21 May 2012

Alan Lake's international Bank

Times of Malta: EBRD's 1 billion for Arab democracies

It was reported in yesterday’s paper that the bank Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake works for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has set up offices in many of the Islamic Countries where there has been an Arab spring with 1 billion investment now going into those Countries.

That’s a serious bank and not your local high street Barclays.

Alan Ayling is not just floor staff in the bank either he is a trusted manager working overseeing the Oracle database.

The bank has a political mandate in the Countries it works in and is run by the European Union with a new British President just being instilled who takes over from a German. This move instilling a British President goes against the usual order of things because it was said that due to the fact that the banks headquarters are in London there would not be a British President.

I wonder why the change of heart.

The good thing is, is that the new head is a top civil servant in the justice ministry which might mean he will get to the bottom of Ayling and the extra curricula political activities he was involved in whilst working for the bank and reveal the information needed for the Breivik enquiry.

It all makes a little more sense now and shows why Ayling has been shielded from the Breivik enquiry and gives an insight into the types of high level European connections aside from his known British connections he has who I am sure have been supporting and endorsing his extra curricula political activities.

How damaging would it be for the reputation of the bank if it was proven that Ayling is the English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik the mass murdering political terrorist who murdered a load of children in the name of right-wing politics?

Is that enough for ‘dark forces’ to attempt to influence and close down the investigation on all levels, not only that there is the possibility that there are forces from within working alongside him so are acting in their own interests too but that’s just speculation.

A secretive funny hand shake group of politically minded people working in banks or involved with the banks.

Who knows what has been going on inside their world of money, politics, espionage and foreign Countries over the years? You can see what Ayling has been doing for the past few years whilst working inside the bank though because it is all over the internet.

Preaching his right wing politics around Europe and being the director behind the hijacked English Defence League and attempting to create a Europe wide movement on the back of it which you would have thought conflicted with his day job in the EBRD bank.

You cannot say MI5 or MI6 do not know all of this so the question is whether or not he is an agent or asset of the State which could be another reason why he has been protected from the enquiry because how would that then look if he is the English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik and is a British agent?

He also has contacts in the Swedish Government and Norwegian Government, so you can see that his influence stretches beyond the EU bank that he works for and into international politics which is in-line with the mandate of the bank.

I reckon his ego has turned into megalomania now though because of what he has been involved in, the people he has been involved with, and that is what is now going to be his downfall, along with attempting to accuse one of God’s anointed for his evil.

There is no doubt in my mind that he is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’, I knew from the very beginning once God had shown me what was going on, and now all evidence proves that claim to be completely correct. He fits the picture and profile perfectly, only no action has been taken against him yet which can only mean he has people higher than him who are supporting him and endorsing him who are able to influence the ‘rule of law’ which would fit in-line with Breivik’s claim of being part of a neo-Gladio group sanctioned by someone (plural) somewhere.

The head of the British police has stated that MI6 are not above the law so that means that Ayling is not above the law either so his friend ‘Richard the Lionhearts’ identity will have to be revealed.

Breivik’s preparations countdown for his July 22nd 2011 attacks is in the exact same time frame as the founding of the English Defence League where Ayling and the anonymous ‘Richard the Lionheart’ were both present and integral.

A targeted terrorist attack against a group of innocent kids in Norway on their summer camp who were trapped on an island with the attempted blame then placed upon me to remove the threat to his continued political agenda and for a nice clean media story in the aftermath to deflect all attention from the real source of the attacks, and then the subsequent Norwegian Government cover-up.

The cover-up is all on the highest levels which means the fraternities all know the real truth behind this and view those dead innocent children and their families with contempt, along with myself who they tried to blame for being behind the atrocity.

The biggest mistake that was an act of God is the ‘Richard the Lionheart’ link who is directly connected to Ayling and has yet to be revealed to the public so as to be able to be understood in context within the whole Breivik case and prove that Ayling is behind Breivik and that there is a much larger conspiracy behind the Norwegian ‘official’ claim of Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one.

A neo-Gladio attack, with the son of a Norwegian foreign diplomat to London and step son of an Army Major recruited for the job.

3 independent witnesses other than Ayling and an email prove this persons existence so the British police and Norwegian police have no alternative but to reveal his identity to the public following the case.

They have not done this yet in the interest of ‘truth & justice’.

The worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century and this persons identity is now crucial to understanding the whole case which is in the interest of ‘truth & justice’ against those evil forces in high places who think they are more equal than others and can get away with their heinous crimes. If the public knew this information that is missing from the enquiry they would expect it to be revealed by their ‘rulers’ but the British media have been completely silent about this information and it is only the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet who have reported on this persons existence along with the Norwegian polices confirmation of his existence.

