23 May 2012

More proof of a Norwegian Government cover-up

There can be no doubt now about what is going on in Norway and I have what I believe is the understanding and explanation of the whole thing now which will be explained in my next post.

There are 2 clear components to the Norwegian State's case against Breivik and the end result they want which is Breivik the "solo terrorist" connected to no one who is 'insane'. Then the real truth behind Breivik is covered up from the public and those other people with a hand in the events of July 22nd 2011 walk free from their crimes.

The first is the PST's prosecution script against Breivik that the Prosecutors are presenting in the court room and the second is the first psychiatric report.

Both of these on behalf of the State are fundamentally flawed when you look at them properly in context of the evidence yet the Norwegian Government controlled State apparatus refuse to admit this in the eyes of the public and are sticking to their 'official' script even though it is full of holes that any outside observer can see.

Even though the first psychiatric report is fundamentally flawed and has no legal grounds to even be in the court room, the psychiatric commission charged with overseeing the case are continually undermining the second report with not one word said against the first State sanctioned report.

This can only mean that just like the prosecutors are puppets on strings for their State masters, the actor's on the commission are the same when the second report has no fundamental flaws and the first is built around fundamental flaws yet they criticise the second and ignore the first which can only mean one thing and that is they are working towards the same Norwegian State sanctioned script as the prosecutors and want the 'insane' label on Breivik.

That is taboo to think or say though.

They cannot now turn around and say anything else just like the State prosecutors, they are all trapped in their State sanctioned lies in front of the Worlds media.

If the Norwegian Armed Forces check the political background of everyone overseeing the State's case against Breivik I am pretty sure that you will find that they are all State appointed and part of the Labour Government infrastructure of the Country which is why they are all involved in the cover-up of the case whether they realise it or not.

They are all doing what they are told by their political masters!

They are all signing from the same hymn sheet handed down to them from above even though everyone with a brain can now see what is going on and it is a case of corruption of the very worst kind in the scheme of the whole thing.

Call it a conspiracy theory but it is built upon very clear evidence which tells the story on its own, and at the heart of this is the cold blooded murder of 69 innocent Norwegian children on their summer camp with many more wounded for life.

Norway is ruled by a Marxist Dictatorship and not a Democracy which means they control the infrastructure of the Country and have their carefully selected and appointed people in positions of power over all institutions and organs of State that go towards the running of the Country.

This is very clear now with the Breivik case and the subsequent attempted cover-up.

People will say why and for what reason, which will be explained next time, but one thing I will say is who has the biggest oil and gas contracts with Norway the 3rd richest Nation on Earth and would want to make sure this Marxist Labour Government stayed in power for the next 20 years in the age of international oil and gas crisis?

I am sure the current Norwegian Government wants to stay in power too over their control of the infrastructure of the Country that has taken them many years to take a hold of.

Those kids of Utoya were expendable to their political masters and their long term political project but their Youth leader and Deputy leader were not because these protege's are seen as future heir's of the Labour leadership throne which is why they were removed from Utoya before Breivik unleashed his carnage that day.

It all fits into place now...

The Norwegian military should expel that Government on-behalf of the King if this is proven (all State actors in this case being Labour government activists) and they should have support from the international community in the process. This is exactly what the Arab spring is all about when there are Dictatorships abusing their power over the people who want Democracy and this with Norway is in Northern Europe with the head of the UN mission in Syria a Norwegian General.

VG: The Forensic commission

Quote: It's getting hard to find people who support Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim conclusions about paranoid schizophrenia. (The first report)

Just Psychiatry Terje Tørrissen and Agnar Aspaas found no evidence that Anders Breivik Behring is paranoid schizophrenic. did not psychiatric nurses or doctors at Ila Prison countries that received Breivik 22 July last year and has had regular supervision of him. Or the experienced psychiatrist right Randi Rosenqvist evaluating Breivik and wrote three reports about him on behalf of Ila.

Professor of Psychiatry, Einar Kringlen, who first supported the conclusions of the first report before he had seen Breivik, has been reversed. Henning Værøy, one of the most widely used legal psychiatrists, sees no signs of psychosis . Psychiatrist Find Skårderud recently told NRK that the discussion could be almost called off; Breivik is clearly not paranoid schizophrenic

Aftenposten: A deliberate bone hook

Quote: The forensic commission is doing its best to undermine the recent psychiatric report's credibility.(second report)

In November came the report that psychiatrists Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim declared that Anders Breivik Behring was criminally irresponsible (first report). From the beginning created the debate, but the forensic commission was not in doubt: The report was approved without objection - and without a single additional question.

Since then a whole bunch of psychiatrists contributed criticism. Most killing is a professor of psychiatry Sigmund Karterud been. In a VG interview he says in plain language that the Commission is about to lose all credibility.

And it does not stop there: It was a mistake made by Husby and Sørheim the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenic, and it was a mistake made by the Commission to approve this erroneous conclusion. A conclusion that is now "limits to professional suicide."

You mean that is a professor Karterud.

Dagbladet: The first report is stronger

Quote: The first report, from psychiatrists Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim, the answer was "no substantial remarks."

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