25 May 2012

Norwegian psychiatry having its own mental breakdown

It is taboo to criticise the State’s case against Breivik in Norway even in the face of overwhelming evidence and this saga now being played out in the court room over the psychiatric reports tells a very clear story.

It is a wonder how there has not been some type of higher intervention for the sake of the ‘rule of law’ in Norway, instead everyone involved are trying to play the situation down and play it cool when anyone from the outside who knows the facts can clearly see what is happening which is a travesty of justice.

The first psychiatric report carried out on Breivik concluded that he was a paranoid schizophrenic who was psychotic at the time of his actions.

This was in-part based upon the fact that Breivik claimed he was connected to other people as part of a group/network.

The Norwegian police at the time of the first report did not believe this and told the psychiatrists that they had finished this line of enquiry and they were satisfied he was totally alone in the entirety of his actions.

So in Breivik’s first report any talk of other people’s involvement was classed as delusions of a paranoid mind, thus schizophrenic in the eyes of his Dr’s.

3 weeks before trial it emerged that the police had lied to the first set of psychiatrists 6 months before and they had not finished this line of enquiry when they said they had which meant they were not satisfied he was totally alone. This means the first psychiatric report is an unsafe report because it was founded upon critical misleading information which the psychiatrists used to form the fundamental basis of their diagnosis.

It should be thrown out of the court on that one point alone.

The second serious flaw that the report was built around was Breivik’s mother’s opinion of her son.

She made some allegations to the first set of psychiatrists that made Breivik look insane, along with actually claiming in a round a bout way that he was insane.

The time period she talks about her son’s mental state of mind it emerged that she had laundered through her own bank accounts over $600,000 from Breivik’s network of offshore international banks that is said to be the proceeds of an online fake diploma operation but in all likelihood is the financing of international terrorism.

From a legal point of view should the opinion of a co-conspirator to a crime be used to form the basis of an ‘official’ report over someone’s mental state of mind?

That is another fundamental flaw in the first psychiatric report.

Anyone reading this knows that based upon those 2 points above the first psychiatric report carried out on Breivik is an unsafe report and has no legal grounds to even be in the courts proceedings any more.

The psychiatric commission overseeing Breivik’s trial do not think so, on the contrary they believe the first report is stronger than the second report.

They have not made one criticism of the first psychiatric report even though they know it is an unsafe report and even go as far as promoting it as taking precedence over the second report that came to a completely contradictory conclusion about Breivik’s state of mind which they keep undermining in the media for the purpose of influencing the mind of the public to the end result they want.

Call it conditioning of the masses through their control of the ‘official’ case.

All leading professionals in the field of psychiatry in Norway do not believe in the authority of the first psychiatric report or its diagnosis, with their being mumblings from certain quarters of the commission now being on a suicide path with its actions.

I don’t know about a suicide path, it is criminal in nature and should be fully investigated!

The Norwegian State in no way want Breivik to be declared sane because that would contradict the end result they want which is Breivik the “solo terrorist” connected to no one who is insane, and mean that anyone intimately involved with him and his crimes would escape justice.

This is called a State sanctioned cover-up of the truth then you question the reasons.

If he is a “solo terrorist” connected to no one then those behind him who attempted to frame me to be their fall guy get away with their actions on an ‘official’ basis along with their complicity to Breivik’s crimes.

How is that justice?

Then ask yourself why the Norwegian State would want to cover up the whole case and white-wash it?

That was my big question until it was revealed to me.

What is now playing out in the court room over the 2 psychiatric reports clearly shows there is a State hand at work controlling the psychiatric commission proving that it is not an impartial legal proceeding that you would expect in a Democracy to any international observers following the case.

The first State sanctioned psychiatric report has been cleared by the commission with absolutely no criticisms even though it is fundamentally flawed and is being guarded as the State’s authority and case against Breivik because they need the ‘insane’ label on him to complete the cover-up. The second psychiatric report that was undertaken on behalf of many of the families of Utoya and many leading professionals in the field of psychiatry in Norway who criticised the prognosis of the first report is being heavily criticised and undermined through the media by the commission overseeing the trial.

The second report has no such legal fundamental flaws as the first report but is the one being challenged by the commission and the first is legally fundamentally flawed and it has not been challenged once.

It is as clear as day if you are willing to admit to yourself that something untoward is going on in Norway.

You can call it a conspiracy theory to think that there is something very wrong happening in Norway and in this instance over the 2 psychiatric reports, but go look at the evidence in the embedded links, draw your own conclusion from them and form your own opinion about what is happening.

You do not need a degree in law to see the first report is flawed.

If you agree that the first report is fundamentally flawed then you have to accept that something that breaks the ‘rule of law’ in a Democracy is happening in Norway by those who control the State apparatus so as to cover-up the real truth behind Breivik the worst mass murderer in Europe of the 21st Century who carried out his acts in the name of politics because of his controllers.

I do not support Breivik or defend him but if the Norwegian State secure the "solo terrorist" who is 'insane' label on Breivik it means that his controllers get away with their actions not just against me but also everyone else effected by the events of July 22nd 2011 in Norway, endorsed by the current Norwegian State apparatus who are attempting to cover-up the truth from the public.

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