15 May 2012

Fjordman is a Fraudman

Peder Jensen aka Fraudman formerly Fjordman has refused to attend as a witness in the Breivik trial.

His words inspired the mass murderer who named his "2083" manifesto after one of his own essays, and he does not have the bottle to stand by his words and defend them in a court of law when 77 of his fellow Norwegians now lay dead.

The man who said I am a dog who barks and doesn't bite to the Aftenposten journalist which was not very nice or befitting in the scheme of things and implies very serious undertones.

Massacring a bunch of innocent misguided kids trapped on an island is definitely not my form of barking anyway, and someone still has the keys.

For some reason he hid from the world in 2005 and wrote anonymously under his former alias Fjordman and has helped inspire part of the ideological "Cultural Conservative" European movement that resulted in Anders Breivik.

Why do you think he has been renamed "Fraudman"?

Dagbladet: Fraudman refuses to testify

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