10 May 2012

Maybe not quite finished.

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Dagbladet reported yesterday that the Police investigators still have unanswered questions in the enquiry, one of them is the mystery surrounding the 46 map co-ordinates in the manifesto.

First off, if there are unanswered questions then how can the Norwegian State prosecutors claim in a court of law in front of the Worlds media that Breivik is not connected to anyone?

It now seriously conflicts with the script they were handed down and took into the court room in front of the general public.

Quote: Breivik told police that one needs a special code maps to solve it. The places that GPS coordinates are pointing to, as they appear in the compendium is not necessarily the same place they will lead to if one has a code sheet to correct each coordinate, says defender Mostly Grounded Dagbladet.

Of the 46 map points are two of them in Oslo. One of them is just a hundred meters away from the Parliament and the Masonic Lodge, where Breivik was a member. The other is located in Skipper Street, just a short walk from Oslo Central Station, the Opera and Dagbladet's premises.

In my personal opinion Breivik did not put the map co-ordinates inside the manifesto just like he did not edit the manifesto itself, creating a picture perfect English compendium.

Someone else did that, just like the wording for the “2083” video that did not come from Breivik either. That came from someone who had a grasp of the much bigger picture, and you can tell/feel through the words.

This then means someone else added to the “2083” manifesto which then means Breivik is not a “solo terrorist” linked to no one. Just like Breivik must have had help with his bomb making skills meaning someone trained him, and someone made the connection for him, thus he is not a “solo terrorist” linked to no one that the Norwegian State prosecutors want the world to believe.

For some reason.

Breivik is not impartial to lying as has been proven, so him claiming there is a special code map to decipher the co-ordinates in my opinion is rubbish.

There are enough relevant codes in the actual 46 co-ordinates so to say you need a special code map does not sit right in the scheme of things, and why 46 codes to lead to 46 different locations.

Breivik mentioned Luton in trial and a map co-ordinate for Luton is in the manifesto. The co-ordinates to the Parliament and his Masonic Lodge appeared too, so why would the co-ordinates mean anything other than what they appear as, when they appear as actual relevant locations?

The murder scene of the top MI6 code breaker is also a stones throw from one of the code’s locations, so you determine whether that is suspicious enough to warrant further investigation.

The Norwegian police investigators believe that Breivik’s trip to Liberia was part of a Nigerian money scam, or for blood diamonds.

So which one is it?

How does a Nigerian money scam end up in Liberia at the height of the civil war in the Country?

Further reading:
The Liberia London connection

Breivik transferred a total of $ 5,000 to a Liberian contact. All traces of Breivik's money transfer stops in Libe Polish Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI).

Not being funny but the name of that bank now intricately linked to the Norwegian police investigation sounds like a smaller branch of the bigger prestigious bank that Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake works for: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Are the 2 banks connected in anyway whatsoever?

The money trail…and another link on top of all the other links.

What is the domino effect with Ayling/Lake?

Police have found that Breivik laundered millions, including the Baltic banks. He also claimed that he met with extreme nationalists there. The police have not been confirmed. Breivik's unwillingness to give evidence about other people has hampered the investigation.

Breivik the international jet-setting terrorist who committed the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century who was 10 years in the making had travelled extensively through the Baltic States and laundered millions of kroners which has been confirmed by the Norwegian police.

But the Norwegian State prosecutors want the world to believe Breivik is a “solo terrorist” linked to no one which is laughable only it is not funny!

What do you think based upon just that one piece of evidence?

They pulled me up into the article again under the English ‘mentor’ role which I have proven is not me and given the reasons why I was framed for the role, and who the real English ‘mentor’ is and given the reasons why I was set up.

One thing I will say, is that the Norwegian newspapers can keep regurgitating old libelous news about me, but if they want to know the truth then they should be questioning in their public format, why Breivik’s mother has not been charged for conspiracy after laundering the financing of international terrorism for her son that resulted in July 22nd 2011? Then he can be offered a deal for his mothers immunity in return for him giving up his real English ‘mentor’.

It’s not rocket science, it stops the unfounded accusations and gets the truth out there for those who want it and are searching for it…And I am quite sure any international observers following my thoughts and opinions over this case I have been dragged into would agree with this one very clear point that needs addressing.

So shut up about me until you ask that real questions about this case!

With regards to the Gareth Williams murder case, the head of the police Bernard Hogan-Howe has said that MI6 are not above the law and that they will be DNA tested to see if there is a match that can be found from the hand towel found at the scene.

William Hague the Foreign Secretary has closed the case down under the official “Secrets Act” in the interest of “National Security”. How can getting to the bottom of who murdered an MI6 agent not be in the interest of “National Security”? If there are double agents, or rogue operators killing British MI6 agents in the course of their work for Queen & Country is it not in the interest of “National Security” to find them?

William Hague thinks not…

It will all come falling down in the end you will see.

They say Gareth Williams was working on a virus against Iran’s nuclear programme, but Israel are already on that one, and Mr. Williams was a codebreaker and maths genius not a computer programmer.

Another false trail just like his sex life, so that the truth can be shielded from the public and people in positions of power protected from their misdeeds.

Bernard Hogan-Howe should find out if Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake is an MI6 agent or asset because that would explain a lot. Check to see if the banks he worked for ever came up in the course of Gareth Williams work whilst working for Echelon.

A dirty little unit set up for dirty politics, in the name of British intelligence which goes against the principles of the standards within the Queens realm when 69 innocent kids lay dead and many more butchered and maimed in the name of their right-wing politics in Norway.

Others know the answer to the questions, and they are pivotal questions to the Breivik case, and Mr. Williams case now, even if it is to disprove the ‘conspiracy theory’ of his murder scene turning up in Breivik’s manifesto. Or on the other hand prove the links.

Is Alan Lake an asset or agent of the State?

Surely he cannot be above the law?

A good friend said this quote to me recently which is quite fitting: "If those who make the law break the law in the name of the law then there is no law."

So what is it “Dave”.

So let’s see if “truth and justice” prevails against Alan Ayling in the “Mother of all Democracies” and there is a catalogue of unanswered questions surrounding Ayling/Lake and his direct involvement to the Breivik case, so time will tell whether or not Democracy is alive in Britian or whether its failed and we live under different conditions within society dependent upon our social standing and political position.

But remember that before God we are all born to die and nobody can escape that, it’s just when where and how.

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