his murder location turns up in an embedded code linked to the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century that is said to be linked to Gladio.

Call me a conspiracy theorist but to me that looks a little suspicious.

Code breakers murder location turns up in a blood soaked manifesto that contains a hidden code.

Might just be a big coincidence and pigs might fly.

It seems also that the Norwegian’s have decided to remove the embedded code that is in the manifesto from Breivik’s court proceedings, just like they want to refuse the core truths to Breivik’s testimony about being recruited into a secretive group/network back in 2002. Breivik has admitted that the Knights Templar stuff was all made up (pompous) as window dressing for the media, which served its purpose of framing me as being his English ‘mentor’ and deflected all media attention from the real source behind him.

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake.

Video: Breivik’s real English ‘mentor’

The “2083” manifesto is written in picture perfect English that most English people would have a hard job doing, so was an amazing feat for Breivik the alleged high school dropout and failed Norwegian businessman who studied American English whilst living in America.

The Norwegians and the British refuse to reveal who Alan Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ is, so that we can put this information into perspective and draw a conclusion from it.

What will it tell us?

It seems like an impossibility to change the media perception about my involvement in this case even though it’s false. They served their purpose by framing an innocent man at the beginning of the Breivik saga and now they want to ignore the real truth because it conflicts with their initial lies and smears.

Culpable and guilty of libel!

21st Century modern journalism. It makes you wonder who is in control of these media outlets. I also wonder what Mr. Murdoch senior’s take on all of this is considering he is a media institution in the Western World so has some control over what the media reports to the masses as news.

The Times were the very first on the scene with a smear job on me.

It is said that MI6’s Mr. William’s was tracing the movement of Russian mafia money into Europe as part of project Echelon. He obviously was not following men with suitcases full of money travelling around the World; he would have been tracing the money trail through international banks.

As part of Gareth William’s investigative work, did he or his colleagues come across any of the banks directly linked to Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake mentioned on this blog?

Alan Ayling has a hard-line extreme right-wing political agenda which could mean that he himself is a part of Gladio and does have his tentacles into the Swedish and Norwegian political Establishment who he believes need waking up and educating, along with the British where the source of his protection lays. He has also claimed he is an old school conservative which translates to a ‘cultural conservative’ when you place it into a European wide frame work.

Another question for you Mr. Hague about Ayling and his banking portfolio seen as though you’re foreign Secretary and MI6 comes under your control?

This would obviously explain Gareth William’s murder and the reason why the location was embedded inside the manifesto.

Call it a warning from the highest source behind Breivik and his English ‘mentor’. A little like the missed phone call I got 4 – 5 months before ‘Operation Breivik’ happened from an anonymous 666 phone number. I’ll come to that later, Nick+ still has the photo taken of my phone to prove that I received a call from that number which shocked us both out and is why we took a photo of it.

Bit suspicious that I received a missed call from a number 666 and then months later I stand accused of being behind Breivik for the media wolves hungry for a story over the tragic events that day as they sought for someone to apportion blame upon for the public.

There is some serious stuff going on out there with a realignment within the psyche of the social and political scene within Europe and for some reason everything in my mind is being traced back to the UK, or at least this phase of what is happening is, whatever it is that is happening.

Is the UK under direct attack from internal and external forces through espionage?

All these Russians being murdered and attempted to be murdered on British soil, and acts of Nuclear terrorism in London originating from Russia.

That’s some serious heavy stuff…

Gareth William’s obviously knew more about something than he should have known, which meant he jeapordised something which was why he was removed from being a threat, which means he would have raised the results of his work with someone for others to have known he was a threat.

Next thing he is dead and cover up takes place.

Call me a conspiracy theorist…

MI5 & MI6 must have a very good idea of what is going on because they are on par with the very best in the World and Mr. Evan’s was one of their own which obviously strikes a hard blow and cord within their hallowed secret walls.

Treasonous spies operating within Governments and intelligence agencies resulting in murder of other loyal spies is a fact of history.

God save the Queen and continue to bless the throne of England.

Are we entering our Nations darkest hour prophesied thoroughout our history via the legend of King Arthur.


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