But we still do not know who he is and Breivik has claimed he had an English ‘mentor’ called ‘Richard the Lionheart' which fits in with who wrote or edited the “2083” manifesto in perfect English and why it is an integral piece of evidence to the whole case.

Along the way over the past 10 months waiting and trying to prove my innocence and that Ayling was behind this there have been several questions that I had to form the pieces of the puzzle in my mind.

One was how could Ayling be linked to Serbia and the Balkans and for months it was the biggest missing piece of the puzzle until it was revealed where he worked. As soon as I looked at the banks website I saw Serbia and the Balkans which was the missing link between Ayling and Serbians and confirmed to me without doubt that he was the English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik.

The other question at the beginning of the case was why was the murder location of the MI6 agent Gareth Williams in Breivik’s manifesto.

A top code breakers murder location inside an embedded code inside a manifesto linked to the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century.

That is enough to raise suspicions.

Why would the murder location be in there if it is, other than those who were behind the murder placing it in there as a finger print?

This is all obviously speculation because nothing is definite.

So I believe Ayling is behind Breivik which would mean that he is also connected in someway to whoever killed Gareth Williams if that is why his murder location is in the manifesto.

It was said at the beginning of the Gareth Williams case that he was following Russian mafia money around Europe, and in the days preceding his murder there was a Russian diplomatic car seen in his street that was out of place.

The Russians are very open about killing people like with their nuclear terrorism in London; they do not hide from their actions so you could say a finger print in the Breivik case is befitting if it is the case.

This obviously made me question a possible link between Ayling and Russians. I did not think too much beyond surface thoughts because nothing was confirmed or proven so was just in the back of my mind.

Then yesterday when I read about Ayling’s bank it showed that his bank has been operating for many years in the former Soviet block and Russia which possibly confirms the Russian link if that is who had a hand in the murder of Gareth Williams and placed his murder location in the manifesto. It would also confirm the link between Breivik's paramilitary training in Belarus by a group run by a former Soviet Colonel and other Russians.

Nobody knows yet though.

I am sure that Ayling has Russian contacts through his banking day job considering the bank has operated in Russia and the former Soviet block for many years, and he is a known political activist who fantasises about murdering political and religious leaders so there is a correlation.

It would be interesting to know whether he is an agent or asset of the State?

William Hague the Foreign Secretary has closed down the Gareth Williams case citing it is in the interests of National Security which is the legal term for a Government minister ‘perverting the course of justice’ when there is an investigation into the murder of a British citizen who was working for the Security Services that ended up in his murder by someone who obviously saw him as a threat due to his work for Queen & Country.

What was his work and why prevent the British police from investigating this line of enquiry?

The missing link would be whether or not Ayling’s bank came up in any of Mr. William’s Echelon work following Russian money if that is what he was doing. This would then be the direct link and prove that whoever was behind his murder had a hand in ‘Operation Breivik’ and was directly linked to Ayling.

This is all obviously speculation but as part of Gareth Williams murder investigation it is a question that needs answering considering his murder location is quite possibly an embedded code location within Breivik’s manifesto, even if to just disprove it as a conspiracy theory.

William Hague has prevented this from happening though.

It is a historic fact in the world of international espionage that double agents recruited and working on behalf of foreign powers for financial and political gain murder loyal spies or reveal their identities to others for assassination because of their work, so this is not out of the realms of possibility and is a real question for the family as part of the investigation into the murder of their son and brother.

The ‘Powers’ that be have tried white washing Gareth Williams murder by trying to disprove it was murder and discrediting his reputation as if his untimely death was the result of a sex game that went wrong. I cannot see how placing yourself inside a small bag and locking it with no air is a sex game. The thing with this though is that the murder scene was completely wiped of finger prints and evidence meaning a 3rd party must have been there and involved at the time of his death.

Why wipe the place clean other than to destroy evidence and cover your tracks which means murder?

The bag Gareth Williams body was found in was a North Face bag.

Might just be a coincidence but what Country is facing the UK if you go North i.e North Face?

Ayling and his associates intimately involved in his political activities spanning the time frame of the EDL and Breivik’s countdown for his terrorist attacks are linked to the highest realms of the British Establishment which is obviously why Ayling’s friends identity has not been revealed yet.

What will it reveal when it is?

Time will tell as it is a question that needs answering!

p.s To save time Breivik should be offered a deal for his mother's immunity from prosecution and then everyone can see what is right and what is wrong and how it all fits together from Breivik's own mouth.

Shock horror...the Norwegian script writers do not want that though because how would that then make them look and the script they have been playing too?

But it is a situation that they cannot get out of which needs addressing one way or another in the interest of 'truth & justice' over the events of July 22nd 2011 in Norway.

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